Second Patch 2.4.0 Technical Patch Arrives

Hotfix is on the way to fix data from the Kanai's Cube bug

Diablo III Patching
A minor technical patch rolled out Tuesday, to fix a few issues with the client. This is the second of the Patch 2.4 minor patches to arrive, after the first one a few weeks ago. The Diablo III servers had login issues after the server maintenance, giving error 395002 and preventing characters from logging in, but that was fixed after about 4 hours. A hotfix is also being prepared, to restore data for accounts that lost Legendary powers in Kanai's Cube back in December.

Patch 2.4.0 Minor Patch
Like the first minor patch, this one patched a few bugs with the client itself. The small patch took the Diablo III client up to version
An additional minor patch was deployed today, providing a few minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users in certain regions from logging in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Diablo III client to take an extended period of time to terminate after the game has been closed.

As with previous minor updates, there are no gameplay or balance changes going into this patch. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to resolve these issues.

Hotfix Incoming for Kanai's Cube Restoration
Back in December a nasty bug ended up deleting the extracted Legendary powers from the Kanai's Cube artisan, for many accounts. While that bug was fixed so that it wouldn't continue to happen, there are still many accounts that lost extracted powers. An upcoming hotfix will go through those accounts, and try to restore the deleted Legendary powers.
We’ve developed a new hotfix that does some work behind the scenes to attempt to reconstruct some of the data lost due to the Kanai’s Cube bug last December. While this fix is intended to examine past data and restore missing legendary powers, some powers may not be restored if they were gained between December 1st and December 17th. Players do not need to do anything to activate this fix, and those who did not experience any missing powers, or had them restored through a rollback, will not be impacted. No in-game progress will be lost as a result of this hotfix.

Season Rebirth Non-Reversible
Patch 2.4 brought the handy Season Rebirth feature. A hero that is selected for rebirth is transformed into a level 1 Seasonal character. Paragon levels, completed achievements, and other accomplishments from that character all stay on the non-Seasonal side, and that hero's gear is mailed over as well. This is a convenient way for players to select a hero to play in a Season, without having to delete and recreate it. As seen by a player who accidentally selected the Season Rebirth for a character, this process can not be reversed! There is a warning when choosing the Season Rebirth process; be sure to pay attention to those, so you don't accidentally rebirth a hero you didn't want to.
Hi Zezariz,

Unfortunately Customer Support doesn't have any way to undo the Rebirth process. :( Once a character has been reborn into a seasonal character, it cannot be reversed. The Support Site likely didn't have an appropriate drop-down as it's something we wouldn't be able to assist with.
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