Diablo III Hero Sniper (Ymmi #1620)

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Last Time Played: 5 years ago
Last Full Update: 5 years ago
Skills Used by Sniper
Active Skills Passive Skills
Grenade - Grenade Cache Tactical Advantage
Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog Archery
Vault - Acrobatics Perfectionist
Companion - Wolf Companion Thrill of the Hunt
Preparation - Backup Plan
Cluster Arrow - Loaded for Bear
Statistics for Sniper
Hero Power
Damage: 54.60World
Demon Hunter
Toughness: 29,533,500World
Demon Hunter
Recovery: 10,728World
Demon Hunter
Strength: 1736
Dexterity: 2031World
Demon Hunter
Intelligence: 77
Vitality: 5534World
Demon Hunter
Life: 1268010World
Demon Hunter
Gold Find: 68%
Additional Crit Damage: 50%World
Demon Hunter
Critical Hit Chance: 5%World
Demon Hunter
Resist All: 1258World
Demon Hunter
Armor: 9568
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