Cow Level Moooves in for the Diablo III Anniversary

Changes are on the way for the Infernal Machine and crowd control

Diablo III Anniversary 2015 - Cow Level
Diablo III is three years old, and it's time to have some fun! A week-long celebration in the game brings the infamous cow level to life, with treasure galore. The celebration continues with Diablo III merchandise, including a sale at the Blizzard Gear store and a Treasure Goblin Bank giveaway. Recent Blizzard Blues posts also point out areas that getting attention in the next major patch, including updates to the Infernal Machine event.

Cow Roundup in the Anniversary Celebration
The popular cow level from Diablo II arrives for a limited weeklong celebration in Diablo III. The fun starts by finding a Cow Treasure Goblin, which can be found anywhere that normal Treasure Goblins spawn in the open world (not in Nephalem Rifts), in Adventure Mode or the Campaign. Killing that cow goblin opens a portal to a level full of cows, both normal and elites. There are plenty of chests, Resplendent Chests, and corpses in the area to turn over for goodies. Special bosses include the large Cow Queen, and the ghost of the Cow King, who spawns a special event that rewards multiple Radiant Chests when completed.

The cow goblin does show up on the mini-map and can move quickly, so keep an eye out for one when you're out and about in Sanctuary! An hidden Easter egg on the forums leads to a fun video about the event. Here's the official announcement, titled Debunking the Cowspiracy:

Citizens of Sanctuary,

We've recently herd rumors of an invasion. Not one of a demonic nature, mind you, for those we are quite accustomed to. No, these rumors allege that townships throughout Khanduras are being overrun by bipedal, bardiche-bearing bovine who are luring weary adventurers to the proverbial slaughter through moosterious orange portals.

Many of you have expressed fear. Some have asked if you should moov your families. To this we say: Hold fast. There is no cause for alarm. We've seen the so-called "evidence" being pastured around local inns and, after thoroughly investigating all reported sightings, can cowfindently state that this is nothing more than a clever hoax.

On the left is the "imaginative" artist rendition of the threat.
On the right is the truth of the matter and what we actually found after proper inspection.

There are no homicidal heifers. There is no invasion. And, more specifically, there is no cow level.  Anyone who claims otherwise is full of bull and simply milking this terrible prank for all that it's worth.

That said, while the idea of some sort of "cowpocalypse" (as one terrified farmer has taken to calling this) is udderly ridiculous, it is worth noting that one can never be too careful. And so, after consulting with our local Horadrim chapter, we have elected to issue an advisory.

Effective immediately, we encourage all residents of Sanctuary to steer clear of the wilds. From dawn on May 15 to dusk on May 21, it is also recommended that you avoid entering any strange portals that may or may not lead to alternate planes of existence. This activity cud be potentially hazardous to your health and, in the opinion of this humble civil servant, is a veally bad idea in general.

In the meantime, we urge you all to stay calm and remember that cows don't kill people. Everything ELSE in Sanctuary kills people.

Thank you,

- Management

Console Anniversary Buffs
The anniversary buffs on console vary, depending on the console system: the cow level shows up for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions, while the older consoles get a basic buff. They are only active on the Ultimate Evil Edition of the game.
Heads up, heroes. To celebrate the third anniversary of Diablo III, all players who log into Ultimate Evil Edition from May 15 to May 21 will receive a temporary in-game buff!

To learn which buff applies to your platform of choice, read on below.

    PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360:

    Double your adventuring profits! For a limited time, enjoy a +100% bonus to EXP and Gold! This bonus will stack with other existing bonuses in the game including (but not limited to) those provided by items, shrines, and Pools of Reflection.

    PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

    We've always said there is no cow level, and you should really beeflieve us by now. Beware strange encounters and even stranger portals that may be left behind. For moo-re information, read our full advisory here.

These events begin in all regions Friday, May 15, at 12:00 a.m. PDT and will end Thursday, May 21, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. For time zone assistance, please visit:

*Buffs apply to Ultimate Evil Edition only.

Friday Server Maintenance
The server will have some unusual Friday maintenance early this morning, scheduled to last for four hours.
We will be performing maintenance beginning on Friday, May 15, at 3:00 AM PDT and we expect it to be complete at approximately 7:00 AM PDT. During this time, the game and many web services will be unavailable.

Infernal Machine Changes for Patch 2.3
The next major patch will bring updates to Adventure Mode and other end-game content. That will also include changes to the Infernal Machine event, which is used to make an Hellfire Amulet or Hellfire Ring. The farming of keys and organs for that event can be tedious, and it will be great to see a revamped version. The current plan is to bring all those changes in patch 2.3, after the 4+ month duration Season 3 is completed.
Great discussion! We agree with many of the points debated here, so we’re going to be looking at the Infernal Machine event in the future. Right now there is a disparity between the footwork required to participate in the event and the reward for completing it, so we’re currently looking at our options to better align the two. We’re currently aiming to have a solution in place for the next major content patch, but of course as a work in progress that’s subject to change.

(And before you crazy diamonds ask: Patch date is still TBD. Patch content is still WIP. We’ve no additional info to share at this time.)

When you say the next "Major Content Patch", are you referring to the Season 4 patch?

Good question! I do mean the patch that is intended to arrive after Season 3 ends, and before Season 4 starts.

Perma-Crowd Control Disappearing
Another change scheduled for the next major content patch is the removal of permanent crowd control. This topic has been dealt with in multiple patches, with crowd control resistances put in place to stop permanent crowd control on elite or bosses. Items like Tiklandian Visage currently offer ways to perma-stun monsters. There will be changes to prevent that in the next patch, with other balancing tweaks like a reduction in the damage done by monsters.
Posted by: BeerLeague

No one wants to play DPS. Why would they when they can gain double more more XP as a support class?

Thanks for bringing this up, BeerLeague, and thanks to everyone who's added to the constructive discussion in this thread. This issue is actually connected with the ability to perma-stun enemies, which we'll be looking to remove in an upcoming patch.

In fact, the ability to perma-stun enemies is one of the reasons support builds in Greater Rifts are able to gear heavily toward experience gain while ignoring defensive stats. Regardless of the specific changes we make to stun skills, our goal will be for defensive affixes on gear to become more valuable. This should bring the leveling speed of players using support builds more in line with those using DPS builds.

(Also, in case you missed it, we previously mentioned our goal of addressing perma-stun builds in our last Tavern Talk livestream. At the time, Wyatt mentioned that we're "not cool" with these builds, and would be making changes to them.)

Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback about scaling damage in Greater Rifts. One of the key goals of Greater Rifts is that they serve as a form of measuring stick for a characters power growth, and we feel that scaling damage is a very important element of their ability to function in this way. That said, we’re currently looking at our options for some possible adjustments to how this damage scales in the future.

We’re looking to disable permanent Crowd Control in an upcoming content patch to create more interaction with monsters at higher Greater Rifts levels. To complement that change, we will be also be evaluating how much damage monsters are dealing to players in that environment. One of our goals in the next major patch is to provide a more consistent Greater Rift experience while making sure that defensive Legendary items still matter.

Read on for info on a Diablo merchandise sale and giveaway, to celebrate the third anniversary of Diablo III.

Blizzard Gear Store Sale
All Diablo III merchandise in the Blizzard Gear store is going on sale for at least 20% off, with some items discounted by 33%.

Celebrate Diablo III's third anniversary in style with some serious savings from!

Starting this Friday, we're slashing prices on three of our top-selling items. Enjoy 33% off our adorable Treasure Goblin Plush, beautifully-crafted Sword of Justice prop replica, and premium polystone Diablo chess set.


But wait…the monstrous mark downs don't end there. All additional Diablo merchandise in the Blizzard Gear store will also be discounted by 20%, including apparel, accessories, books, collectibles—you name it! If you've been waiting to gear up IRL, there ain't no better time than the present.


Mark your calendars, nephalem, and get ready to save. Our anniversary sale runs May 15 - May 22.

Treasure Goblin Bank Giveaway
The diabolical Treasure Goblin Bank by ThinkGeek is available for sale. You can also get one for free in a giveaway, if you don't mind providing your email to the marketing company Wishpond.

Diablo III's third anniversary is on May 15, and we're opening up the Blizzard Gear Store vault to celebrate. Join in on the fun and enter to win 1 of 10 Treasure Goblin Banks today!

Designed by the clever swagmasters over at ThinkGeek, the Treasure Goblin Bank is the perfect companion for any loot-hungry nephalem. This battery-powered trickster giggles gleefully with one of six different sounds when you give him your hard-earned gold. Need your loot back? No problem; unlike the garden-variety goblin, this one features a handy coin removal door for swift, slay-free withdrawals.  

We'll be randomly selecting 10 lucky winners to take home their very own Treasure Goblin Bank. In addition, everyone who participates will receive a unique, one-time-use code after the giveaway ends for free global shipping* from the Blizzard Gear Store on their next order.

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