Play Your Way Livestream on Thursday with deadmau5

Hardcore Diablo III on the Twitch livestream this Thursday at 2PM PDT

Diablo III Play Your Way - Livestream on Thursday, October 16
The Diablo III Play Your Way livestream is back this Thursday, with special guest deadmau5. The musician will be on the livestream hosted by Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel, along with Majier#1230, and Diablo III developer Don Vu. To make the event even more interesting, they will all be playing in hardcore mode. The livestream starts on Thursday October 16, at 2PM Pacific time (5PM Eastern).

While the master of magic, the Wizard, prevailed in our last Play Your Thursday community vote, we were unfortunately unable to sync up with V3dun#2884 for our upcoming livestream. Thankfully, runner-up Majier#1230 has raised his weapon in service and will be joining us this Thursday, October 16. 

But that's not all, nephalem. We'll also be joined by a very special guest for this week's show—deadmau5!


Here are all the juicy details:

For this particular stream, associate game designer Don Vu raised the bar and challenged us to jump into the Hardcore Season with Halcyon himself, Joel Zimmerman. See just how long I'll last running V3dun's "Void Ray" Wizard and learn more about Majier’s "Sweeping Thunder" Crusader as we Rift our way to HC glory.

May our deeds of valor be remembered!

This is definitely an edition of Play Your Way you won’t want to miss, so be sure to follow us on Twitch so you’ll be notified the moment we go live. 

Won't be able to tune in on Thursday? Just hang tight, because we'll have the VOD available on both Twitch and YouTube shortly after we go off the air. Follow and subscribe so you can stay up to date on when our replays become available!

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