Monk Runes by Popularity in Patch 2.0

Archive of the Monk runes for active skills, ranked by popularity in patch 2.0

  • Note: This is historical data, from the characters as of the end of Diablo III PC patch 2.0.6.
  • These are charts of all the Diablo III Monk runes, ranking them from the most to least popular rune. The data comes from level 70 Monks who played from patch 2.0.1 to patch 2.0.6. The data is gathered from more than 3 million Diablo III characters.
  • See the Monk Active Skills section for the most popular active skills that these runes are connected to, and the most popular Monk builds.
  • Select any rune or skill below to view full current information about that Monk skill, along with the popularity of every rune for the skill.
Charts Last Updated: September 5, 2014

All Monk Runes Ranked by Popularity

  • These charts show every Monk rune, based on their popularity by level 70 Monks from patch 2.0.1 to patch 2.0.6. As players choose the best Monk runes for their skills, those choices generate data of the most popular Monk runes.
  • The chart on the left ranks the runes by popularity of use of softcore Monks, while the chart on the right lists them by popularity among hardcore Monks.
  • The Percent column in these charts is the percentage of all Monks who use that particular rune, of the level 70 Monks who are active in patch 2.0.
  • Select any rune or skill to view full information and statistics about it.
Runes by Popularity - Monk Softcore
1CycloneSweeping Wind36.30
2QuicksilverDashing Strike26.40
3Inner FireEpiphany22.20
4Scorpion StingLashing Tail Kick22.10
5ImplosionCyclone Strike20.90
6The Flesh is WeakExploding Palm20.00
7OveraweMantra of Conviction16.50
8Way of the Falling StarDashing Strike14.60
9Scattered BlowsDeadly Reach13.70
10Desert ShroudEpiphany13.60
11Hands of LightningWay of the Hundred Fists13.50
12Time of NeedMantra of Healing13.10
13Forbidden PalaceInner Sanctuary12.30
14Eye of the StormCyclone Strike11.10
16Fire AllyMystic Ally9.22
17TransgressionMantra of Retribution9.22
18AnnihilationMantra of Conviction9.20
19Blazing FistsWay of the Hundred Fists7.10
20Fire StormSweeping Wind7.02
21Vulture Claw KickLashing Tail Kick7.01
22ThunderclapFists of Thunder7.00
23BarrageDashing Strike7.00
24Blazing WrathBreath of Heaven6.40
25Fists of FuryWay of the Hundred Fists6.30
26Pillar of the AncientsWave of Light6.13
27Faith in the LightBlinding Flash6.10
28MangleCrippling Wave5.60
29Fulminating OnslaughtSeven-Sided Strike5.30
30Air AllyMystic Ally4.80
31SunburstCyclone Strike4.70
32Soothing MistEpiphany4.60
33Strong SpiritExploding Palm4.00
34TailwindTempest Rush3.92
35Sustained AttackSeven-Sided Strike3.90
36Rising TideCrippling Wave3.73
37Circular BreathingMantra of Healing3.70
38Peaceful ReposeSerenity3.60
39QuickeningFists of Thunder3.55
40Essence BurnExploding Palm3.52
41Inner StormSweeping Wind3.52
42Boon of InspirationMantra of Healing3.50
43Unwelcome DisturbanceSerenity3.40
44Breaking WaveCrippling Wave3.20
46Soothing BreezeCyclone Strike3.00
47Spinning Flame KickLashing Tail Kick2.94
48Circle of LifeBreath of Heaven2.90
49Hard TargetMantra of Evasion2.70
50IntimidationMantra of Conviction2.65
51SustenanceMantra of Healing2.61
52Explosive LightWave of Light2.61
53Bounding LightFists of Thunder2.60
54Static ChargeFists of Thunder2.54
55DisheartenMantra of Conviction2.50
56Empowered WaveWave of Light2.34
57Blade StormSweeping Wind2.30
58Strike from BeyondDeadly Reach2.21
59Replenishing LightBlinding Flash2.20
60SubmissionMantra of Conviction2.14
61ForesightDeadly Reach2.10
62Spirited SalvoWay of the Hundred Fists1.90
63Numbing LightWave of Light1.82
64Sudden AssaultSeven-Sided Strike1.82
65Self ReflectionBlinding Flash1.80
66Master of WindSweeping Wind1.80
67RetaliationMantra of Retribution1.70
68Impending DoomExploding Palm1.63
69Flying Side KickDashing Strike1.60
70Circle of ScornBreath of Heaven1.50
72Keen EyeDeadly Reach1.31
73Northern BreezeTempest Rush1.30
74Earth AllyMystic Ally1.30
75Several-Sided StrikeSeven-Sided Strike1.20
76Wind through the ReedsMantra of Evasion1.14
77Windforce FlurryWay of the Hundred Fists1.11
78ConcussionCrippling Wave1.10
79Blinding SpeedDashing Strike1.03
80TsunamiCrippling Wave1.02
81Soothing LightBlinding Flash1.02
82Instant KarmaSerenity1.01
83BacklashMantra of Evasion1.00
84Wind BlastFists of Thunder0.91
85Enduring AllyMystic Ally0.90
86Collateral DamageMantra of Retribution0.85
88Hand of YtarLashing Tail Kick0.82
89Wall of LightWave of Light0.82
90BlusterTempest Rush0.80
91ZephyrBreath of Heaven0.73
92Wall of WindCyclone Strike0.72
93PandemoniumSeven-Sided Strike0.70
94Safe HavenInner Sanctuary0.60
95Infused with LightBreath of Heaven0.50
96Water AllyMystic Ally0.42
97Sweeping ArmadaLashing Tail Kick0.42
98Heavenly BodyMantra of Healing0.40
99IndignationMantra of Retribution0.36
100Divine ProtectionMantra of Evasion0.31
101Piercing TridentDeadly Reach0.31
102Against All OddsMantra of Retribution0.30
103InterveneInner Sanctuary0.25
104Sanctified GroundInner Sanctuary0.25
105Temple of ProtectionInner Sanctuary0.25
106Mystifying LightBlinding Flash0.20
107Creeping DemiseExploding Palm0.20
108SlipstreamTempest Rush0.13
109PerseveranceMantra of Evasion0.12
110FlurryTempest Rush0.10
Runes by Popularity - Monk Hardcore
1QuicksilverDashing Strike44.20
2CycloneSweeping Wind34.60
3Time of NeedMantra of Healing27.50
4ImplosionCyclone Strike25.10
5Scorpion StingLashing Tail Kick19.32
6Inner FireEpiphany19.30
7The Flesh is WeakExploding Palm18.70
8Way of the Falling StarDashing Strike16.10
10Hands of LightningWay of the Hundred Fists13.60
11Scattered BlowsDeadly Reach13.30
12Desert ShroudEpiphany12.80
13OveraweMantra of Conviction12.51
14Eye of the StormCyclone Strike12.50
15Vulture Claw KickLashing Tail Kick10.30
16Forbidden PalaceInner Sanctuary9.80
17MangleCrippling Wave9.60
18BarrageDashing Strike8.50
19Fire AllyMystic Ally8.30
20AnnihilationMantra of Conviction8.00
21ThunderclapFists of Thunder7.90
22Fire StormSweeping Wind7.90
23Blazing FistsWay of the Hundred Fists7.80
24Peaceful ReposeSerenity7.60
25TransgressionMantra of Retribution6.80
26Rising TideCrippling Wave6.43
27Hard TargetMantra of Evasion6.40
28Fists of FuryWay of the Hundred Fists6.10
29Pillar of the AncientsWave of Light5.70
30Fulminating OnslaughtSeven-Sided Strike5.60
32SunburstCyclone Strike5.50
33Unwelcome DisturbanceSerenity5.40
34Sustained AttackSeven-Sided Strike4.84
35Master of WindSweeping Wind4.80
36Breaking WaveCrippling Wave4.75
37SustenanceMantra of Healing4.71
38Air AllyMystic Ally4.70
39TailwindTempest Rush4.30
40Blazing WrathBreath of Heaven4.20
41Soothing MistEpiphany4.06
42Circular BreathingMantra of Healing4.00
43QuickeningFists of Thunder3.75
44Instant KarmaSerenity3.70
45Inner StormSweeping Wind3.40
46Circle of LifeBreath of Heaven3.31
47Boon of InspirationMantra of Healing3.30
48Faith in the LightBlinding Flash3.21
49Empowered WaveWave of Light3.20
50IntimidationMantra of Conviction3.15
51Explosive LightWave of Light3.11
52Essence BurnExploding Palm3.10
53Bounding LightFists of Thunder3.00
54Soothing BreezeCyclone Strike2.90
55Blade StormSweeping Wind2.80
56Strong SpiritExploding Palm2.60
57Earth AllyMystic Ally2.51
58Circle of ScornBreath of Heaven2.50
59Static ChargeFists of Thunder2.40
60Spinning Flame KickLashing Tail Kick2.30
61SubmissionMantra of Conviction2.24
62Blinding SpeedDashing Strike2.20
63DisheartenMantra of Conviction2.06
64Spirited SalvoWay of the Hundred Fists2.05
65ForesightDeadly Reach2.02
66ConcussionCrippling Wave2.00
67Enduring AllyMystic Ally1.82
68Sudden AssaultSeven-Sided Strike1.82
69Self ReflectionBlinding Flash1.80
71Keen EyeDeadly Reach1.71
72Flying Side KickDashing Strike1.70
73TsunamiCrippling Wave1.52
74Northern BreezeTempest Rush1.50
75Strike from BeyondDeadly Reach1.41
76Several-Sided StrikeSeven-Sided Strike1.40
77RetaliationMantra of Retribution1.34
78Numbing LightWave of Light1.32
79Replenishing LightBlinding Flash1.31
80Wind BlastFists of Thunder1.31
81Divine ProtectionMantra of Evasion1.30
82Wind through the ReedsMantra of Evasion1.20
84Impending DoomExploding Palm1.10
85BacklashMantra of Evasion1.00
86Windforce FlurryWay of the Hundred Fists0.91
87Soothing LightBlinding Flash0.90
88Hand of YtarLashing Tail Kick0.82
89Wall of LightWave of Light0.82
90Wall of WindCyclone Strike0.82
91Collateral DamageMantra of Retribution0.80
92ZephyrBreath of Heaven0.73
93Heavenly BodyMantra of Healing0.72
94PandemoniumSeven-Sided Strike0.71
95BlusterTempest Rush0.70
96Water AllyMystic Ally0.52
97Sweeping ArmadaLashing Tail Kick0.52
98Safe HavenInner Sanctuary0.50
99Temple of ProtectionInner Sanctuary0.35
100Piercing TridentDeadly Reach0.31
101Infused with LightBreath of Heaven0.30
102IndignationMantra of Retribution0.26
103InterveneInner Sanctuary0.25
104Sanctified GroundInner Sanctuary0.25
105Mystifying LightBlinding Flash0.20
106Against All OddsMantra of Retribution0.20
107FlurryTempest Rush0.15
108SlipstreamTempest Rush0.13
109PerseveranceMantra of Evasion0.12
110Creeping DemiseExploding Palm0.10

Top Rune for Each Monk Skill

  • These charts show the single most popular rune for each Monk active skill, among level 70 Monks as of the end of patch 2.0.6. The runes are listed from the most popular for their skill, to the least popular. This makes it easy to see which active skills have one rune that is extremely popular at level 70.
  • The chart on the left shows the rune choices by softcore Monks, and the chart on the right lists the most popular runes among hardcore Monks.
  • See the Monk Active Skills charts for the most popular active skills that these runes are connected to.
  • Select any rune or skill to view the full information and statistics about it.
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