Season 2 Expected to Last A Few Months

A look at the potential schedule for Season 2, and eventually patch 2.2.0

Diablo III Season 2 Coming Soon
Diablo III Season 2 is expected to last only a few months, which is much shorter than Season 1. Recent Blizzard Blues discussions delved into the planned schedule for Season 2, and eventually the arrival of Patch 2.2. Here is a look at the likely dates for the upcoming Seasons and the next big content patch.

Projected Dates for Diablo III
  • End of Season 1 and Era 1 - February 3 is the scheduled end date for both Season 1 and Era 1, which will be followed by the Season rollover.
  • Tavern Talk for Seasons - February 10 will bring a Tavern Talk with Developers about the Seasons.
  • Season 2 Begins - The downtime between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2 is planned to last for 1-2 weeks. That puts the start of Season 2 around February 10th to the 17th. Season 1 started on a Friday; if the same schedule is kept, Season 2 might kick off on Friday, February 13!
  • Season 2 Ends - As noted below, the current goal for Season 2 is that it will last for "a few months". If that schedule holds up, Season 2 will end during mid-late May. The timing of Season 2 ending will be different from how Season 1 ended and Patch 2.1.2 arrived. For the Diablo team, "The intent for future Seasons is to have the current Season end, the corresponding patch deployed, and then the following Season start - in that order".
  • Patch 2.2.0 Arrives - Patch 2.2 was first previewed in the Diablo III - What's Next and the Evolution of Reaper of Souls panels at BlizzCon 2014. It will bring major changes with class item Sets being expanded and revamped, and new Sets added. No official schedule has been given for when patch 2.2.0 is likely to arrive. If there are a couple of weeks after Season 2 ends before patch 2.2.0 arrives, that future patch could go live sometime in June. Season 3 is likely to start within a couple of weeks after the patch arrives, assuming there aren't technical issues that push it back.

Season 2 Duration Scheduled for a Few Months
Season 1 started on August 29, 2014. Assuming it wraps up on February 3, Season 1 will have run for just over 5 months. The initial goal for Season 1 was to last only a few months, and that is still the duration that the Diablo team is looking to reach with Season 2. Nevalistis stopped by reddit to provide the details.
I hope season 2 doesn't last as long. I quit around early November. Diablo 3 isn't really a marathon game to me, something fun to play for a bit, but it gets really repetitive after awhile.
I am however ready to play some season 2!

We agree Season 1 was too long. We had originally planned on a few months, and things just didn't go as planned. We're aiming for the "few months" again with Season 2.

Planned Dates May Change
The dates listed above include scheduled dates that the Diablo III team wants to hit. As noted by Nevalistis on Twitter, the dates are targets, but at any point they can change based on technical issues that need to be dealt with.

New Class Sets in Patch 2.2.0
At least 3 new sets will arrive in patch 2.2, including 1 new class set each for Barbarians, Demon Hunters, and Wizards.
The new sets - including Delsere's Magnum Opus, Wrath of the Wastes and Unhallowed Essence - are currently planned to arrive in patch 2.2.0, along with updates to existing 4 piece sets. While this could change depending on a variety of factors, and while we don't have a date to announce yet for that patch, the plan is for all of these to arrive at around the same time.

Hotfix for Goblin Loot
A hotfix went live last week that combined the massive amount of loot which drops from Treasure Goblins. This reduces the time needed to pick up everything, after slaying one of those tricky fellows!
The following hotfix has been applied:

  • Stackable treasure from Treasure Goblins of various types now drops in fewer, but larger piles (1/22)
    • This hotfix is intended to reduce the amount of clutter generated and improve game performance and should not result in a reduction of loot
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