BattleTag and Hero Profiles

Profiles of Diablo III BattleTags and Heroes, scanned for data on millions of characters.
  • Here at Diablo Somepage we have scanned data on over 6 million Diablo III heroes in the Americas or Europe regions. Use the BattleTag Locator to find a Diablo III PC BattleTag or add it to our database.
  • All of the data we have on Diablo III characters and BattleTags comes from official Blizzard profiles. This data is available publicly on profiles at It is also provided as formatted API data in the game API. We use this API data in accordance with Blizzard's rules.
  • As an example of the data we scan, let's take a look at the Demon Hunter Papersmeow, who is on the Gabynator #1902 account that has over 1000 Paragon Levels.
  • Our own data for Papersmeow reflects the three step process that we take for handling Diablo III profiles: scanning Diablo III accounts; scanning the heroes at level 70; processing and using the data.

Scanning Diablo III Accounts

  • The first step for the Diablo III profile data scanner comes from learning the BattleTag of an active Diablo III PC account, that is played in the Americas or Europe region. (At this time, we do not support the Diablo III characters in Asian regions; we also only process BattleTags with standard alphabetical characters.)
  • Anyone can add a BattleTag with the the BattleTag Locator, which will immediately process both the account information and level 70 characters found in that BattleTag. Doing this allows us to record information about those heroes, to provide a history of their progression. We also use the aggregate data of Diablo III characters to create useful Diablo III Charts.
  • In the example, the BattleTag for Papersmeow is Gabynator #1902. Our account page shows an overview of all the characters on that BattleTag: all the characters in softcore and hardcore mode, and the Seasonal characters.
  • We automatically scan Diablo III accounts regularly, with scans running daily. When we scan a BattleTag, basic information about each character on that account is provided from Blizzard. Each BattleTag profile is checked every 2-3 days, if not more often. That way we constantly know when a character has leveled up or the Paragon Level has increased, for any of the 5+ million characters that we track. Any BattleTag profile can be updated manually, using the Update Now button on the account page.
  • While we maintain basic information about all the characters we track, we are primarily interested in characters at maximum level: those heroes who have reached level 70 in the Reaper of Souls Expansion.

Scanning Max Level Characters

  • We have basic information on the characters below level 70, but we scan the full individual data for each level 70 hero in a Diablo III BattleTag profile. We record the equipment and skills that the hero uses, as well as other pertinent data. Based on the equipment used, we calculate charts like the Best Legendary and Set Items.
  • When we regularly scan the Diablo III BattleTags, we check to see which level 70 characters have been updated. Every time a level 70 character has been played, we scan it again.
  • Just like a BattleTag profile can be updated manually, any individual character can also be updated at any time. This is useful when you have made progress with a character, picked up a shiny new Legendary that you want to recorded, or gained more Paragon Levels. Log out of Diablo III entirely, and click the Update Now button on your own hero's page to have the data updated immediately. (If the new data won't show up, check the profile page for your character to make sure the Last updated timestamp has been updated from when you last logged out; we can only obtain the updated data once Blizzard has copied it from the game.)

Processing and Using the Data

  • The data we gather on maximum level characters in Diablo III is interesting on an individual basis, but exceptionally useful when aggregated to make our Diablo III Charts. For most of these charts, we restrict the data in the following ways:
    1. Only level 70 characters.
    2. No characters with unfilled skill slots; all 6 Active skill slots, 6 Rune slots, and 4 Passive skill slots must be chosen.
    3. Only characters who are actively playing in the current patch.
  • The charts are generated daily from the data that is being constantly updated, through the BattleTag and character scans.
  • We are always open to suggestions and feedback about our charts, guides, and data.
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