Diablo III Popular Builds and Skills in Reaper of Souls

  • Choose a Diablo III class above to see the most popular level 70 builds, active skills, and passive skills for a Diablo III class. The charts detail the most powerful skills for each class in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. These skill guides for each Diablo III class are useful for the PC and Mac versions of Reaper of Souls, and for the console Ultimate Evil Edition.
  • The charts are calculated daily from scans of more than 6 million Diablo III characters. There are multiple types of scans, which generate data used in this Popular Builds and Skills section and other Charts and Guides:
    • We scan the publicly available information for Diablo III PC BattleTags that were submitted to us. You can look up a Diablo III PC BattleTag in our database with the BattleTag Locator.
    • In the BattleTag account scans we record the softcore and hardcore Paragon Levels, and basic information on every character on the account. This includes data such as each character's level, class, and whether or not it is a hardcore hero. We store this information on over 6 million Diablo III characters.
    • Beyond the basic information for every character on these accounts, we record detailed information about the level 70 characters: this includes the character's build, equipment, and many statistics.
    We scan these BattleTag accounts and their characters daily, to have current data for our charts and guides. See the Account and Character Profiles overview for more information about the collection of this data.
  • The Popular Builds and Skills data is restricted to the following Diablo III PC characters and updated daily, so it stays fresh and accurate:
    1. Only level 70 characters.
    2. No characters who have unfilled skill slots, or missing items; all 6 Active skill slots, 6 Rune slots, and 4 Passive skill slots must be chosen.
    3. Only characters who are actively playing in .
  • The most popular builds (or specs) are listed for each class, along with the ten most popular variants of the primary builds. Here's how it works:
    • A build variant has exactly the same active skills as the primary build, but slightly different passive skills or runes.
    • The variants all have three or fewer changes of passive skills or runes, compared to the primary build.
    • The percentage shown lists the popularity of characters who use a primary build, as well as the combined popularity total of that primary build and the ten variants.
  • The Popular Builds and Skills data is split into three charts to reflect different groups of characters:
    1. Softcore characters at level 70, who are in the bottom 75% of characters based on the number of elite monster kills.
    2. Softcore characters at level 70, who are in the top 25% of characters based on the number of elite monster kills.
    3. Hardcore level 70 characters, regardless of elite monster kills.
  • The charts show current data, but we also keep archives of older data. The archives contain historical data that was collected at the end of previous Diablo III patches. That data can be compared to the current charts, to see the popularity change of skills and builds over time. The archived data is at:
  • All of this data is updated daily from characters who are active in . Check back regularly to see the builds and skills that change in popularity!
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