Future Patches

A guide to the upcoming Diablo III patches, for the PC / Mac and Console editions
  • Future Diablo III Patches: This guide contains information on upcoming patches and content for Diablo III. As with any patch development, the specifics may change at any time, and nothing here is set in stone.
  • Last Updated May 15, 2014: Updated for patch 2.1.0 as the next Diablo III PC patch, and the Ultimate Evil Edition coming to four different consoles.

Current PC Patch: Patch 2.0.5
  • The current patch for the PC / Mac Diablo III is Patch 2.0, specifically the minor update Patch 2.0.5.
  • Patch 2.0.5 is the most recent of minor patch updates to the major Patch 2.0. Patch 2.0 was also called the Loot 2.0 Patch, and brought massive revamps to nearly the entire game. It was the patch that led up to the Reaper of Souls Expansion.

Next Major PC Content Patch: Patch 2.1.0
  • The next major content patch for Diablo III PC is Patch 2.1.0, and will include significant additions to the game. Patch 2.1 is expected to be the next patch released for the PC Diablo III.
  • The initial information about patch 2.1 was from the Reaper of Souls Release Party Developer Q&A, held on March 25.
  • At the release party, Diablo III Game Director Josh Mosqueira discussed patch 2.1 and stated that it would be coming "in a couple of months". Extrapolating from that and other recent Blizzard posts, patch 2.1 should arrive on the Public Test Realm by early June, where it will need to be tested extensively. If the patch does land on the PTR in June, it will have an estimated release date in July-August.

Major Class Skills Updates & Legendary Changes
  • Patch 2.1 will bring a tuning pass to skills across the board, for all the classes. The developers are reviewing the data of how players are using skills since the Patch 2.0 overhaul, and will be adjusting skills in Patch 2.1. These changes will likely boost the power of skills that rank poorly in our charts of Most Popular Skills and Builds.
  • The patch will also include updates to Legendary and Set items that are not performing well. There are specific sets that will be changed to have more interesting set bonuses, including retroactively changing the items in those sets that have already dropped.
  • All the classes will be receiving changes and updates for skill balance in patch 2.1. In this post, Grimiku details some of the major areas that the developers are looking at for the Monk class.
Hello, Monks!

I've been keeping a close eye on this thread (and others) so when it came time to talk a little bit about patch 2.0.5, and the future of Monks, this seemed like a good place to do it. I’ve updated the posting limit in this thread, so feel free to keep it alive.

I'd like to start by pointing out that patch 2.0.5 wasn’t really intended to focus much on class balance when it first was scheduled, but there were some circumstances that resulted in it including a lot of class changes, particularly for the Crusader. The Crusader is not only the newest class in Diablo III (and a big feature of Reaper of Souls), but was in a state that (we felt) merited some immediate tuning and balancing, so 2.0.5 did end up featuring a lot of Crusader changes.

That said, while 2.0.5 didn’t include many changes to Monks, it doesn’t mean we feel there isn’t room for improvement (or that your feedback has fallen on deaf ears). Instead, we have many changes planned for patch 2.1.0, which is our first big content patch for Reaper of Souls and first big opportunity to do some meaningful evaluations for each class, Monk included.

Our future goals for the Monk in 2.1.0 focus improving core class attributes, class abilities, and addressing Legendaries that need improvement. You should all be able to see (and test out) these changes soon™ on the 2.1.0 PTR once its live. (Note: Initially, the PTR will not have all the changes we want to do for 2.1.0, but as the PTR progresses, more changes will be added. Also note that we do not have an ETA for the 2.1.0 PTR at this time.)

We also want to let you all know that we will be improving some of the underwhelming Set items. The following Sets will be receiving buffs or redesigns to their full-Set bonuses in 2.1.0 and will be retroactive, so keep those pieces:

• Firebird’s Finery
• Raiment of a Thousand Storms
• Monkey King’s Garb
• Thorns of the Invoker
• The Shadow’s Mantle

Changes to Skill Elements
Along with the general tuning pass to skills, there will be specific changes made to the elemental damage types available in skills. Patch 2.0.5 brought some changes to skill runes, to help provide good options between the elements like Fire, Lightning, Cold, etc. As mentioned in the Patch 2.0.5 Patch Notes, the skills will continue to be updated, so there are multiple skill element options that players can choose between.
To better support character builds based on a specific damage type we are changing the damage type of a few select runes. This is an ongoing goal - additional changes may be made in the future to any of our classes to make damage types an interesting consideration for character building.

Diablo III Developers Ponder Ladders
Seasons and Ladders
At the Reaper of Souls release party, Josh Mosqueira definitively announced that patch 2.1 will bring Seasons, which will contain ladder-like aspects. Here is what we know so far about how it will work:
  • There will be Seasons that each last for a certain length of time, and character ladders within them.
  • New characters can be leveled up within the ladder. Ladder characters will be totally segregated from non-ladder characters, much as softcore and hardcore characters are entirely divided from each other. Ladder characters have no access to the gold or items that are in the primary account.
  • There will be goodies that can drop exclusively for characters in the ladder, including powerful new Legendary items that only drop within the season.
  • Seasons will have leader boards that track the progress of ladder characters. Players can race on a variety of metrics to try to become the leader in their region, or the top of their friends and clan lists.
  • At the end of a season, all of the progress - experience, equipment and gold accrued on ladder characters - will be rolled over into the main account.
For background, check out the earlier developer interviews and thoughts about ladders.

Tiered Rifts
Another major content addition in patch 2.1 is a competitive challenge called Tiered Rifts. Tiered Rifts will work like this:
  • Tiered Rifts are a challenge scenario in Adventure Mode. They will be available to characters in the standard game, or by a ladder character in a Season.
  • To access a Tiered Rift, characters will complete Bounties and Nephalem Rifts like normal. When a Nephalem Rift is cleared, there is a chance to get a Greater Rift Token.
  • Using that token opens up a Greater Rift. If you clear that Greater Rift within a certain time limit, then you unlock a Greater Rift Key (Rank 2). If you clear that one you get Rank 3, etc.
  • Each Greater Rift is harder than the previous one. The idea is to see how many Greater Rifts you can get through, and how long it takes to do that.
  • Players will have a timer to finish a Rift (kill enough monsters to draw out the boss and slay the boss) and the better they do, the more challenging the level that they get to tackle. For example, if a hero can finish a Tiered Rift in just a few minutes, they would be able to jump ahead to a much harder Rift.
  • There will be unique rewards for with Tiered Rifts, including new Legendary items.
  • Tiered Rifts will also include a leader board, to compare your progress to the people on your Friends List, in your Clan, and among all the characters in that Diablo III region. Information will be displayed of who got to the highest Tiered Rift, and how long it took them to get there.
  • The optional combination of Seasons and leader boards in Tiered Rifts will make for an interesting competition. It will be possible for players to roll an entirely new ladder character and get gear from scratch in a new season, and then see how far they can get in the Tiered Rifts for that season. In this way, players will be able to track their progress and compete against other players.
Details on Seasons and Tiered Rifts were provided in the release party Q&A and developer email explanations. Tiered Rifts and Seasons are two major content additions coming in patch 2.1, new features that require owning the Reaper of Souls Expansion. There are also updates to the general Diablo III client that will be part of this major patch.

Fixes to Missing Achievement
There are a small but significant number of Diablo III characters who have completed the requirements for an achievement, but were not given the achievement in the Diablo III client. This has been an ongoing issue since the original Diablo III release. The entire achievement system in Diablo III is being updated, which will help resolve those issues. This is a major change that is not scheduled to be completed until at least patch 2.1.0.
Hi Everyone,

I want to start by thanking Morogoth for taking the time to create this thread and gather all of this information into one place. We really appreciate it, and the effort you put into this clearly shows the passion you have for our community. I also wanted to take a few moments to provide an update to this issue, and hopefully give you all a bit of insight as to what are doing to address this.

Currently, we have some work planned to make changes to some of the underlying systems on which the Achievements feature is built and functions. These changes should provide us with the tools to resolve most (if not all) achievement-related issues by allowing achievements to be automatically and retroactively granted when the server detects that your account is missing an achievement that you have completed all of the criteria for. Unfortunately however, the changes needed to make this all work will require a patch to implement. While I cannot provide a specific date for when the necessary work will be completed and our potential solution will be in place, the current goal we have for finishing up this work is around patch 2.1.0. I want to stress that I absolutely cannot make promises about this timeline and that this could happen a bit later based on the progress made on other planned back-end changes between now and then. For now, however, that’s the plan.

We know this is something that a lot of players have been waiting on for quite some time, and as players ourselves, we sympathize with and share your frustrations. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope that this helps you all understand that we aren’t just sitting on our hands over this and that we want this fixed as much as you do. If I have any further information to provide, I will post it here.

Overhaul to Crafting Resource Management
A blue post some months back discussed a big idea of changing the crafting resource system, and a more recent post reiterated that the developers would like to do this. The general idea is to make crafting materials become a system of stored materials, like Blood Shards. That way all those crafting materials would not longer take up storage space in inventory or the Stash. If this sort of system is implemented, it will come in a content patch like 2.1, although there has been no discussion so far of it being implemented in that patch.
We are currently working on some different ways to help streamline the process of picking up, storing, and using crafting resources.

Here are a few ideas we’re tinkering with to help get you thinking about some of the cool possibilities:

  • All crafting materials would be moved to a currency-style storage in the UI. Think something similar to Blood Shards.
  • All crafting materials would become auto pickup, except for LEGENDARY crafting material. (Legendary crafting material would still be automatically stored as a currency, but players must click on it to pick it up.)
  • All crafters would pull crafting materials from this storage area for recipes.
  • Crafting materials that the player doesn’t currently own would appear in grey text with a 0 counter.
  • Players could mouse over the icons of all crafting material to get the full tooltip of the item. This includes greyed out ones.
  • Currently, we do not intend to store gems in this way because it would make socketing items feel clunky.
Note that this is all still a work in progress and thus subject to lots and lots of iteration.

Legendary Gems
Another idea that is still in heavy development, and is not necessarily scheduled for patch 2.1, is the notion of Legendary gems.
Q: Are there any plans for further deepening of socketing, such as reintroducing runes and runewords?
We don't have any short term plans at the moment, but we all agree that the socketing game is not super deep and we’ve said so before. We are talking seriously about some legendary gem ideas that will offer new tactical options to players. Stay tuned as we do hope that this design gathers steam.

Future PC Patch Updates
  • There are many issues in Diablo III that are being looked into, some of which may be fixed in upcoming patches.

Changing the Healing Stat
Wyatt Cheng discussed the details of the Damage, Toughness, and Healing summary stats. Those new meta-stats that arrived in patch 2.0 are still being refined, both in what they reflect and how players view them. The Healing summary stat may be changed further, in an upcoming patch.
Damage, Toughness and Healing are all designed to be rough guides to try and help players make gear choices, but knowledge of the underlying mechanics will always allow players to get the most out of your gear. Savvy players understand that mechanics like "+% damage to skill X" or "Cooldown Reduction %" can provide significant increases to your combat effectiveness. Equipping your character is about much more than just making an abstract number on your character sheet as large as possible.

Healing is currently an estimation of approximately how much Life the game thinks you probably heal per second. Obviously it's just an estimation because mechanics such as Life Per Kill and Life Per Resource Spent don't translate directly into a Life per second value.

We've been talking about changing Healing into a "Toughness healed per second" value. This unfortunately makes it even more of an abstract concept, but it would help take into account that your damage mitigation enhances the value of your Life recovery stats. The ultimate goal of the three summary stats is to provide a "quick gut check" of an item's effect on your character, and making this change to Healing could probably help guide people better.

Shaking up Sacrifice
The Witch Doctor active skill Sacrifice is one of the least used skills among level 70 Witch Doctors, as seen in the popularity charts of Witch Doctor Active Skills. In a response to a reddit thread about the low damage and usability of the skill, Wyatt Cheng explained the situation. The developers are looking to make some major adjustments to the mechanics of the skill, which will arrive in a future patch.
There are a number of mechanical design issues with Sacrifice in the current form. Sure, we could buff the numbers on any skill to make it "worth using", but in the case of Sacrifice we're taking a close look at improving the underlying mechanics first. Leaving the numbers in their current unattractive state means we don't have to worry as much about changing the play style of active players should we feel a significant redesign is necessary to get the skill where we want it to be.

Keywardens in non-Torment Games
The Keywardens are unique monsters that drop keys for the Infernal Machine event, that is used to obtain Hellfire Rings. Those Keywardens are only supposed to appear in Torment difficulty games, but they can occasionally show up in lower difficulty games. That will presumably be fixed in a future patch.
Key Wardens are only supposed to appear in games set to Torment difficulty, since that's when they start having a chance to drop a key. However, there is a bug that allows them to sometimes show up in games set on a lower difficulty than Torment 1, but it's not meant to work that way.

Transmogrification Missing Displays
One issue being worked on is that some Transmogrification appearances aren't available, from certain items such as class-specific set items. Players should be careful when looking at Transmogrifying those particular items, since currently they can not be restored to their original appearance.
Posted by: Gravier

Yesterday i was lucky enough to stumble upon two pieces of the Marauder set, and they look absolutely stunning. But i didn't get the transmog for both of them, is this a bug?

It's not technically a bug, but there are some items (like class-specific set items) that don't exist as Transmogrify options. Some of those items can't be Transmogrified back into their original state once they've been altered, either. We're aware that this is causing issues for some players, and we'll be looking at solutions. We'll give everyone an update when we're able to, and thanks for letting us know!

Other Bugs
There are minor bugs that are known about and being looked into. Any of these issues may be fixed in the next patch, or could need more time.

Patch 2.0.5 Known Issues List
These are Known Issues that the Diablo III Quality Assurance team has looked into.
Hello everyone, and welcome to Patch 2.0.5! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 2.0.5 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list.

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 2.0.5 patch. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and (in most cases) an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III!!!

  • It is currently extremely difficult to destroy the Demon Gates before Demon Troopers spawn during the Azmodan Encounter, which is preventing completion of the “No Reinforcements” achievement.

  • Manipulating your inventory or changing worlds can cause the spirit counter on the Monkey King’s 4 piece set bonus to reset.

  • Torment-only class-specific sets currently cannot have their looks reverted to their original appearance after being transmogrified to look like a different item.

Current PS3 and Xbox 360 Patch:
Console Patch 1.0.2
The current patch for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Diablo III is Console Patch 1.0.2. The patch went live on the PlayStation 3 edition of Diablo III on October 1 2013, while the Xbox 360 version went live two weeks later. The patch brought many fixes for bugs and crashes in the console clients. See the Diablo III Patches for an overview of the Diablo III Console patches and hotfixes.

Ultimate Evil Edition - Next-Generation and Older Consoles
Diablo III - Ultimate Evil Edition for Consoles
  • The Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is coming to the four major consoles on August 19, 2014: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.
  • It will include an updated version of Diablo III: all the original content of the game, and the new features and additions from the Reaper of Souls Expansion up to Patch 2.0.4.
  • This edition has special social features designed around the gameplay of console players, and a side-kick style Apprentice Mode. Other features being promoted for the Ultimate Evil Edition, based on the capabilities of the console hardware: action combat, co-op loot, touch pad & light bar support.
  • The new console edition of Diablo III has a suggested retail price of $59.99 USD for the PS4 or Xbox One and $39.99 for the PS3 or Xbox 360.

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