Top Intelligence Characters

1-25 Characters
Intelligence - Hardcore
Hero ClassBuildIntelligence
2Pfeili (Dead)70Witch Doctor12,141
3Ruta 70Witch Doctor11,914
5Chumney70Witch Doctor11,485
6Западло70Witch Doctor11,482
8Luco (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,434
9Bayonetta (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,357
10Leta (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,298
11Sliders 70Witch Doctor11,278
12Sphoons (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,199
13Yrina70Witch Doctor11,142
14Viper (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,140
15Axminsters 70Witch Doctor11,138
16Superchili70Witch Doctor11,125
17Lola 70Witch Doctor11,096
18Squizsux (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,080
19Mongaronga70Witch Doctor11,077
20Melbthefive 70Witch Doctor11,073
21Rufina70Witch Doctor11,054
22Jade 70Witch Doctor11,052
23Ismala70Witch Doctor11,040
24Wdvierzig (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,028
25Visara (Dead)70Witch Doctor11,025
1-25 Characters
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