Fixes Coming to PTR Patch 2.1.2

At least one more test build before the next Diablo III patch goes live

Diablo III Public Test Realm
The testing of Diablo III patch 2.1.2 on the Public Test Realm continued this past week, with players taking advantage of the huge testing buff that drops a massive amount of Legendary items. The development continues on that patch, and there will be at least one more build to test for patch 2.1.2 before it goes live. The week was slow overall with the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., but the Blizzard Blues provided details on some fixes coming in that next build.

Queues for the PTR
The rush to test patch 2.1.2 on the PTR brought about uncommonly large queue times there. Unlike the live Diablo III game that has servers around the world, all players on the PTR play together on servers in California, and the demand for PTR gaming this week overwhelmed them!
Posted by: OneHungLow

''The current wait times are indeed high for the PTR, and we're thrilled about the big turnout for testing. Thank you to everyone for your dedication and quality feedback!

We've set up every resource we have available for the PTR to help with the queue times. However, as a test realm, the PTR is not meant to accommodate the same amount of demand as our live servers. Simply put, this is much more PTR activity than we normally see!

We're grateful to see so many eager testers, and look forward to your feedback.

This was the last post on the US D3Fans frontpage. Really? Really?

In this day and age and with a company such as Blizzard, they put out a single Test realm (which in itself a huge mistake), yet fail to allocate enough resources to accommodate it's Worldwide player base.

I get what you are saying, but you have to remember though that the PTR is merely a temporary testing environment, and as such it typically does not appeal to a very large number of players like the live environment does... normally the capacity on the PTR is more than sufficient to handle the number of players interested in helping us test future content, and as such we rarely have a need for additional capacity.

As you may know, it is always a sensible thing to have some extra resources available in reserve for those special circumstances were there is a extraordinary need for capacity, but you also have to balance things out so there are not too many extra resources idle in reserve that would be more useful elsewhere.

This PTR patch is unique from our previous ones, in that it has attracted a much larger number of players than usual, who are eager to help us test the next patch. The number of players this time around is so large that all our resources available for PTR testing is now in use and at capacity... this is btw not a mere matter of throwing another wad of cash after additional hardware, it takes a lot of time and preparation as well to set up a PTR environment, and it is therefore no simple task to address a matter like this in the middle of a testing phase as you can maybe imagine.

I know this maybe doesn't help you feel less annoyed from having to sit through a queue like this, but I hope it at least helps giving you a greater understanding of the situation from our end.

Focused PTR Patch 2.1.2 Testing
Since the test period for patch 2.1.2 is relatively short, the developers have been requesting specific feedback on a list of topics. That list was expanded this week, along with information on fixes that are coming to the next PTR build. Issues with Rifts that are rife on the current PTR build will be taken care of, once that next build arrives.
Just a quick note that the Focused Feedback list has been updated to include the following request for testing:

  • New Seasonal Conquests
    • Season 2 Conquests have been added
      • Divinity/Lionhearted
        • Reach Greater Rift Level 35 in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal.
      • Avarice/Avaritia
        • Complete a 50,000,000 gold streak while outside of The Vault and The Inner Sanctum in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal
      • Boss Mode/Worlds Apart
        • Kill the following bosses at max level on Torment VI within 20 minutes of the start of the game in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal:
          • Skeleton King
          • Queen Aranea
          • The Butcher
          • Maghda
          • Zoltun Kulle
          • Belial
          • Ghom
          • Siegebreaker Assault Beast
          • Cydaea
          • Azmodan
          • Iskatu
          • Rakanoth
          • Izual
          • Diablo
          • Urzael
          • Adria
          • Malthael
      • Speed Demon/Need For Speed
        • Complete a Nephalem Rift at max level on Torment VI within 2 minutes in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal.
      • Language/Deadly Language
        • Complete the following Lore Book achievements in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal
          • Khanduras Corrupted
          • Legends of the Fall
          • Khanduras Expert
          • Tristram Biologist
          • Denizens of the Desert
          • The Sands of Time
          • Caldeum Historian
          • Caldeum Ecologist
          • For Those About to Die
          • Ale Drinkers and Hellraisers
          • Bastion's Professor
          • Bastion's Keep Preservationist
          • Soldiers of Heaven
          • Heaven Can't Wait
          • Heaven's Chronicler
          • Heaven's Zoologist
          • City of Death
          • The West Marches On
          • Pandemonium Tour Guide
          • Westmarch Cryptozoologist

    Please let us know if you've attempted any of the above Conquests, and if so, let us know how you did. How difficult were they to complete? Did you experience any issues completing them? Did you experience any bugs when attempting to complete them? Did you enjoy the challenge?

    Thank you, as always, for your dedication and constructive feedback!
    Posted by: page

    I have noticed several times now that the keep map is troublesome, almost no elite/blues, and usually lots of small whites boggers/spiders and such, which give almost no xp.

    Posted by: Darth

    Hey Can we stop running into rifts with no mobs and the port doesnt work..

    Both these issues should be fixed in the next PTR patch. :)

    Posted by: MaxMind

    blizz plz teach me how to kill Iskatu in adventure mode.

    Seems like an oversight. Thanks! I'll pass this on.

    I'm still going through this thread, folks. As a reminder, this feedback thread is for all of the topics listed in the original post, and just because we added a new topic doesn't mean we're ignoring the others in the list.

    We're also not ignoring other feedback - but we'd prefer you post your thoughts in a separate thread in the PTR Feedback forum. Thanks for your ongoing efforts!

    Retroactive Set Changes in Patch 2.1.2
    Patch 2.1.2 will overhaul the set bonuses for the Demon Hunter Marauder and Monk Monkey King / Sunwuko's sets. Those changes will be retroactive, so players should expect to see their set items change when the patch goes live.
    Just wanted to jump in here to confirm that the changes to the Embodiment of the Marauder and the Monkey King's Garb sets in patch 2.1.2 will indeed be retroactive. We've seen a lot of feedback on these two sets, and we'll continue to share your thoughts as they evolve with the dev team!

    Bane of the Trapped Fix
    The Legendary Gem Bane of the Trapped has been receiving many fixes, to take care of places where it didn't function properly. Patch 2.1.2 will fix an issue with the gem and the clones from the Sunwuko's Monk set, and it should already be working properly on the current PTR build.
    Hi Everyone,

    We have a fix in place in the current live 2.1.2 PTR build that should have resolved this. Additionally, we've revisited this today on our newest internal 2.1.2 test build, and our testing shows that enemies affected by Bane of the Trapped are in fact taking an appropriate amount of extra damage from clones created by the Sunwuko's set bonus procs.

    Thanks for asking about this, and I hope this clears things up. If you are still experiencing issues with the Sunwuko's Set, please feel free to reply with a detailed description of any problems that you are seeing, and we will take another look.

    Tuesday Server Maintenance
    Over on the live servers, there will be server maintenance on Tuesday, running from 3AM to 11AM Pacific time.
    We will be performing maintenance beginning on Tuesday, December 2, at 3:00 AM PST and we expect it to be complete at approximately 11:00 AM PST. During this time the game and many web services will be unavailable.

    Thank you for your patience.
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