Tiny PTR Patch Brings Big FPS Improvements

The Public Test Realm is at full speed, in preparation for the next 2.2.0 build

Diablo III Public Test Realm
A tiny patch landed on the Diablo III Public Test Realm last Friday, that fixed the very slow FPS seen in the first test build of Patch 2.2. Gameplay is quite fast once again on the PTR, and there will be a significant content patch this week. That upcoming patch will bring another set item for older Diablo III class sets, and many other changes.

PTR Patch Boosts Performance
The small patch on the PTR showed the quick turnaround available with the new CASC file system. The Diablo III client will be able to patch more often with important, small patches with the updated file system. This particular patch on the PTR fixed the ongoing FPS lag had been prevalent. The gameplay on the test realm is now as smooth as live, or even better for many players!
Update: 3/6 12:09 PM PST

The PTR should be available for play once more. Happy testing!


A minor patch has been deployed to the PTR to address performance issues that some of you may have been experiencing.

In the past, we would typically delay such minor patches and instead package them together with other pending changes. However, as a result of our conversion to the new CASC file type, we're able to more quickly push smaller, surgical patches to address specific critical performance issues like this. Please note that, unlike typical patches, this one will be much smaller and does not contain content changes, such as tweaks or adjustments to classes and sets. The patch notes have not been updated as a result.

The PTR will enter a short maintenance as a result of this patch. We don't have an ETA to provide at this time for when it will be available, but keep an eye on this post and we'll let you know once this maintenance has been completed.

We will be having additional patches later in the PTR cycle, and we'll keep you informed as those draw closer. Thank you, as always, for your diligence in reporting these issues and your active participation in our 2.2.0 PTR!

Class Set Expansion
More details were provided about the 7th piece for vanilla class Sets, that will be arriving in the next PTR patch. The shoulders slot is intentionally not being filled up with a lot of new Set pieces. The developers would like to add new Legendary shoulder items in a future patch, with interesting effects of their own!
Really loving the huge amount of constructive and well-stated feedback in here. This has been a huge boon. To keep it succinct: thank you so much!

There's a few changes coming down the pipeline for the next PTR patch that we thought you should know in case you would like to take it into account when providing your feedback:

  • The following sets will be gaining a 7th piece of the set to make acquiring the 6-piece bonuses comparable to newer sets that don't include weapons or jewelry slots. This is in addition to the pieces that have already been added in 2.2.0.
    • Immortal King's Call - Legs
    • Inna's Mantray - Hands
    • Natalya's Vengeance - Hands
    • Tal Rasha's Elements - Hands
    • Zunimassa's Haunt - Legs

There's a number of other changes coming to various sets and legendaries that are meant as complimentary to sets, but I want to avoid this post getting too patch-note-esque. We'll be thoroughly updating the PTR Patch Notes when the next patch comes around, so please check them out once they're available!

Now, back to sifting through feedback. ;)
We decided against adding shoulders as one of the new pieces while expanding the older sets to 7 pieces. One of the reasons is because many builds do not currently have a game-changing legendary in their shoulder slot. Of course, this is exactly why people want the new set to be a shoulder item – it would make for a very easy choice. However, we want there to be some contention between your gear choices, which is why we’re looking more at slots like gloves, rings, and bracers. We are deliberately trying to create more difficult item choices while leaving some flexibility during the gear-up process.

In the future, we’d like to provide more shoulder options that are strong and compelling for all classes, much like Vile Ward for Barbarian as many of you have mentioned. In a similar way Patch 2.2.0 has seen a heavy focus on powerful rings, we’d like to get some powerful shoulder pieces out there in the future.

Secondly, as many of you have noticed, some of these new set pieces compete with new items we added in 2.2.0. Items that have this conflict have been shifted around, including the Immortal King’s pants becoming bracers, the Zunimassa’s pants becoming a belt, and the Natalya’s moving from gloves to belt.

All that said, let’s keep this thread focused on your set feedback rather than upcoming changes. :)

Expanding Set Development Down the Road
Patch 2.2.0 will revamp those classic sets, but future patches may round out even more old sets. Diablo III game designer John Yang reiterated the desire of the developers to eventually expand all the 4-piece sets with more pieces, and 6-piece set bonuses.

PTR Community Test Buffs
When patch 2.2.0 first went up on the PTR, there was a 2000% Legendary drop rate bonus buff active for a week. There may be future buffs during the testing process, designed to help speed it along.
Posted by: YaminoKaze

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that I think shutting off the PTR buff so early was unfortunate. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally, I had thought this would be the PTR I'd really dig into some testing, see how the new and revamped sets work, post my feedback, maybe even get some idea of what set pieces I can start collecting on live to be ready for a new build when this patch actually goes live.

We've received a tremendous volume of feedback on the new and revamped sets on the PTR, and we're making adjustments to several of them as a result. Ideally, these changes should address many of the concerns players are reporting about them.

Until these changes can be implemented, we’ve disabled the Legendary drop rate buff. We hope to have the new versions out for testing soon, at which point we may reinstate the buff.

As a side note, we've heard many players point out that the buff to the Legendary drop rate during recent PTR tests has had the unintended effect of encouraging people to log onto the PTR only to enjoy the drop rate, rather than to test and give feedback on new content. We're looking at ways to address this in the future.

BlizzCon Elemental Ring Buff
One of the new items in patch 2.2.0 is the ring that rotates through a buff for each element. An ongoing thread has discussed the use and visuals of the ring, and that brings news that there will be a visual effect in-game showing the current element boosted by the ring. That will make it easier for players using the ring to quickly discern which element is currently being buffed.
Posted by: Synthmonger

Having to look at the buff indicator is pretty annoying. How about adding a glow around your player with a color of the represented element?

Great suggestion! We've been working on a visual effect that's similar to the one you described, so it'll be easier to see which elemental buff on the ring is currently active. This change will be coming in an upcoming PTR patch, so please let us know what you think once you spot it.

Basic Potions Removed in 2.2
One of the quality of life changes in patch 2.2.0 is the removal of "white" basic health potions. Instead all heroes will have a reusable standard health potion, that can be replaced with the more powerful Legendary versions.
Posted by: StoneCold

Removing health potions from the game is a response to the overwhelming requests for potion auto-pickup, like gold, or the option to select to pick them up or not, or automatically ignoring them if you have a legendary potion equipped.

That's essentially correct.

A while back, we implemented auto-pickup for potions, which resulted in players hitting the stack cap for them quickly. A similar issue also popped up when we introduced Legendary potions. Rather than solving the problem with yet another UI check box, we went for a more elegant solution by simply giving you a permanent normal potion.

As with many quality of life changes in the game, this was the direct result of feedback from the community. In other words: "This quality of life change was brought to you by: the Diablo III design team, and players like you." :D

Tuesday Server Maintenance
A small Diablo III server maintenance is planned for Tuesday morning, scheduled to run for 4 hours.
We will be performing maintenance beginning on Tuesday, March 10, at 5:00 AM PDT and we expect it to be complete at approximately 9:00 AM PDT. During this time the game and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.
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