Diablo III Console Patch 1.0.2 is Live on Xbox 360

The title update brings many fixes for bugs and gameplay issues

Diablo III on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
The title update 1.0.2 for Diablo III on the Xbox 360 is now live. This Console Diablo III patch 1.0.2 brings fixes for a number of bugs and gameplay issues, including addressing corruptions of saved game data on the console.

The Diablo III patch 1.0.2 on the PS3 has been live for two weeks, but the patch took longer to be released on the Xbox 360. The game update today for the Xbox 360 edition of Diablo III puts both consoles once again on the same patch.

Here are the official patch notes for the Console Diablo III patch 1.0.2:
Diablo III Console Patch 1.0.2 is now live for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest bug fixes. For a list of known issues in 1.0.2, please visit our Console Known Issues List.

Diablo III Console Patch 1.0.2

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting the game during a cutscene.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with the stash while another player attempts to join your game.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after connection failures caused by NAT/Firewall settings.
  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur as a result of memory corruption.
  • Fixed crash when casting Hex with the Painful Transformation rune on a Fetish Shaman in Acts III and IV.
  • Removed unnecessary "Clear Skill" option that could appear on the Passive Skill screen and would crash the game when selected.

Gameplay Fixes
  • Enabling Elective Mode no longer causes "New Slot" notification stars to appear for the original slot as opposed to the slot the skill is assigned to.
  • Hardcore characters in the process of taking fatal damage while exiting the Scorched Chapel will no longer be permanently killed.
  • Followers can no longer permanently lose all items after migrating from one game host to another.
  • The following four item sets will no longer repeatedly and permanently add core stat bonuses each time the player logs out of the game: Blackthorne's Armor, Endless Path, Zunimassa's Whispers, and Guardian's Contingency. (This fix will also retroactively correct inflated core stat bonuses on heroes affected by this bug prior to our hotfix going live.)
  • Equipping a quiver with a two-handed bow will no longer cause Quick Compare to incorrectly reflect a loss in damage.
  • Square gems should now only drop in Hell difficulty, which is also where the required items to combine them drop.
  • The Paragon experience bar for Player 2 and Player 4 now displays correctly instead of being visually clipped at the ends.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a player's experience bar to not display in multiplayer games if a another character with a Paragon levels had entered the game first.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inventory to not display unidentified Legendary items.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inventory to display equipped items twice if you exited the gem socketing sub-screen with the Select/Back button.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the controller to become stuck vibrating indefinitely.
  • Made changes to address corruptions of saved game data.
This update is now live on Xbox 360 as well!

As noted in the patch notes, there are still other bugs in the console versions of Diablo III, that are being worked on. Here's the current list of major bugs that Blizzard is working on, for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Diablo III:
Hello everyone, and welcome to Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on console!

Below you will find are some of the most visible and commonly-reported Known Issues for Diablo III on Consoles. We ask that you please do not report any bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them. We would also appreciate you advising other players to consult this list before reporting an issue.

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active on every platform. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and (in most cases) an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition!!!

Adventure Mode
  • Daily bonus bounties are not currently cycling between acts properly, and are always targeting acts I and II.

  • Using a vortex-like ability such as Cyclone Strike or Black Hole can break the Belial encounter and cause the boss to become stuck in an invulnerable state.

User Interface
  • The Mystic and item vendors will display a “new legendary” icon on submenus when the player has a newly-obtained legendary item in their inventory

  • The “Change Difficulty” tutorial can sometimes appear at inappropriate times

  • Player names and health bars are still visible when players are hidden by line of sight in the Scorched Chapel dueling area

  • Deprecated legendary crafting materials will occasionally drop when a unique monster is killed

  • The shoulders in the “Guise of the Colossi” transmog set can lose some color and texture definition after being dyed

See our Diablo III Patches Guide for details about all the Diablo III patches, for both the PC and console versions of the game.
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