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PTR Server Slam Tests OngoingServer optimizations are being tested on the Public Test Realm7 years ago
Diablo III Season 7 Brings New Cosmetic RewardsA look at the rewards in Season 7, and the journey to achieve them7 years ago
BlizzCon 2016 Tickets on Sale TodayTickets are being sold this week for the November 4 and 5 event7 years ago
Developer Insights: Legendary Gem UpdatesBig changes are coming to many Legendary Gem in patch 2.4.18 years ago
Blizzard Support Site OverhauledPlus a celebration of Blizzard's 25 year anniversary8 years ago
Second Patch 2.4.0 Technical Patch ArrivesHotfix is on the way to fix data from the Kanai's Cube bug8 years ago
Hotfixes Roll Out on PC and ConsoleCarnevil is working again, and no more monsters stuck at 1HP8 years ago
Patch 2.4 Arrives Next Tuesday, January 12The content patch will be quickly followed by the start of Season 58 years ago
Patch 2.4.0 Preview - Greyhollow IslandA look at the creepy new area that is coming to the game in patch 2.48 years ago
A Primer on SnapshottingWyatt Cheng talks snapshots, and the limit on Torment difficulty levels8 years ago
Tiny Technical Test on PTRPatch 2.3.0b makes a brief appearance on the Public Test Realm8 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Begins TodayBlizzard's big celebration kicks off in a few hours8 years ago
Special PTR Stress Test UnderwayThe patch 2.3.0 PTR is spun back up to test fixes for game lag8 years ago
Busy Times in Diablo III With Season 4Hotfixes and server restarts implement changes to deal with bugs and issues8 years ago
Items and Sets Preview for Patch 2.3The next patch brings 3 new Sets, updated Sets, and a slew of Legendaries8 years ago
Final 'Play Your Way' Livestream TonightWyatt Cheng will be part of the last livestream in the series8 years ago
Kanai's Cube Preview for Patch 2.3A touching look at the inspiration for the new feature's name8 years ago
Diablo III and Reaper of Souls on Sale 50% OffThe digital editions of the game are on sale in the US and EU Blizzard store8 years ago
Patch 2.3 Testing Expands to Season 4A small PTR patch brings a test of the next Diablo III Season8 years ago
'Play Your Way' VOD AvailableMultiple Monks are part of the round 8 'Play Your Way' stream8 years ago
Fan Artist Contest Winner Visits BlizzardA look behind the scenes of fantastic Diablo III art8 years ago
Hotfixes for Carnevil Fetishes and Rift GuardiansThe Mystic is officially available for non-expansion players8 years ago
Legendary Drop Buff Arrives on Patch 2.2.1 PTRAn expansive community buff on the test realm encourages PTR play8 years ago
Legendary Power Returns to Death's BargainActions are taken against players who abused the exploit8 years ago
Blood Thief Exploit Hotfix ExplainedBlizzard chooses from multiple steps of action against exploiters of the bug8 years ago
Season 3 Will Last At Least 4 MonthsSeason 3 starts on Friday, and will have a longer duration than Season 28 years ago
Final Testing for Patch 2.2.0 on the PTRHotfixes and leaderboard resets roll out on the patch 2.2.0 Public Test Realm8 years ago
Patch 2.2.0 Nears End of TestingA small patch fixes bugs on the Public Test Realm for Diablo III patch 2.2.09 years ago
Season 2 Ends in Two WeeksApril 5-10 will bring the end of Season 2, the arrival of Patch 2.2.0, and the start of Season 39 years ago
BlizzCon 2015 Arrives on November 6-7Tickets go on sale April 15 and April 18 for Blizzard's annual convention9 years ago
Tiny PTR Patch Brings Big FPS ImprovementsThe Public Test Realm is at full speed, in preparation for the next 2.2.0 build9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.2.0 PTR Patch NotesThe patch is ready for testing, with a temporary Legendary drop bonus9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.2.0 First LookNew class Sets & Legendary powers, Rift layouts, and goblins in the patch9 years ago
Bot Bans and Hotfixes Prepare for Season 2Diablo III Season 2 is nearly ready to start9 years ago
New Sets in Patch 2.2 Might Be SeasonalTidbits about the upcoming class Sets and skill-boosting Legendaries9 years ago
Overview of Season 1 EndingVideo details about the end of Season 1, which arrives next Tuesday9 years ago
Treasure Boost in Week-Long BuffDouble Treasure Goblins on PC, PS4, Xbox One starting on Friday9 years ago
Patch 2.1.2 Testing Comes to an EndSeason 2 is now estimated to start in mid-February9 years ago
Patch 2.1.2 PTR Extended Into 2015More news in January about the patch release and the arrival of Season 29 years ago
'Play Your Way' Livestream on Thursday, December 18The Twitch stream will run on the patch 2.1.2 PTR9 years ago
Vote for the 'Play Your Way' Featured BuildVoting closes Monday for a build to be shown on a Diablo Twitch livestream9 years ago
Fixes Coming to PTR Patch 2.1.2At least one more test build before the next Diablo III patch goes live9 years ago
Season 2 Testing Now on the PTRA fun testing buff on the Public Test Realm kicks off a new Season9 years ago
Story Time with Wyatt Cheng at BlizzCon 2014Delving into BlizzCon discussions in this week's Waypoint roundup9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0a is Live for PS4 and Xbox OneThe Ultimate Evil Edition patch bring four improvements and bug fixes9 years ago
Preview of Season 2A look at the next season, which will arrive in patch 2.1.29 years ago
Halloween Buff Gives +100% Bonus to Gold Find and ExpA community buff runs this weekend across all Diablo III platforms9 years ago
Two Weeks Until BlizzCon 2014Blizzard prepares for their annual gaming convention in Anaheim9 years ago
Metallica is the Closing Act at BlizzCon 2014Order the Virtual Ticket to view the concert and the rest of the convention9 years ago
Changes Coming to Greater RiftsRift randomness is too high and will be altered in an upcoming patch9 years ago
Firebirds and Followers in Weekly Diablo DiscussionsA roundup of the hot Diablo topics of the week9 years ago
Patch 2.1.1 HotfixesNow with more Blood Shards in Greater Rifts, and an upcoming increase in Rare crafting materials9 years ago
New Legendary Gems PlannedBlizzard Blues on getting in The Vault, and Legendaries not coming to console patch 2.19 years ago
Infernal Machine Demonic Organ Drop Rate BoostedPlus a bug fix patch for the Ultimate Evil Edition on consoles9 years ago
'Moratorium' Legendary Gem is Killing CharactersA hotfix is coming to make the gem work with anti-death skills and items9 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Sales Strong on PC and ConsoleBoth editions of the game hit top 5 sales on charts around the globe9 years ago
Play Your Way Livestream #3 TodayDeveloper John Yang joins the team playing Crusaders on the Twitch stream9 years ago
Diablo III PC and 'Reaper of Souls' on Sale for $20Big discounts this week at Best Buy on the PC game and expansion9 years ago
'Ultimate Evil Edition' Brings 'Reaper of Souls' to ConsolesThe new expanded edition of Diablo III is launched on four consoles9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Preview: The VaultA look at the Treasure Goblin realm, accessible for the first time in patch 2.1.09 years ago
Wyatt Cheng Explains Legendary Changes in Patch 2.1Patch 2.1 brings big Legendary and Set changes, most will not be retroactive9 years ago
Xbox One 'Ultimate Evil Edition' Reaches 1080p ResolutionThe upcoming Diablo III release will run at 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One9 years ago
Ultimate Evil Edition Playable at gamescom 2014Blizzard will be featuring their games at the gaming show in Germany9 years ago
Seasons Active on Patch 2.1.0 PTRA big feature of the next Diablo III patch can now be tested9 years ago
Changes Coming to Legendary Gems and Life on HitThe next Patch 2.1 PTR build brings changes to Legendary Gems, LoH, Monk Spirit resource, and more!9 years ago
Theorycraft Thursday Livestream #2 on ThursdayThe Twitch livestream will feature Witch Doctors, with Wyatt Cheng9 years ago
Vote for the Best Theorycraft Thursdays BuildChoose the class build to be featured on the next Diablo livestream9 years ago
Ramaladni's Gift Provides Sockets for All WeaponsBlizzard Blues on Patch 2.1 PTR features and the new Greed's Realm9 years ago
Blizzard at gamescom 2014Blizzard returns to the massive gaming convention in Cologne, Germany9 years ago
Last Week to Clear Out the Auction HouseAll the items and gold in the Completed tab go away in one week9 years ago
Theorycraft Thursday Twitch Stream TodayDiablo III developer Travis Day and others will talk about featured builds9 years ago
'The Last of Us' Content in 'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition'PlayStation versions of the game will include a special Nephalem Rift9 years ago
Pets Gain Brains in Diablo III Patch 2.1Upcoming patch info for Seasons, Leaderboards, and pet AI improvements9 years ago
'Reaper of Recipes' Winner AnnouncedThe best recipe with a Diablo theme has been chosen9 years ago
Hotfix Limits 'The Tall Man's Finger' to Zombie DogsUpcoming Diablo III fixes restrict the ring's Legendary powers, and a Monk 4-piece set bonus9 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.0.5a Brings Client FixesThe small update fixes crashes and issues in the Diablo III client9 years ago
Diablo III Second Anniversary Gear SaleSave up to 50% on gear with a Diablo theme, at the Blizzard Gear Store9 years ago
Diablo Apparel Designed at musterbrandFashion meets the gaming lifestyle in products with a Diablo theme9 years ago
Take the 'Reaper of Recipes' ChallengeA community challenge with Eat Game Live looks for the best Diablo recipe9 years ago
BlizzCon Returns on November 7-8, 2014Tickets go on sale on May 7 and May 10 for this year's Blizzard celebration9 years ago
Diablo III Developers on Healing and Follower GearBlizzard Blues and developer thoughts on quality of life improvements9 years ago
Hotfixes Bring a Big Boost in Legendary DropsChanges to the drops and chests throughout the game - now live!9 years ago
Chat with Friends in the Battle.net AppPlayers of Blizzard's games can chat with each other using the desktop app9 years ago
Hotfixes Nerf 'Unity' Passive, Fix CrashesThe first hotfixes for the 'Reaper of Souls' expansion have rolled out10 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Launch Day PreparationEverything you need to know to be ready to jump into the expansion!10 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Brings Hearthstone Card PacksElite card packs with the expansion, & Diablo III servers now in Australia10 years ago
Crusader Gameplay and Skill DesignDiablo III developers provide a Q&A and videos about Crusader skills10 years ago
Hotfixes and Known Issues for Patch 2.0.3Recent updates include fixes for the Vault and Arcane Torrent skills10 years ago
Explore the Blood Marsh and the SoundtrackA look at the design of the new area in Act V, and its soundtrack10 years ago
Diablo III Developers Talk 'Reaper of Souls' An interview with developers Kevin Martens & Laura Paolilli10 years ago
Hotfixes for Patch 2.0.1The first set of fixes roll out for the latest Diablo III patch (Update)10 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Pre-Order Loot RevealedPre-ordering provides Wings of Valor and an unlock for Heroes of the Storm10 years ago
Diablo III Clans and Communities OverviewA first look at the two new social features coming in patch 2.0.110 years ago
New Invites Out For 'Reaper of Souls' BetaA round of invitations went out for the expansion beta10 years ago
Blizzard Stream 2013 Awards Winners AnnouncedBlizzard and Twitch.tv gave rewards in 13 categories of game streamers10 years ago
Monster Density Changes in Patch 2.0.1Blizzard Blues on the recent patch for the PTR and Closed Beta10 years ago
PTR and 'Reaper of Souls' Beta Patch Coming SoonThe build includes a reduction in the 'Reflects Damage' monster ability10 years ago
Sword in 'Design a Legendary' is Named'Shard of Hate' is chosen for the new 1-hand Legendary sword10 years ago
Pools of Reflection and 'Black Damage' Fixes ComingBlizzard Blues and developers discuss a wide range of topics10 years ago
Authenticator Removal Support OptionsDirect removal is unavailable right now, but there are other options10 years ago
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