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IK6/HOTA lacking DPS(1)Category: PTR FeedbackNovember-17-2015 5:55 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Updated with a second recommendation allowing for buffs to HOTA and SS without touching the IK6 set. This may be a good compromise if the devs are unable to adjust IK6 this PTR.


Ello all

Solo Grift 67 in PTR - All gear, skills and stats shown at the end.

During the past week Ive been extensively testing the IK6 set with HOTA in the PTR.

- Area Damage appears to be fixed with all multipliers including the Braces of the First men. This resulted in a nice DPS increase, but not a game changing one.
- The Aquila Cuirass is a great addition (while above 75-85% primary resource, all damage taken is reduced by 50%), however its use in the cube with IK6 comes at a DPS loss as you cant run Strongarms.

- With GG gear, 1131 paragon and augmentation, the highest Grift I could regularly clear was 67. After that point, it was possible to clear higher Grifts (max I completed on leader board is a 69) however it is a fishing expedition.
- As far as I could tell on the leaderboard, this is the highest IK6 HOTA or IK6 SS clear.


Testing with x3 forms of damage mitigation

1. Similar setup with F&R, Unity, Aquilla and COTA shoulders for damage mitigation. Grift 68 had no damage mitigation issues, but DPS was lacking so 68 could not be cleared in time. This included variants with PE/BOT/Stricken, Taeguk/BOT/Stricken.

2. Similar setup with Travelers Pledge, Compass Rose, Unity, COE. Same problem with PE/BOT/Stricken and Taeguk/BOT/Stricken, sufficient damage mitigation, not enough DPS to pass 68.

Testing with x2 forms of damage mitigation to enable more DPS

1. Similar setup but with F&R, COE. This resulted in more consistent 68 clears (1 in 3) however 69 onwards is fishing for enough density and skipping elites as the build lacks sufficient damage mitigation to consistently survive most elite packs and RGs. I now fear Stonesinger.

2. Similar setup but with Travelers Pledge, Compass Rose and COE. Not enough DPS to pass 68 or 69.

Notes pertaining to my build:
Resistances without Warcry range form 76% to 82% (I have all diamonds in sockets) and build has 11% Elite Damage reduction on chest and just over 100k Health Globe bonus in addition to LPFS on belt and Im using the Bloodthrist passive. These can be viewed at the end of the youtube clip.

I also used a GOJ with vit and LPFS, however its life per hit return and DPS was significantly less than the 10/7 GOJ with PE, LPFS on belt, 100k of HG bonus and Bloodthirst.

I have 88% Area Damage on my build.

I tried several different combinations with the set for solo. Basically two problems eventuated which resulted in the same conclusion, the set lacks sufficient DPS. The problems as you can see from my testing were either you need x3 forms of damage mitigation to survive at 68 plus consistently, but as you have to drop COE for unity, you dont have enough DPS. If you use F&R with COE to prop up the sets lack of DPS, you dont have the damage mitigation to survive 68 or 69 consistently.

I highlight these two problems as I note other sets in 2.4 have damage bonuses ranging from 400-800% (thats 150-550% more than IK6) and the soon to be nerfed "fun set" of LoN will be only 150% less than IK6. Yet have several other advantages such as multiple gear slots for even more DPS and built in damage reduction.

Should a fun set have a damage bonus 150% less than that of the IK6? And should the IK6 have a damage bonus 150-550% less than other sets?

If the devs intention is to balance solo Grifts between 75 and 85, which I think it is, then the IK set is falling well short of this target due to its lack of DPS.


Increase the Damage bonus of the IK set from 250% to 500% in order for IK6 to be competitive for HOTA and IK6 SS in 2.4.

There is the obvious elephant in the room which is the current IK6/Raekors 4 hybrid domination of the solo leaderboard. However I believe sets should be balanced around their performance on their own, not as part of a hybrid. If a hybrid is performing stronger than an individual set, especially at that sets own buffed skill (FC for Raekors), this is a separate issue which the devs will need to address so HOTA and SS do not suffer.


Buff FOTVP and GOJ to have a SS/HOTA bonus similar to that of Blade of the tribes (150-200% EQ bonus). In addition to this, FOTVP needs its legendary affix to be reworked so it functions the same as the GOJ. So it doesnt halve your fury costs but rather refunds it. Meaning that your LPFS, HG bonus and use of Bloodthirst isnt halved.

There are two IK6 SS barbs that have cleared a 70 with Istavans. As we suspected, these weapons are now better at HOTA and SS than the GOJ and FOTVP. If you buff these two weapons, it means we at least use Mighty Weapons for SS or HOTA rather than look for very hard to find non Mighty Weapons which appear to be BIS for SS and HOTA in 2.4. Kind of makes me feel like we have taken a step back to 2.1 when Mighty Weapons werent Mighty.

If the devs do not wish to touch the IK6 piece bonus this PTR, please consider recommendation 2.

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IK6/HOTA lacking DPS(124)November-24-2015 6:06 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
In addition to all of the changes posted today in the hotfix thread, we have a few more that didn't make it into this batch, but will be in a future PTR build (subject to additional tuning):

    Gavel of Judgement
  • Now rolls with +150-200% Hammer of the Ancients damage
  • Fury of the Vanished Peak
  • Now rolls with +150-200% Seismic Slam damage

These changes are intended to bring up the power of Immortal King's 6pc + Hammer of the Ancients/Seismic Slam builds without affecting the power of hybrid set builds such as 6pc Immortal King's + 4pc Raekor, and to help ensure there are high-end builds using these two spenders.
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