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I know why Blizzard is removing health potions(1)Category: PTR FeedbackMarch-8-2015 10:40 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Every time you create a new character, they are given 10 health potions. There is an abuse going around where players would put those potions into stash and then remake their characters for additional. This allows them access to FREE health potions if they do not have that 500 gold to buy from merchants. Unbelievable!
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I know why Blizzard is removing health potions(17)March-9-2015 3:47 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: StoneCold

Removing health potions from the game is a response to the overwhelming requests for potion auto-pickup, like gold, or the option to select to pick them up or not, or automatically ignoring them if you have a legendary potion equipped.

That's essentially correct.

A while back, we implemented auto-pickup for potions, which resulted in players hitting the stack cap for them quickly. A similar issue also popped up when we introduced Legendary potions. Rather than solving the problem with yet another UI check box, we went for a more elegant solution by simply giving you a permanent normal potion.

As with many quality of life changes in the game, this was the direct result of feedback from the community. In other words: "This quality of life change was brought to you by: the Diablo III design team, and players like you." :D
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