Patch 2.1.2 Testing Comes to an End

Season 2 is now estimated to start in mid-February

Diablo III Public Test Realm
Diablo III Patch 2.1.2 takes another step towards release, as the Public Test Realm is closing on Friday. The patch is likely to go live next Tuesday, for both the PC/Mac Diablo III client, and for the Ultimate Evil Edition on the PS4 and Xbox One. The Blizzard Blues also provided an estimate for the start of Season 2. Here are all the details!

Patch 2.1.2 PTR Closes
The testing of patch 2.1.2 is concluding, and so the testing server is being shut down. Unless there is an unforeseen delay, the patch should go live next Tuesday!
In preparation for the launch of patch 2.1.2, we will be shutting down the PTR tomorrow, January 9, at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST. At that time, you will no longer be able to log in to the PTR client, all PTR accounts will be reset, and the PTR Feedback and PTR Bug Report forums will be marked as read-only.

Please note that any progress you made on the PTR will not transfer over to your Diablo III account.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this PTR and provided feedback. We look forward to releasing patch 2.1.2 to the public shortly!

Season 2 Start in Mid-February
The release of patch 2.1.2 will be followed a few weeks later with Season 1 ending, most likely on February 3. There will be a seasonal rollover downtime where no season is active. That non-seasonal time is estimated to last for 1-2 weeks, after which Season 2 will start up. So Season 2 will probably start between February 10 and February 17.

Season 1 started on Friday, August 29. So perhaps Season 2 will start on the inauspicious Friday, February 13!
Posted by: Lasagna

is there gonna be a week or so between start and end? to consolidate stash and prepare for s2 start right?

That's a good estimate! We want downtime between seasons to be minimal, but still enough time for you to sift through all your items and characters and get things sorted. We're aiming for about a week or two between Season 1 and Season 2, but if we need to address any related issues, we'll do so first before launching the new season.

Season 1 Legendary Availability
Even once patch 2.1.2 arrives, Season 1 will still be active. So the only way to get Season 1 Legendary items at that time will be with a seasonal character. Once Season 1 ends, all those seasonal Legendary items will start dropping for all characters.
Posted by: Vindicit

The items that are Season only, will they now be available for drops on non-Season or is it only the Season items that you have currently obtained rolled over but no new ones will drop for non-Season?

Once the season ends, all seasonal items introduced in Season 1 will be added to the loot pool for non-seasonal games. These items will continue to be available in Season 2 as well, as they'll be part of the general loot pool.

When Season 2 begins, new seasonal legendaries will be available for players participating in the new season. Those items will also roll over to the general loot pool at the end of that season, so on and so forth. :)

Seasonal Paragon Rollover
The experience that a Season 1 character has obtained will be rolled over to the main Paragon experience pool, once Season 1 ends. We have estimated calculations for that rollover - use the BattleTag Locator to look up your Diablo III BattleTag, and see how many Paragon Levels you will have once Season 1 ends!
Paragon experience carries over. This means that the total experience you've gained in Paragon levels will be added to your existing Paragon experience for your non-Seasonal characters. Your Paragon level will be recalculated based on the new total experience.

As an example, if you're Paragon 200 with your non-Seasonal characters, and Paragon 100 with your Seasonal characters, you'll be less than Paragon 300 with your characters after the roll over, because higher Paragon levels require exponentially more experience to acquire.

New Goblins in Patch 2.1.2
Patch 2.1.2 brings some fun additions to the mischievous goblins throughout Sanctuary. The rare Nephalem Rift level with goblins will also be changing, to include some of those devious new goblins.
Posted by: UtopiA

I think they changed it so all goblin packs are mixed now.

Confirming that this is correct. In 2.1.2, should you encounter a goblin-themed Nephalem Rift level, the packs of goblins will be in mixed company.

With the new goblins we're introducing, which do you think you'll try to target first when you find a pack of them? The Blood Thief? The Jewel Hoarder? The Odious Collector? Or do you think you can get them all?

Ancient Items in Patch 2.1.2
The powerful and rare Ancient Items are coming in patch 2.1.2. Players should not expect to quickly upgrade all their gear to Ancient Legendary and Set items, as those very rare drops.
Posted by: Alphinus

Looking at those anciet seems everything has to be re farmed...

The primary intent behind Ancient Items is to give the folks that have everything on their wish list more to search for in the item game. They're not mandatory for playing the game, and while they'll help you push a bit further in Greater Rifts as you acquire more of them, they shouldn't feel like a necessity in other endgame activities.

New players and those returning at the start of Season 2 will also benefit from the new item tier. Finding an Ancient Item early on will feel great, even more so as a rare experience. You shouldn't expect to fill out all your gear slots with gold borders right away, either. It's a time investment that becomes easier as you attain higher difficulty levels and better gear, and further incentive to continue pushing your limits.

Support Site Maintenance
The Blizzard support sites will be under maintenance on Friday, on both the US and EU sites. The expected downtime is 3 hours for the US support site, and 7 hours for the EU site.

We will be performing maintenance on our Support Site systems beginning on 1/9 at 12:00 AM PST. We anticipate this maintenance will last for 3 hours, and estimate that services will be available again at 3:00 AM PST.

During this time, the following services will be unavailable:
    • Support Site
    • Website Ticket Submission
    • In-game Ticket Submission

We appreciate your patience during this maintenance, and will provide updates as necessary. Updates will also be provided on our Twitter account: @BlizzardCS
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