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Automatic Pick-ups(1)Category: GeneralApril-1-2014 1:43 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Remember the lol 10k potions? They were pretty much garbage to pick up. I wasnt even using potions Pre Patch 2.0. So I really want to thanks Blizz for changing it to 60% life restored, and also they made it automatic pick-up. This is great!!

That being said, I think after patch 2.0 all consumables and the likes (crafting recipes, potions, gems) have become more usefull and should have an option of being Auto Picked-up (with exception to Legendaries).

The game would be more enjoyable if it was included in the Gameplay Options where you could put a check on the consumables that you want to be Picked up automatically when you run over them. If this sounds like a lazy brats request, maybe instead of just giving it for free, one should aquire an achievement related to this that will unlock one of each. What do you guys think?

Pick up 500 Deaths Breath to enable Auto Pick-up Deaths Breath Option.
Pick up 800 Arcane Dust to enable Auto Pick-up Arcane Dust Option.
Pick up 1000 Marquise Emeralds to enable Auto Pick-up Marquise Emerals Option
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Automatic Pick-ups(9)April-1-2014 6:24 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
One of the things we plan on doing at some point is making some adjustments to crafting resource management. I'm going to quote myself from a previous post since there's quite a lot of info in there, and I don't want to leave anything out. It's pretty exciting stuff, though!

Let me preface what I’m about to say with the caveat that any changes we make to crafting material management at this point would come after Reaper of Souls ships. With that in mind, here’s a few ideas we’re tinkering with to help get you thinking about some of the cool possibilities:

  • All crafting materials would be moved to a currency-style storage in the UI. Think something similar to Blood Shards.
  • All crafting materials would become auto pickup, except for LEGENDARY crafting material. (Legendary crafting material would still be automatically stored as a currency, but players must click on it to pick it up.)
  • All crafters would pull crafting materials from this storage area for recipes.
  • Crafting materials that the player doesn’t currently own would appear in grey text with a 0 counter.
  • Players could mouse over the icons of all crafting material to get the full tooltip of the item. This includes greyed out ones.
  • Currently, we do not intend to store gems in this way because it would make socketing items feel clunky.
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