Patch 2.4.0 PTR Hotfixes Update Skills & Sets

A huge set of changes arrives on the PTR as hotfixes, instead of a patch

Diablo III Public Test Realm
The Thanksgiving holiday week in the United States may be a slow time for work, but the Diablo III development continues at a fast pace for Patch 2.4. A massive amount of changes arrived on the Public Test Realm as hotfixes, to both class skills and item Sets. There are more changes on the way, including visual fixes to help with gameplay.

Hotfixes on Patch 2.4.0 PTR
The huge list of updates in these PTR hotfixes reflect how many changes the developers can make on the fly, when needed. This is especially useful for the Public Test Realm, to get changes out to the community to test as quickly as possible. These changes are on top of the previous updates, as seen in the Patch 2.4.0 PTR Patch Notes.
Listed below are a number of hotfixes that have been applied to the current build on the 2.4.0 PTR.

We’re doing things a little differently for this PTR to allow us to be a bit more agile in making updates and doing testing. Because of this, you should be aware of a couple of important notes.

First, we’re making some changes on the server side only rather than on the client side. What this means for you is that you’ll find changes that happen in game without needing to update the game from your launcher. You may need to restart the game for the changes to go into effect.

Secondly, because these changes are server side, you may see that tooltips for certain abilities are incorrect and differ from the information in these hotfix notes. Because of this, you should always refer here to find the most updated in-game values.

As an example: if we hotfix a damage bonus to an ability, the damage you actually deal to monsters will be correct, the floating damage numbers will be correct, but the only thing that may be incorrect would be the tooltip on the skill itself. Rest assured that when the patch goes live, all values should be consistent across client, server, tooltip, and all.

With all that said, check out the hotfixes below, which may be updated throughout the PTR.


  • Fixed an issue where leaderboard servers would occasionally return error 300013. (11/24)

  • Fixed an issue where there was not a sufficient number of monsters to complete the Sunwuko Set Dungeon. (11/24)

  • Physical Damage % now increases the amount of Thorns damage dealt. (11/24)


  • Firebird's Finery
    • The damage of Firebird’s Finery has been reduced to 300% bonus damage when the infinite DoT has been applied to an elite. (11/24)

  • Shield of Fury
    • Now has an internal cooldown. (11/24)

  • Bracers of Fury
    • Now has a bonus damage range of 150-200%. (11/24)

  • Short Man’s Finger
    • Now increases the damage of each Gargantuan by 3x. (11/24)

  • Aquila Cuirass
    • The 50% damage reduction of Aquila Cuirass now kicks in when the player reaches 90-95% resources.(11/24)

  • Might of the Earth
    • 2pc
      • Reduced Fury per second of cooldown reduction from 40 to 30. (11/24)
    • 4pc
      • Now increases the armor bonus and duration of the Iron Impact rune by 150% (multiplicative). (11/24)
    • 6pc
      • Increased damage bonus from 800% to 1200%. (11/24)

  • The Legacy of Raekor
    • 4pc
      • Reduced damage bonus from 400% to 300%. (11/24)
    • 6pc
      • Increased damage bonus from 300% to 500%. (11/24)
      • Fixed a bug where the 6pc bonus wasn’t working with Bash when using Blade of the Warlord (which turns Bash into a spender). (11/24)

  • Three Hundredth Spear
    • Reduced damage bonus from 75-100% to 45-60%. (11/24)

  • Unhallowed Essence
    • 2pc
      • Generators now also generate 2 additional Hatred. (11/24)
    • 4pc
      • Increased damage reduction bonus and damage dealt bonus from 50% for 5 seconds to 60% for 8 seconds. (11/24)
    • 6pc
      • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 20% per point of Discipline. (11/24)

  • Marauder’s Set
    • 4pc
      • Increased damage bonus for Sentries from 200% to 300%. (11/24)
    • 6pc
      • Increased damage bonus per Sentry from 400% to 600%. (11/24)

  • Natalya’s Set
    • Increased damage reduction from 50% to 60%. (11/24)
    • Increased duration from 6 to 10 seconds. (11/24)

  • Shadow’s Mantle
    • Fixed a bug where the bonus was applying to non-Demon Hunters. (11/24)

  • Fortress Ballista
    • Fixed a bug where this item wasn’t dropping. (11/24)

  • Dawn
    • Increased cooldown reduction from 45-60% to 50-65%. (11/24)

  • Zoey’s Secret
    • Increased damage reduction per Companion from 6-7% to 8-9%. (11/24)

  • Zunimassa’s Set
    • 6pc
      • Increased damage bonus from 275% to 400%. (11/24)
      • Increased duration from 4 to 8 seconds. (11/24)
      • Duration increase should make it easier for non-Carnevil Zunimassa’s builds to deal damage, as pets are less controllable in that build. (11/24)

  • Arachyr Set
    • 4pc
      • Bonuses are now all applied immediately after summoning the Toad. (11/24)
      • Increased damage reduction from 40% to 50%. (11/24)
      • Increased duration from 10 to 15 seconds. (11/24)
      • A longer defensive bonus duration will allow you to channel Firebats with this build for longer without having to break your channel. (11/24)
    • 6pc
      • Increased damage bonus from 800% to 1200%. (11/24)


  • Avalanche
    • Increased base damage from 1600% to 2400% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Volcano
      • Increased damage from 4400% to 6600% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Snow-Capped Mountain
      • Increased damage from 1800% to 2800% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Glacier
      • Increased damage from 1600% to 2400% weapon damage. (11/24)

  • Earthquake
    • Increased base damage from 4200% to 4800% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Giant’s Stride
      • Increased damage from 200% to 300% per tremor. (11/24)
    • Chilling Earth
      • Increased damage from 4200% to 4800% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Mountain’s Call
      • Reduced cooldown from 50 to 30 seconds. (11/24)
    • Molten Fury
      • Increased damage from 5100% to 6000% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Cave-In
      • Increased damage from 4200% to 4800% weapon damage. (11/24)

  • Ancient Spear
    • Boulder Toss
      • Increased projectile speed. (11/24)
      • Reduced arc height. (11/24)

Demon Hunter

  • Preparation
    • Invigoration
      • Increased max Discipline bonus from 15 to 20. (11/24)

  • Vengeance
    • Increased duration from 15 to 20 seconds. (11/24)

  • Shadow Power
    • While equipped with Lianna’s Wings (Legendary: Shadow Powers also triggers Smoke Screen), Shadow Power will go on a lockout equal to the duration of Smoke Screen (1.5 second with Lingering Fog rune, 1.0 second otherwise), then go on a 1.5 second cooldown along with Smoke Screen. (11/24)

  • Since Evasive Fire and Evasive Fire – Focus rune are the only outliers in terms of Hatred generation, we’re increasing the other four generators by 1 Hatred each to match.

  • Hungering Arrow
    • Increased base Hatred generation from 3 to 4. (11/24)
    • Serrated Arrow
      • Increased base Hatred generation from 3 to 4. (11/24)

  • Entangling Shot
    • Increased base Hatred generation from 3 to 4. (11/24)
  • Justice is Served
    • Increased Hatred generation from 6 to 7. (11/24)

  • Bolas
    • Increased base Hatred generation from 3 to 4. (11/24)
    • Thunder Ball
      • Increased Hatred generation from 6 to 7. (11/24)

  • Grenade
    • Increased base Hatred generation from 3 to 4. (11/24)
  • Tinkerer
    • Increased Hatred generation from 6 to 7. (11/24)

  • Fists of Thunder
    • Static Charge
      • Splash damage reduced from 180% to 50%. (11/24)

Witch Doctor

  • Zombie Dogs
    • Base skill damage increased from 30% to 120%. (11/24)
    • Burning Dogs rune increased from 10% weapon damage to 40% weapon damage. (11/24)
    • Poison Dot damage increased from 30% to 120%. (11/24)

  • Gargantuan
    • Base skill damage increased from 100% to 450% weapon damage per swing. (11/24)
    • Restless Giant – Cooldown on enrage reduced from 120 to 45. (11/24)
    • Big Stinker damage increased 45% to 135%. (11/24)

Barbarian Mighty Weapon Buffs
Beyond the skill and item tweaks that landed on the PTR with this round of hotfixes, there are more changes on the way. The Barbarian two-handed Might Weapons The Gavel of Judgment and Fury of the Vanished Peak will gain new skill boosts.
In addition to all of the changes posted today in the hotfix thread, we have a few more that didn't make it into this batch, but will be in a future PTR build (subject to additional tuning):

    Gavel of Judgement
  • Now rolls with +150-200% Hammer of the Ancients damage
  • Fury of the Vanished Peak
  • Now rolls with +150-200% Seismic Slam damage

These changes are intended to bring up the power of Immortal King's 6pc + Hammer of the Ancients/Seismic Slam builds without affecting the power of hybrid set builds such as 6pc Immortal King's + 4pc Raekor, and to help ensure there are high-end builds using these two spenders.

Constant Vengeance Uptime
Developer John Yang noted the level of Cooldown Reduction needed to achieve 100% uptime for Vengeance using the revamped Legendary hand crossbow Dawn, with the changes that went up on the PTR.

Skill/Power Visual Changes
The forum feedback is now closed, regarding the visuals of skill and legendary power effects. We may see changes to deal with the largest issues by the time patch 2.4 goes live.
As mentioned in the original post, this topic is now locked.

Thank you so much for providing your feedback on skill and power visuals! This really helped us zone in on some of the largest visual offenders, and we look forward to sharing these changes as Patch 2.4.0 grows nearer.
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