About the Blue Tracker

An overview of the Blizzard Blue Post Tracker

The Blizzard Blue Post Tracker is a compilation of official posts by Blizzard employees on the English language battle.net Diablo III forums.

Two Trackers
There are two sections to the blue tracker:
  1. The main Blue Tracker is the default one, that has posts made by the standard Blizzard Community Managers.
  2. The Bug Reports and Technical Support Tracker contains the blue posts from the Bug Reports and Technical Support forums on battle.net. Since there are many technical posts that do not have useful general information, we keep those posts in their own display.

The Process
  • We scan the official Blizzard forums for Diablo III, on both the US and EU battle.net websites.
  • All the threads are logged which have posts by Blizzard employees, whether the posts are from developers, Community Managers or other employees. These are all the blue posts.
  • You can view the most recent blue posts in a constantly updated list, on the main Blizzard Blue Post Tracker, and the Bug Reports and Technical Support Tracker. Message threads started by Blizzard employees are listed in blue; threads that were started by players but have replies from Blizzard employees are in our standard link color.
  • When you visit the blue tracker regularly, we make it easy to find the posts that are new to you. All the threads with posts that are new to you, are listed in bold link color or blue bold at the top of the Blue Post Tracker list.
  • You can see the latest blue post in a thread just by mousing over the Topic. Click on any thread to see the full display, with all blue post replies.
  • The threads are marked with either USor EUflags, representing the Blizzard forum they came from.
  • A blue post provides more information about the various official posters on Blizzard's forum, from the EU side.
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