Diablo III News for Topic: BlizzCon 2015

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BlizzCon 2015's Lighting Talks AvailableSee eight different presentations from Diablo III developers8 years ago
Hotfixes Roll Out on PC and ConsoleCarnevil is working again, and no more monsters stuck at 1HP8 years ago
Patch 2.4 Arrives Next Tuesday, January 12The content patch will be quickly followed by the start of Season 58 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Lightning Talks RecordedNew editions of the presentations from the Diablo III development team8 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 PTR PreviewTake a sneak peak at the next big patch, landing soon on the PTR9 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Diablo III PanelThe Diablo III developers preview exciting new features coming in patch 2.49 years ago
Mercy Wings Arriving in Overwatch: OriginsDiablo III cosmetic wings are part of the expanded Overwatch edition9 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Begins TodayBlizzard's big celebration kicks off in a few hours9 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 ApproachesNew Diablo III content will be revealed at the show9 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Arrives on November 6-7Tickets go on sale April 15 and April 18 for Blizzard's annual convention9 years ago
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