Hotfixes for Carnevil Fetishes and Rift Guardians

The Mystic is officially available for non-expansion players

Diablo III Carnevil voodoo mask
A new round of hotfixes have rolled out for Diablo III patch 2.2.1, taking care of a couple of annoying bugs. Witch Doctors who use the Carnevil voodoo mask will be happy to hear that their Fetishes will once again shoot poison darts as they're supposed to. The Mystic is also officially available to all players, even those without the Reaper of Souls expansion. Here are the latest Blizzard Blues details.

Patch 2.2.1 Hotfixes - May 27
Along with the fix for Carnevil, the hotfixes bring a Rift Guardian update. Sand Shaper and Saxtris will once again send tornadoes out away from their spawn point, instead of them hanging around. An earlier discussion of upcoming hotfixes mentioned an improvement for lag issues, although that is not mentioned in these hotfixes.
The hotfix list has been updated:


There are no upcoming hotfixes at this time.



  • Tornadoes spawned by Sand Shaper and Saxtris once again properly path away from their spawn point (5/27)

Witch Doctor

  • Fixed an issue where Fetishes augmented by Carnevil sometimes stopped firing Poison Darts (5/27)

Mystic for Everyone
The artisan Myriam provides Enchanting and Transmogrification services, and was added with the Reaper of Souls expansion. In patch 2.2.1 she became available to all Diablo III players, even those without the expansion pack.
As it happens, the change in Patch 2.2.1 granting access to Myriam to players who have not upgraded to Reaper of Souls was intentional.

This allows players who receive transmogrification options through special events, promotions, or as Collector's Edition perks from our other games to now access them regardless of whether or not they own the expansion.

This change wasn't originally documented in our patch notes (although this has since been fixed). I've seen this question pop up elsewhere, too, and I can understand the confusion. I hope that clears things up for you! :)

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