Burning Hells Popsicle Recipe Concocted

A tasty Diablo-themed treat for scorching hot summer days

Burning Hells Popsicle
Kierpanda at Eat Game Live creates many game-theme based recipes. Her recipes have been noticed before and she's back with a tasty peach popsicle, Diablo style. It can be made with or without bourbon, adding an extra kick to the summery treat.

With the June solstice upon us, some of our players are seeing temperatures fall while others watch the thermometer rise. Thankfully, whether you want to cool off or warm up, Kierpanda’s recent Diablo-themed culinary creation — Burning Hells Popsicles — has you covered!

But what do the Burning Hells taste like, exactly? While Horadric scholars haven’t settled on an answer to that question (fear, maybe?), we’re pretty sure the crafty culinary concoction above will satisfy. It cools you down with frosty fruit flavors of cherry, orange and peach, then warms you up again with a dash of bourbon and bitters!

Best of all, they're easy to make: just blend, pour and freeze (and enjoy om nom nomming later).


Be sure to visit Eat Game Live for the full details, and follow @kierpanda on Twitter for more recipes. Plus, don’t forget to try the recipes below featuring other Diablo-themed delicacies from the savvy chef herself. There are plenty more recipes on her web site, but these would make a particularly great accompaniment to the icy treats above.

Nothing goes better with slaying demons than a delicious dish, right? Enjoy, nephalem!

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