Hardcore Deaths

Charts of how well the Diablo III classes survive in hardcore mode

  • The hardcore mode in Diablo III is ruthless: when a hardcore character dies, it is dead forever.
  • The charts below reflect Diablo III hardcore characters who have died, generated from data gathered on more than 6 million Diablo III characters. The charts are updated daily from data of hardcore characters who played or died since the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion, up through the current Patch 2.3.
  • Use the BattleTag Locator to find a specific Diablo III BattleTag, or add it to our database. That will include the data from those Diablo III hardcore heroes as part of these charts.
Charts Last Updated: November 3, 2018
Dead versus Live Hardcore
  • This chart compares the number of hardcore characters for each class. The red bars show data from the live hardcore characters, while the black bars reflect the dead hardcore characters.
  • The chart shows which classes have more dead characters, by comparing the live versus dead percentage for a specific class.
  • When comparing the hardcore characters of each class who died to the ones that are still alive, the Crusader and Witch Doctor classes fare the best. There are notably more Witch Doctors and Crusaders who are alive than who have died, in hardcore mode. This includes deaths while leveling and at level 70.
  • Of all the Diablo III classes, Demon Hunters have died the most in hardcore mode. There are substantially more dead hardcore Demon Hunter heroes than live ones.
Surviving to Level 70
  • This table shows the average chance of surviving to level 70 for heroes of each class.
  • This is calculated by comparing the number of hardcore characters in a class who made it to level 70, to the amount who died at levels 1-69. The number listed is the percentage of hardcore characters in the class who survived all the way to level 70. This does not include all the hardcore characters who died after they reached level 70.
  • Crusaders and Witch Doctors are the least likely to die while leveling. Witch Doctors can escape many risky situations, with a combination of pets to absorb dangerous attacks, and powerful survival skills like Spirit Walk and Spirit Vessel.
  • The tough Crusader class has the highest survival rates in hardcore mode. Crusaders constantly wear a shield, which improves their survivability. The class also has the 30% damage reduction bonus, that all three melee classes are provided.
Survival Rate to Level 70
ClassSurvival Rate
Demon Hunter
Witch Doctor
Hardcore Deaths by Level
  • The Deaths by Character Level charts answer the question: at what character level do hardcore characters die?
  • The chart to the left lists the character levels that hardcore characters had achieved when they died. There is a jump in the hardcore deaths at character levels 60-69; this includes characters who do not have the Reaper of Souls expansion and cannot progress beyond level 60, and the characters leveling up from 61-69. Most hardcore characters make it up to level 70, where the vast majority of deaths happen.
  • Few hardcore heroes die while leveling, compared to the time before the Reaper of Souls expansion. The Hardcore Deaths as of Patch 1.0.8 had a significantly higher percentage of characters who died during the leveling process.
  • The charts below show the same data, broken down by each class.
Class Hardcore Deaths by Level
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