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PTR Server Slam Tests OngoingServer optimizations are being tested on the Public Test Realm7 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.2 Patch Notes and HotfixesOfficial patch notes and server changes for Season 78 years ago
Patch 2.4.2 First LookAn overview of the patch that is arriving this week, and bringing Season 78 years ago
Diablo III Season 7 Brings New Cosmetic RewardsA look at the rewards in Season 7, and the journey to achieve them8 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.2 PTR Patch NotesThe patch includes new Torment levels, and skill and Set overhauls8 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.1 Patch NotesThe content patch updates skills and Legendary gems, along with Set revamps8 years ago
Season 6 Brings New Rewards and ChallengesA new Diablo III hero pennant is an ultimate reward in Season 68 years ago
BlizzCon 2016 Tickets on Sale TodayTickets are being sold this week for the November 4 and 5 event8 years ago
Season 6 and Patch 2.4.1 Arrival Times PreviewedSeason 5 ends on April 15, then patch 2.4.1 arrives and Season 6 will begin on April 298 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Anniversary Celebrated With GiveawayEnter the contest by April 4 for a chance to win awesome Diablo swag8 years ago
Developer Insights: Legendary Gem UpdatesBig changes are coming to many Legendary Gem in patch 2.4.18 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.1 PTR Patch NotesLegendary gem updates and damage buffs in the next content patch, now available for testing8 years ago
BlizzCon 2015's Lighting Talks AvailableSee eight different presentations from Diablo III developers8 years ago
Developer Insights for Set DungeonsAn exploration of the design in the class-specific dungeons8 years ago
Season Rebirth Mail Expiring SoonIf you used Season Rebirth, be sure to clear out the in-game mailbox8 years ago
Engineering Diablo III's Damage NumbersA deep dive into the newly updated damage numbers display8 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 Patch NotesThe patch brings new areas, a slew of Legendary and Set updates, gold and Legendary Gem sinks, experience changes, and much more!8 years ago
Previewing Patch 2.4.0An overview of the new features and areas in the upcoming content patch8 years ago
Season 5 PreviewA look at the upcoming Diablo III Season, with new cosmetic rewards and no more Seasonal Legendaries8 years ago
Patch 2.4.0 Preview - Greyhollow IslandA look at the creepy new area that is coming to the game in patch 2.48 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 PTR Patch NotesTest the patch that will bring 50+ new Legendaries, Set Dungeons, Empowered Rifts, Action Combat, and much more!8 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 PTR PreviewTake a sneak peak at the next big patch, landing soon on the PTR8 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 ApproachesNew Diablo III content will be revealed at the show8 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.3.0 Patch NotesThe massive patch is live on PC/Mac and Ultimate Evil Edition consoles9 years ago
Preparing for Patch 2.3.0A preview of the major new features in the upcoming patch9 years ago
Items and Sets Preview for Patch 2.3The next patch brings 3 new Sets, updated Sets, and a slew of Legendaries9 years ago
Season 4 Brings the Season Journey and Cosmetic RewardsA preview of the new goals and rewards available in the upcoming Season9 years ago
Season 3 Ending Date SetOnly a few weeks until Season 3 ends, and Patch 2.3 and Season 4 arrive9 years ago
PTR Update for Patch 2.3 Boosts Area DamagePatch 2 on the PTR for patch 2.3 includes more class changes and Crowd Control tweaks9 years ago
Final 'Play Your Way' Livestream TonightWyatt Cheng will be part of the last livestream in the series9 years ago
Adventure Mode Preview for Patch 2.3The upcoming patch streamlines crafting, Rifts, and the Infernal Machine9 years ago
Kanai's Cube Preview for Patch 2.3A touching look at the inspiration for the new feature's name9 years ago
Ruins of Sescheron Preview for Patch 2.3A look at the remains of the ancient Barbarian city, that holds Kanai's Cube9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.3.0 PTR Patch NotesTesting begins for a huge new Diablo III patch, along with a Legendary drop buff on the PTR9 years ago
Burning Hells Popsicle Recipe ConcoctedA tasty Diablo-themed treat for scorching hot summer days9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.3.0 Brings Massive ChangesPreview the reimagined Horadric Cube, new difficulties, overhauls to Adventure Mode and crafting, and much more in the next patch!9 years ago
'Play Your Way' VOD AvailableMultiple Monks are part of the round 8 'Play Your Way' stream9 years ago
'Play Your Way' Livestream on Thursday, June 18A Diablo III livestream and discussion about the game's environments9 years ago
Fan Artist Contest Winner Visits BlizzardA look behind the scenes of fantastic Diablo III art9 years ago
Diablo III Season 3 PreviewA look at the Legendary items, Achievements and Conquests, and cosmetic bonuses in the upcoming Season9 years ago
+100% Gold Find and Experience Bonus for a WeekA community buff celebrates one year of 'Reaper of Souls'9 years ago
Season 2 Ends in Two WeeksApril 5-10 will bring the end of Season 2, the arrival of Patch 2.2.0, and the start of Season 39 years ago
'Tavern Talk' for Patch 2.2.0 and PTR next MondayDevelopers discuss the upcoming content patch on Monday, March 239 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Arrives on November 6-7Tickets go on sale April 15 and April 18 for Blizzard's annual convention9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.2.0 PTR Patch NotesThe patch is ready for testing, with a temporary Legendary drop bonus9 years ago
'Play Your Way' Livestream on Friday, March 6The Diablo Twitch livestream moves to Friday for this round9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.2.0 First LookNew class Sets & Legendary powers, Rift layouts, and goblins in the patch9 years ago
Overview of Season 1 EndingVideo details about the end of Season 1, which arrives next Tuesday9 years ago
Tavern Talk Developer Discussion on February 10Diablo III developer review of Season 1 and look at future Seasons9 years ago
Treasure Boost in Week-Long BuffDouble Treasure Goblins on PC, PS4, Xbox One starting on Friday9 years ago
Season 1 Ending in February 2015The first Diablo III season is scheduled to end on February 39 years ago
Holiday +100% Experience Bonus in Diablo IIIHappy Holidays with an exp bonus through Monday, December 29 (Updated)9 years ago
Boon of Hoarder Replacements Found in Greater RiftsBlizzard Blues on the latest progress in the patch 2.1.2 PTR9 years ago
'Play Your Way' Livestream on Thursday, December 18The Twitch stream will run on the patch 2.1.2 PTR9 years ago
New Diablo III PTR 2.1.2 PatchClass set changes along with quality of life boosts in the latest PTR build9 years ago
Vote for the 'Play Your Way' Featured BuildVoting closes Monday for a build to be shown on a Diablo Twitch livestream9 years ago
Legendary Workshop Twitch Livestream Next TuesdayLearn about the upcoming community-inspired item on December 99 years ago
50% Off Sale for Diablo III and Reaper of SoulsEach game can be purchased for $19.99 during the weekend Black Friday sale9 years ago
Patch 2.1.2 Arrives on the PTRPatch notes and testing details for the next major Diablo III patch9 years ago
Story Time with Wyatt Cheng at BlizzCon 2014Delving into BlizzCon discussions in this week's Waypoint roundup9 years ago
BlizzCon Legendary Workshop Power RevealedMany options were narrowed down to a power for a new Legendary item9 years ago
Preview of Season 2A look at the next season, which will arrive in patch 2.1.29 years ago
New Legendary Items to be Detailed at BlizzConThe Diablo III developers will provide interviews and informative panels9 years ago
Console Legendary Gems FixedLegendary Gems that were taken in hotfix have been replaced9 years ago
Halloween Buff Gives +100% Bonus to Gold Find and ExpA community buff runs this weekend across all Diablo III platforms9 years ago
Legendary Workshop Featured at BlizzCon 2014Submit your idea during BlizzCon for a new Diablo III Legendary power9 years ago
Hardcore Hijinks on 'Play Your Way' StreamEveryone in the group stayed alive throughout the Twitch stream9 years ago
Play Your Way Livestream on Thursday with deadmau5Hardcore Diablo III on the Twitch livestream this Thursday at 2PM PDT9 years ago
BlizzCon 2014 Diablo III Schedule and SpeculationTwo panels scheduled for Diablo III at the upcoming convention9 years ago
Firebirds and Followers in Weekly Diablo DiscussionsA roundup of the hot Diablo topics of the week9 years ago
50% Sale on Diablo III and Reaper of SoulsBig discounts through next Monday on the PC base game and the expansion9 years ago
Public Game Choices Broken in Patch 2.1.1New transmogrification designs shown for the BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket9 years ago
Win a Treasure Goblin PlushPlus all the details for BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Tickets9 years ago
'Fresh Meat N' Greet' Community Interviews BeginAn informal chat with one Diablo III player of each class9 years ago
Diablo III Players Dive Into Season 1 The first Diablo III Season brings the fun of a blank slate to the game9 years ago
Play Your Way Livestream #3 TodayDeveloper John Yang joins the team playing Crusaders on the Twitch stream9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Patch NotesThe content patch brings Seasons, Greater Rifts, Legendary Gems, and more!9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Preview: Greater RiftsAn overview of Greater Rifts and the rewards that they provide10 years ago
'Ultimate Evil Edition' Guides and Current IssuesThe official game guide is updated for the new console features and controls10 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Preview: SeasonsThe new gameplay mode includes Conquests and Seasonal Legendaries10 years ago
Diablo III Developer Twitch Interview Next ThursdayThree developers join Nevalistis for 'Tavern Talk', to discuss patch 2.1.010 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Preview: The VaultA look at the Treasure Goblin realm, accessible for the first time in patch 2.1.010 years ago
'Ultimate Evil Edition' Content Patches Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneThe next-gen consoles will receive patch 2.1.0 after it arrives on the PC10 years ago
Cross-Brand Character Transfers in Ultimate Evil EditionThe upcoming console Diablo III on PS4 and Xbox One can import characters from PS3 and Xbox 36010 years ago
Ultimate Evil Edition Playable at gamescom 2014Blizzard will be featuring their games at the gaming show in Germany10 years ago
New Diablo Merchandise is Coming to the Blizzard StoreA shadowy edition of the Diablo action figure will be available soon10 years ago
Updated Patch 2.1.0 PTR Patch NotesThe recent patch brought Seasons, 2-Handed weapon buffs, and more!10 years ago
Play Your Way Thursday Starts This WeekThe community series is being renamed from 'Theorycraft Thursday'10 years ago
New Patch 2.1 Build on the PTRBig changes to skills, Greater Rifts, and Life on Hit in the latest PTR patch10 years ago
Theorycraft Thursday Livestream #2 on ThursdayThe Twitch livestream will feature Witch Doctors, with Wyatt Cheng10 years ago
Vote for the Best Theorycraft Thursdays BuildChoose the class build to be featured on the next Diablo livestream10 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 PTR Patch NotesWith skill buffs, the Hellfire Amulet, Seasons and Greater Rifts, and more!10 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 PTR is AvailableThe massive patch can be checked out on the Public Test Realm10 years ago
Blizzard at gamescom 2014Blizzard returns to the massive gaming convention in Cologne, Germany10 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 First LookA preview of Patch 2.1 including Seasons, Greater Rifts, and Leaderboards10 years ago
Theorycraft Thursday Twitch Stream TodayDiablo III developer Travis Day and others will talk about featured builds10 years ago
E3 Interview and 'Ultimate Evil Edition' PlayStation ContentJosh Mosqueira details the content that is exclusive to the PS3 and PS410 years ago
'Reaper of Recipes' Winner AnnouncedThe best recipe with a Diablo theme has been chosen10 years ago
New Diablo Short Story: 'Middlewick'A dark short story, set in the world of Diablo10 years ago
Watch the Diablo Anniversary Livestream VODInfo on Diablo III development from Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng10 years ago
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