Diablo III Hero Deathy (Fab #2738)

  • Hardcore Level 70 Witch Doctor
  • BattleTag: Fab #2738
  • Elite Kills: 3,737
  • Hardcore Paragon Level: 229
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Last Time Played: 4 years ago
Last Full Update: 4 years ago
Skills Used by Deathy
Active Skills Passive Skills
Summon Zombie Dogs - Life Link Pierce the Veil
Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance Fetish Sycophants
Fetish Army - Legion of Daggers Jungle Fortitude
Haunt - Resentful Spirits Creeping Death
Spirit Walk - Healing Journey
Horrify - Frightening Aspect
Statistics for Deathy
Hero Power
Damage: 531,353.00World
Witch Doctor
Toughness: 10,458,000World
Witch Doctor
Recovery: 1,574,970World
Witch Doctor
Strength: 77
Dexterity: 77
Intelligence: 7874World
Witch Doctor
Vitality: 4151World
Witch Doctor
Life: 557437World
Witch Doctor
Life on Hit: 32767World
Witch Doctor
Gold Find: 112%
Additional Crit Damage: 223%World
Witch Doctor
Critical Hit Chance: 20%World
Witch Doctor
Resist All: 1404World
Witch Doctor
Armor: 6755
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