Firebirds and Followers in Weekly Diablo Discussions

A roundup of the hot Diablo topics of the week

Diablo III News - The Waypoint
The weekly Diablo III roundup known as The Waypoint included a wide variety of topics this week. We are thrilled that our Legendary Gems guide was featured! It is joined by a tribute to the Firebirds Wizard set, a rousing discussion of the best Follower, and a tattoo of a classic Diablo icon. Read on to see all these Diablo topics, rounded up by community representative Tyvalir.

From the finest in Firebird’s Finery tributes, to the coolest of tattoos, and even re-enchanting real life, this issue of The Waypoint has something for everyone! 

Cause, Baby, You’re A Firebird!

Forum MVP Jaetch#1861 has created a fitting tribute to one of the hottest Wizard sets around: Firebird's Finery. Featuring a cover of Katy Perry's "Fireworks" and aided by fellow players Scooper#1685 and LeafOnTheWnd#1138, his music video soars on both style and charm. 

If you could create a tribute to a Legendary or Set item group, what would it be, and what song would you cover?

The Ultimate Guide to Legendary Gems

For those of you who prefer to have all your information about Legendary Gems in one place, Diablo Somepage has a great resource you can use. Their guide to Legendary Gems includes in-depth descriptions as well as a breakdown of how popular each gem is among players of each character class.


Wearing Your Horadric Cube Proudly

/u/jread of Reddit Diablo proudly posted a picture of his Horadric Cube tattoo, recently completed in Austin, Texas. Seeing this display of devotion to such a classic item got us wondering: If you could get a tattoo of anything from the history of Diablo, what would it be (and why)?

Horadric Cube Tattoo Thumbnail.jpgHoradric Cube Thumbnail.png

Which Follower Is Best for Greater Rifts?

When you’re slaying demons, you can always count on your Follower to back you up. On our official Diablo III forums, Ghost#1112 asks which of these loyal friends is the most helpful as you move higher and higher Greater Rifts. The variety of responses in his thread suggest that any of the three can be good, depending on the circumstances.

Which Follower do you use? And what made you pick them over the others?


If Only You Could Re-Enchant Real Life…

Forum MVP Monstrous#1404 proposed an intriguing idea on Twitter: If you could enchant anything in real life, what would it be?

Would you enchant the "Day" affix of the week from Monday to Friday? What about rerolling the "Forecast" affix from cloudy to clear skies, or your dinner at night from "Leftovers" to "Four-Course Meal?" You could even change your TV from "32 inch" to "50 inch!"

If you could reroll one affix on anything in real life, what would you choose?

Enchanting Real Life Thumbnail.jpg

A Cosplay Transformation In Action

We’ve seen lots of amazing Diablo-inspired cosplay, but have you ever wondered what it takes to get into all that gear in the first place?

Reddit Diablo recently shared a video on their Twitter of cosplayer Laura Jansen (aka Lightning Cosplay), who shows us what it takes to become a Demon Hunter. Once you're done watching, you'll definitely have a greater appreciation for the kind of work it takes to wear these epic outfits!

Conclusion: Which Links Are The Best?

There's no shortage of great ideas to share â€” and these just scratch the surface. Have you seen an awesome thread, tweet, article, or video that caught your attention? Send it over to with a brief explanation of why it should be included in our next column!

We’d also like to hear your stories about friends who helped you out in the game, who answered a tough gearing question, or who have really helped out your clan lately. It’s the little things that count, and the small things your fellow players do to help the community are worth giving some attention!

We're looking forward to your submissions, nephalem! Until then, may the RNG gods be generous!

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