Class Popularity

Diablo III class popularity for hardcore and softcore characters in Reaper of Souls

  • This guide contains charts of the Diablo III class popularity, for characters in hardcore and softcore modes.
  • One of the first choices that a player makes is: which is the best Diablo III class for their character? A look at the data shows how Diablo III players have answered the question - which classes are initially chosen the most, and what classes are the most popular at level 70.
  • The charts are updated daily from the scans of more than 6 million Diablo III characters, in Diablo III PC Patch 2.3. These charts have data only from characters who have played since the start of the Reaper of Souls expansion. There are charts about class popularity, data for how many level 70 characters are leveled up, and details about Paragon Level distribution.
  • Use the BattleTag Locator to look up a specific Diablo III PC BattleTag. The data from millions of Diablo III heroes is combined to populate these charts.
Charts Last Updated: November 3, 2018
Hero Class Popularity
Class Popularity for All Diablo III Heroes
  • This chart shows data from all the Diablo PC III characters who have played since the Reaper of Souls expansion was released.
  • This includes all groups of Diablo III characters: softcore and hardcore of all levels, whether living and dead.
  • This chart reflects softcore and hardcore Diablo III characters, including dead hardcore heroes. See the Hardcore Deaths charts for a look at the survival rate of hardcore characters.
Class Popularity for Level 70 Heroes
  • Here we see the popularity for each of the Diablo III classes, among the level 70 Diablo III characters who have played since the start of the Reaper of Souls expansion.
  • The blue columns represent the softcore level 70 heroes, while the red columns show the living hardcore heroes at level 70. As seen here, some classes have very different popularity in softcore mode compared to hardcore.
Class Popularity for Softcore Characters at Level 1-69
  • These charts reflect the current popularity of each of the 6 classes in Diablo III during the leveling process. They show the class popularity by percentage as characters gain levels.
  • Click or tap the square class colors in the legend, to highlight the points of data for that class. Select any data point to see the exact percentage of that class, at the level range.
  • The Crusader is a new class added in the Reaper of Souls expansion, and it is the most popular class to be leveled right now.
  • The reason why the Crusader class seems to drop off in popularity in the last part of the chart is because that is the character level 60-69 range. There are many characters of all the other classes who are occasionally played and have not yet been leveled beyond 60, which makes the relative popularity of Crusaders lower in that level range. Most Crusaders who are leveled up to 60 are taken all the way to level 70, which shows in the popularity chart above.
Class Popularity for Hardcore Characters at Level 1-69
  • The hardcore class percentages while leveling is different from the class popularity at level 70, as seen when comparing this chart to the Level 70 Characters by Class chart above.
  • As in the softcore leveling popularity charts, the Crusader class starts as the most popular class to level right now. Since Crusaders are very likely to make it to level 70 and are a new class, proportionally there are few Crusaders at levels 60-69 compared to the other classes.
  • See the charts of Hardcore Deaths for data on the classes who do the best at surviving all the way to level 70 in hardcore mode.
Diablo III Account Statistics
Level 70 Heroes of Every Class
  • This chart takes a look at how many Diablo III accounts have one level 70 hero of each class, among active players that we track. This includes softcore and live hardcore level 70 characters.
  • There are three categories of accounts listed:
    1. The vast majority of Diablo III accounts do not have level 70 characters of all six classes. This large group of accounts is listed as Group Not Complete in the chart.
    2. The One Full Group accounts have at least one level 70 hero of each class. Many of the most active Diablo III players are part of this category.
    3. The small segment of Two Full Groups accounts have two level 70 heroes of each class, which means they have leveled up at least twelve heroes to level 70.
Level 70 Heroes Per Account
  • This chart looks at how many level 70 heroes are leveled up in the active Diablo III accounts. It shows the percentage of active accounts with a single level 70, those accounts with 2 level 70 characters, and so on all the way up to the voracious Diablo III players with 12+ level 70 characters.
  • This data reflects active accounts who have at least one level 70 character; the large number of accounts without any level 70 characters are not included. The level 70 heroes included are either softcore or live hardcore characters, as dead hardcore characters are excluded from this chart.
Hardcore Level 70 Heroes Per Account
  • Here we see the question answered: How many Diablo III players actively play in hardcore mode? This chart shows the percentage of active Diablo III accounts that have one or more alive level 70 hardcore characters.
  • The vast majority of Diablo III players do not play in hardcore mode, and so most accounts do not have even one level 70 alive hardcore character.
  • A small slice of accounts currently have one level 70 alive hardcore hero. Smaller percentages have more of those hardcore heroes at level 70, up to tiny group of dedicated players with 10+ alive level 70 hardcore characters.
  • The constant threat of Hardcore Deaths can alter this chart over time, as old hardcore characters inevitably die, and new ones are leveled up.
Paragon Level Distribution
  • These charts show how far Diablo III players have proceeded in Shared Paragon Levels. The data is from Diablo III accounts who have at least 1 or more Paragon Levels, in softcore or hardcore mode.
  • The Top Paragon Level Rankings has details on the specific Diablo III accounts with the most Paragon Levels.
Paragon Account Distribution in Softcore Mode
  • Of the Diablo III accounts that have at least 1 softcore Paragon Level, most have 100 or more Paragon Levels.
  • A tiny percentage of dedicated players are over the soft cap of 800 softcore Paragon Levels. See the Top Paragon Level Rankings for the accounts who have achieved the most Paragon Levels!
Paragon Account Distribution in Hardcore Mode
  • The vast majority of Diablo III accounts do not have any hardcore Paragon Levels. Those who have at least 1 hardcore Paragon Level are charted here; the majority of them have fewer than 100 Paragon Levels.
  • A small number of careful players have achieved over 600 hardcore Paragon Levels. This will slowly increase in time, as more players reach that goal in the dangers of hardcore mode. See the Top Paragon Level Rankings for the accounts with the most hardcore Paragon Levels.
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