Hotfixes Boost Horadric Cache and Greater Rift Rewards

Improvements for Greater Rifts and Bounties in the latest round of updates

Diablo III Patch 2.1 Hotfixes
Since Diablo III Patch 2.1 was released, a handful of hotfixes have fixed bugs and made adjustments in the game. The biggest set of hotfixes for the patch has been rolled out and is now live. It improves the rewards from both Bounties and Greater Rifts, while also encouraging players to push into higher difficulties. This makes it much easier to obtain the powerful Ring of Royal Grandeur. Upcoming hotfixes will remove four events as Bounties, that were being used to level quickly without killing any monsters. Here are the latest Blizzard Blues posts with those hotfixes, and explanations of how they change the game.

New Patch 2.1 Hotfixes
A slew of hotfixes have gone live; further details are provided below the official notes.

  • The drop rate for Bounty-specific Legendaries has been drastically increased and scales based on game difficulty (9/3)
  • The Cesspools should less frequently spawn enemies immediately at the start of the level (9/3)

Greater Rifts:
  • The drop rate for Key of Trials has been significantly increased (9/3)
  • The amount of Blood Shards that drop in Greater Rifts has been increased; this number scales based off the tier of the Greater Rift completed (9/3)
  • The Cesspools will no longer spawn in Greater Rifts (9/3)
    • Note that they still have a chance to spawn in regular Nephalem Rifts

  • Boon of the Hoarder should now work correctly when your pet kills an enemy (9/3)

  • Greater Rift Hotfixes - The Greater Rift hotfixes make it easier to jump into the new end-game content, and more rewarding to push through to the more difficult Greater Rifts. At the start, players will now get the Key of Trials faster. The change for Blood Shard rewards should encourage players to farm Greater Rifts for the gambling currency, instead of going back to regular Nephalem Rifts for it.
  • Cesspool Hotfixes - The new Cesspools area in Patch 2.1 was supposed to be a fun additional layout for Rifts and Greater Rifts. Unfortunately there have been numerous issues with that particular map. The new hotfixes take care of one of them, by making fewer monsters spawn right at the entrance of a Cesspools map. Many players have very low frames per second issues in the map and other issues, so it has been disabled entirely for the time-sensitive Greater Rifts. We can expect further fixes for this map in a future client patch.
  • Boon of the Hoarder - This Legendary gem is a special one, as it only drops from Greed, Baroness of The Vault. The Vault is accessible from the occasional portal accidentally opened by a Treasure Goblin when it is killed. The Boon of the Hoarder gem provides a bonus that starts at 25% chance to cause an explosion of gold when you kill an enemy, which becomes more powerful as it is upgraded. Until this hotfix, kills from pets would not activate the gem. With the change, monsters killed by pets will now also provide that "explosion of gold". This a boost for any class that uses pets, most notably pet Witch Doctors and the very popular Sentry spec Demon Hunters.
  • Bounty-specific Legendaries Boosted - Specific Legendary items can only be found in a Horadric Cache, the reward from completing all 5 bounties in a specific Act. The most highly prized of these legendaries is the Ring of Royal Grandeur, with a special property that makes it easier to get powerful set bonuses. Many players have farmed hundreds of Horadric Caches to try to get that ring, since it is essentially required for some of the best gear specs in the game.

    The hotfix dramatically boosted the chance of getting Bounty-specific Legendary items like the ring and it now scales up by difficulty. The drop rate is now reportedly 100% for these items in the highest difficulty of Torment 6. This will make it much easier for players to get the ring, along with other Legendary items.
Update: Diablo III developer Wyatt Cheng generously provided details on the new drop rates; it now is certainly worthwhile to do those Bounties on higher Torment difficulties.
Here is the list of those Bounty-specific Legendary items, that can only be obtained from a Horadric Cache in a specific Act:

No-Kill Bounties Disabled
Certain Bounties in Diablo III give a reward for "completing" them, even if no monsters were killed in the process. Players who wanted to level quickly more than anything else would sometimes farm for these specific Bounties, and that was seen a lot at the start of the recent first Season. Because of that, those events are temporarily being disabled as Bounties. They will be fixed in a future patch, so they are no longer an exploitable way of getting massive experience without actually playing the game. Community Manager Lylirra posted an explanation of the upcoming hotfixes.
Update: Friday, September 5

This hotfix is now live.


Greetings, nephalem!

One of our ongoing goals for Diablo III (and Seasons in particular) is to promote diversity in play styles and encourage a variety of experience whenever possible. In line with this goal, and as a direct result of your feedback from Season 1, we're in the process of implementing a series of hotfixes that will temporarily disable the following events as eligible bounties:

  • The Matriarch's Bones
  • The Jar of Souls
  • The Miser's Will
  • A Miner's Gold

This change will apply to both Seasonal and non-Seasonal games. Additionally, please note that these hotfixes will only remove the above events from the active bounty pool, not the game itself. The events can still spawn in-game and will provide rewards as normal.

We don't have an ETA at this time for when these events will be re-added to the bounty pool, but are working to have them available for Season 2.

Looking Forward:

In Season 1, many players were able to quickly level their heroes and earn a coveted rank on the "Race to the Top" leaderboard exclusively by running the bounties in question. While we won't be removing any Conquest credit or ranking from players who chose to use this particular technique, we will be making changes to these bounties for future Seasons. The desire here is to help promote an environment where the most efficient way to play is also the most varied (and ideally the most fun too). With this, one of our goals for Seasonal Conquests is to encourage players to try out different tactics and explore different play styles, so we will be evaluating all Season 1 Conquests with that goal in mind and making changes for Season 2 as needed.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. We'll continue to grow and improve Diablo III with your support, so please keep posting! In the meantime, we wish you glory and good fortune in Season 1, and good luck to those still racing for a spot on our current Conquest leaderboards.

See you in Sanctuary!
Posted by: Hawkeye

And why is this being applied to non-seasons?

Same reason. The way the events play out as bounties right now doesn't really align with and/or support our design goals, or what we'd like the game experience to be (not just for Seasons, but the game as a whole). In general, we'd prefer not to have the most efficient way to level up to 70 be running same 1-4 bounties that only require you to move around, stay alive, and not actually kill any threats over and over again. Ideally, we'd like the most efficient way to play to also be the most varied (and hopefully the most fun too). While this technique was used to level in Season 1, that gameplay exists in both Seasonal and non-Seasonal games.

In a future patch, we hope to return these bounties to the active pool (for everyone, Season and non-Season alike) in a form that involves the kind of demon murder we know and love. In the meantime, since these changes can't be hotfixed in, the bounty themselves have been disabled.

edits for clarity

Aether Walker Teleport Cooldown
One of the new Seasonal Legendary items is the Aether Walker wand. It removes the cooldown from the Wizard Teleport skill. As detailed by Tyvalir there is a small "safety net" to prevent players from accidentally teleporting multiple times in a row. That tiny cooldown is not present for the free teleport provided by the Teleport - Wormhole rune.
Posted by: Alec

In the description of

"Teleport no longer has a cooldown but costs 25 Arcane Power."

but it still has ~0.5sec cooldown. As result I cannot teleport instantly just after casting it.

Although Aether Walker removes most of the cooldown on Teleport, it leaves a half-second "safety net.” This is because when we were testing the legendary power, we discovered a bug that caused people to double-teleport when they didn’t intend to do so, often putting them in harm’s way or costing them AP that they didn’t mean to spend.

While this means you won’t teleport quite as quickly as you would without a minor pause, the fix also prevents you from having to be very precise in how long you down the mouse button without wasting AP or putting you in danger.
Posted by: TheCondemned

It shouldn't apply to Wormhole, it's 1 cast.

Correct! Wormhole allows for two jumps within the same skill use. Since the cooldown only occurs between skill uses, you can use both Wormhole jumps without pause.

Bugfix Patch for Xbox One Ultimate Evil Edition
The Ultimate Evil Edition on the Xbox One was issued a small patch, taking it to build 26590. The patch fixes an issue Xbox One users had when multiple consoles were attempting to connect to online UEE games through the same router; more details are available in the Console Commonly Asked Questions thread. The big patch is still being worked on for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 UEE, that will bring the content from Diablo III PC patch 2.1 to those consoles.
The patch was issued to address the connection issue that some Xbox One players were reporting when trying to connect through a network where more than one console was present.
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