Witch Doctor Runes by Popularity

All the Witch Doctor runes for active skills, ranked by popularity in patch 2.3

  • These are charts of all the Diablo III Witch Doctor runes, ranked from the most to least popular rune. The data comes from level 70 Witch Doctors in Reaper of Souls, who are actively playing in Patch 2.3.
  • See the Witch Doctor Active Skills section for the most popular active skills that these runes are connected to, and the most popular Witch Doctor builds. The Popular Builds and Skills overview has information on how all this data is gathered.
  • Select any rune or skill below to view full information about that Witch Doctor skill, along with the popularity of every rune for the skill.
Charts Last Updated: November 3, 2018

All Witch Doctor Runes Ranked by Popularity

  • These charts show every Witch Doctor rune, based on their popularity by level 70 Witch Doctors in patch 2.3. As players choose the best Witch Doctor runes for their skills, those choices generate data of the most popular Witch Doctor runes.
  • The chart on the left ranks the runes by popularity of use of softcore Witch Doctors, while the chart on the right lists them by popularity among hardcore Witch Doctors.
  • The Percent column in these charts is the percentage of all Witch Doctors who use that particular rune, of the level 70 Witch Doctors active in patch 2.3.
  • Select any rune or skill to view full information and statistics about it.
Runes by Popularity - Witch Doctor Softcore
1JauntSpirit Walk59.90
3Slam DanceBig Bad Voodoo29.90
4Fire WallWall of Death26.70
5LanguishSoul Harvest26.30
6Blazing SpidersCorpse Spiders23.30
7Legion of DaggersFetish Army23.20
8Acid RainAcid Cloud15.10
9Zombie BearsZombie Charger13.21
10Snake to the FacePoison Dart13.20
11Poisoned SpiritHaunt9.60
12Angry ChickenHex9.20
13Slow BurnAcid Cloud7.30
14SplintersPoison Dart6.80
15Desperate GraspGrasp of the Dead6.70
16Leeching BeastsSummon Zombie Dogs6.40
17PestilenceLocust Swarm6.14
18Life LinkSummon Zombie Dogs6.10
19Rain of ToadsPlague of Toads5.10
20Soul to WasteSoul Harvest4.91
21Healing JourneySpirit Walk4.90
22Face of DeathHorrify4.70
24Restless GiantGargantuan4.30
25Head HuntersFetish Army4.30
26Resentful SpiritsHaunt4.00
27Wrathful ProtectorGargantuan3.90
28Chilled to the BoneSummon Zombie Dogs3.80
30Honored GuestSpirit Walk3.50
31SiphonSoul Harvest3.40
32Burning DogsSummon Zombie Dogs2.90
33Plague BatsFirebats2.70
34Wave of MutilationPiranhas2.60
35ParanoiaMass Confusion2.50
37Big StinkerGargantuan2.30
38Frightening AspectHorrify2.20
39Vengeful SpiritSoul Harvest2.13
40Rabid DogsSummon Zombie Dogs2.10
41Frozen PiranhasPiranhas2.10
42Spider QueenCorpse Spiders2.00
43Leaping SpidersCorpse Spiders1.93
44Communing with SpiritsWall of Death1.90
45Lob Blob BombAcid Cloud1.80
46Tiki TorchersFetish Army1.70
47Rain of CorpsesGrasp of the Dead1.63
48Swallow Your SoulSoul Harvest1.60
49Medusa SpidersCorpse Spiders1.60
50Zombie PiranhasPiranhas1.56
52Black BloodSacrifice1.50
53Ring of PoisonWall of Death1.47
54Corpse BombAcid Cloud1.45
55Addling ToadsPlague of Toads1.40
56Vampire BatsFirebats1.30
57UndeathZombie Charger1.25
59Death Is LifeGrasp of the Dead1.00
60PhantasmSpirit Barrage0.84
61Ghost TranceBig Bad Voodoo0.84
62WidowmakersCorpse Spiders0.84
63Ghost BombFirebomb0.83
64Explosive ToadsPlague of Toads0.80
65Searing LocustsLocust Swarm0.74
66Spined DartPoison Dart0.72
67Rain DanceBig Bad Voodoo0.71
68Devoted FollowingFetish Army0.70
69Umbral ShockSpirit Walk0.65
70Cloud of BatsFirebats0.60
71Provoke the PackSacrifice0.52
72Groping EelsGrasp of the Dead0.50
73Toad AffinityPlague of Toads0.46
74Well of SoulsSpirit Barrage0.45
75Explosive BeastZombie Charger0.44
76Flash FireFirebomb0.42
77Draining SpiritHaunt0.42
78Fetish AmbushFetish Army0.42
79Unbreakable GraspGrasp of the Dead0.42
80Devouring SwarmLocust Swarm0.40
81Surrounded by DeathWall of Death0.37
82Ruthless TerrorHorrify0.36
83Unstable FormHex0.35
84ManitouSpirit Barrage0.35
85Cloud of InsectsLocust Swarm0.35
86Consuming SpiritHaunt0.34
87Flaming DartPoison Dart0.34
88Roll the BonesFirebomb0.34
89Jungle DrumsBig Bad Voodoo0.33
91Wall of ZombiesWall of Death0.27
92Lingering SpiritHaunt0.26
93Hungry BatsFirebats0.25
94Diseased SwarmLocust Swarm0.25
95Numbing DartPoison Dart0.25
96Kiss of DeathAcid Cloud0.25
97The Spirit Is WillingSpirit Barrage0.24
98Mass HallucinationMass Confusion0.24
99Toad of HugenessHex0.24
100Lumbering ColdZombie Charger0.24
101Unstable RealmMass Confusion0.23
102Hedge MagicHex0.23
103SeveranceSpirit Walk0.22
104Pile OnZombie Charger0.22
105Dire BatsFirebats0.20
106Boogie ManBig Bad Voodoo0.20
108For the MasterSacrifice0.16
109Piercing ToadsPlague of Toads0.15
110PhlebotomizeSpirit Barrage0.15
112Mass HysteriaMass Confusion0.12
113Next of KinSacrifice0.12
114Fire PitFirebomb0.10
115CreepersWall of Death0.05
116Wrecking CrewWall of Death0.05
117Offensive LineWall of Death0.03
118DevolutionMass Confusion0.02
119Unrelenting GripWall of Death0.02
120BarricadeWall of Death0.00
Runes by Popularity - Witch Doctor Hardcore
1JauntSpirit Walk55.50
3Fire WallWall of Death22.20
4Blazing SpidersCorpse Spiders20.00
5LanguishSoul Harvest19.50
6Slam DanceBig Bad Voodoo17.20
7Legion of DaggersFetish Army17.10
8Life LinkSummon Zombie Dogs15.70
9Acid RainAcid Cloud15.30
10Leeching BeastsSummon Zombie Dogs9.80
11Snake to the FacePoison Dart9.20
13Poisoned SpiritHaunt8.90
14Slow BurnAcid Cloud7.90
15Restless GiantGargantuan7.30
16Zombie BearsZombie Charger7.20
17Angry ChickenHex6.90
18Rain of ToadsPlague of Toads6.60
19Healing JourneySpirit Walk6.40
20PestilenceLocust Swarm6.10
21Chilled to the BoneSummon Zombie Dogs5.10
22SplintersPoison Dart4.80
23Wrathful ProtectorGargantuan4.30
24Head HuntersFetish Army4.20
25Resentful SpiritsHaunt3.90
27Big StinkerGargantuan3.60
28Desperate GraspGrasp of the Dead3.50
29Communing with SpiritsWall of Death3.40
30Wave of MutilationPiranhas3.26
31Leaping SpidersCorpse Spiders3.20
33Lob Blob BombAcid Cloud2.90
34Rain of CorpsesGrasp of the Dead2.83
35Honored GuestSpirit Walk2.80
37Plague BatsFirebats2.64
38Soul to WasteSoul Harvest2.61
39Burning DogsSummon Zombie Dogs2.60
40Ring of PoisonWall of Death2.27
41UndeathZombie Charger2.25
42Spider QueenCorpse Spiders2.24
43Rabid DogsSummon Zombie Dogs2.20
44Frozen PiranhasPiranhas2.10
45Medusa SpidersCorpse Spiders2.00
46Face of DeathHorrify1.90
47Vengeful SpiritSoul Harvest1.83
48Corpse BombAcid Cloud1.80
49Zombie PiranhasPiranhas1.66
50Vampire BatsFirebats1.64
51Frightening AspectHorrify1.60
52Tiki TorchersFetish Army1.54
53SiphonSoul Harvest1.51
54Addling ToadsPlague of Toads1.50
55Swallow Your SoulSoul Harvest1.40
56WidowmakersCorpse Spiders1.24
57Ghost TranceBig Bad Voodoo1.20
58ParanoiaMass Confusion1.10
59Spined DartPoison Dart1.00
60Ghost BombFirebomb0.93
61Explosive ToadsPlague of Toads0.92
62Consuming SpiritHaunt0.90
63Umbral ShockSpirit Walk0.85
64Searing LocustsLocust Swarm0.84
66Devoted FollowingFetish Army0.80
67Surrounded by DeathWall of Death0.77
68Death Is LifeGrasp of the Dead0.70
69Unstable FormHex0.65
70Flash FireFirebomb0.62
71Unbreakable GraspGrasp of the Dead0.62
72Groping EelsGrasp of the Dead0.60
73Fetish AmbushFetish Army0.60
74Wall of ZombiesWall of Death0.57
75Lingering SpiritHaunt0.56
76Well of SoulsSpirit Barrage0.55
77Cloud of InsectsLocust Swarm0.55
78PhantasmSpirit Barrage0.54
79Explosive BeastZombie Charger0.54
80Provoke the PackSacrifice0.52
81Rain DanceBig Bad Voodoo0.51
82Cloud of BatsFirebats0.50
83Toad AffinityPlague of Toads0.46
84ManitouSpirit Barrage0.45
85Draining SpiritHaunt0.42
87Flaming DartPoison Dart0.34
88The Spirit Is WillingSpirit Barrage0.34
89Toad of HugenessHex0.34
90Roll the BonesFirebomb0.34
91Unstable RealmMass Confusion0.33
92Hedge MagicHex0.33
93Dire BatsFirebats0.30
94Devouring SwarmLocust Swarm0.30
95Boogie ManBig Bad Voodoo0.26
96Ruthless TerrorHorrify0.26
97Hungry BatsFirebats0.25
98Diseased SwarmLocust Swarm0.25
99Numbing DartPoison Dart0.25
100Kiss of DeathAcid Cloud0.25
101Lumbering ColdZombie Charger0.24
102Fire PitFirebomb0.23
103Jungle DrumsBig Bad Voodoo0.23
105Mass HysteriaMass Confusion0.22
106Pile OnZombie Charger0.22
107Black BloodSacrifice0.20
109Piercing ToadsPlague of Toads0.15
110Mass HallucinationMass Confusion0.14
111SeveranceSpirit Walk0.12
112Next of KinSacrifice0.12
113For the MasterSacrifice0.10
114CreepersWall of Death0.05
115PhlebotomizeSpirit Barrage0.05
116Wrecking CrewWall of Death0.05
117Offensive LineWall of Death0.03
118DevolutionMass Confusion0.02
119Unrelenting GripWall of Death0.02
120BarricadeWall of Death0.00

Top Rune for Each Witch Doctor Skill

  • These charts show the single most popular rune for each Witch Doctor active skill, among level 70 Witch Doctors active in patch 2.3. The runes are listed from the most popular for their skill, to the least popular. This makes it easy to see which active skills have one rune that is extremely popular at level 70.
  • The chart on the left shows the rune choices by softcore Witch Doctors, and the chart on the right lists the most popular runes among hardcore Witch Doctors.
  • Select any rune or skill to view the full information and statistics about it.
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