New Diablo Short Story: 'Middlewick'

A dark short story, set in the world of Diablo

Diablo III Story: Middlewick
The stories and characters that fill Diablo III go beyond the game, and the latest short story set in that universe is available to read. The Diablo III game guide now features the short story Middlewick by Erik Sabol. It joins the other short stories there, that provide backstory for the classes found in Diablo III.

"The soldier raised his torch and leaned forward, leathers creaking. His eyes were narrow in their examination. The light of his flame sent shadows waltzing through the orchard, twisting and morphing through the brush like dark appendages slithering in retreat of the starlight. Above him, the wind—stiff and unseasonably chilly for early autumn—wrestled through the canopy of leaves and branches, ushering all seven of the corpses into a lazy sway from their nooses."

Young Dalya's life is shattered when a zealous bishop descends on her town, destroying the only family she has ever had. But is there truth to the holy man's quest to root out corruption, or is it merely a brutal abuse of authority? Read "Middlewick" by Erik Sabol in the Game Guide to find out!

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