Outdated Achievements Are 'Feats of Strength' in Patch 2.1

Plus details on the Ultimate Evil Edition features and character transfers

Gem Achievements Becoming Feats of Strength
Diablo III PC Patch 2.1 is bringing a lot of changes, including cleaning up some bugs and oddities that arrived back in Patch 2.0. One issue that will be fixed are outdated achievements, that are now very difficult to obtain. Two outdated Jeweler achievements will become Feats of Strength in the upcoming patch. Here are the details on that, and the latest info on upcoming Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition console release.

Old Jeweler Achievements
There are two Jeweler achievements that are nearly impossible to obtain any more, shown above. The achievements involve crafting a Radiant Star Gem, but to craft each of those gems requires having 3000 Flawless Square Gems, which only drop for level 57-60 characters. With that in mind, these two achievements will change in patch 2.1 into Feats of Strength: they will no longer be part of the regular achievement list, and will not reward achievement points.
Currently, the plan is to convert the achievements Perfect As Tears and Like Stars in the Sky into Feats of Strength in our upcoming patch 2.1.0 content update. I can't make any promises as to when that may arrive on live servers, but feel free to pop on over to the Diablo III PTR and check out what we have so far!

Ultimate Evil Edition Preview
Over on the console side, the Ultimate Evil Edition will be released in just a couple of weeks. Australian gamer ZiggyD went to by the Blizzard offices there to play the game on the PS4. He made a lengthy video giving his impressions of the game, along with the new console-only features.

Converting Character Saves in UEE
As previously reported, the Ultimate Evil Edition on the PS4 and Xbox One can import characters from the older console Diablo III, even across platforms. Lylirra answered questions about that functionality, that will be provided as part of a patch after the UEE release.
Posted by: Dwarfonstine

Does that mean that my save files will also transfer?

Yup! Your heroes, items, and game progress will all transfer.
Posted by: xBloodToadx

What happens to vanilla pre orders on Xbox 360-Ps4? The items will transfers over but will new characters get the goodies?

Your pre-order bonuses from original Diablo III will transfer only if you’re moving to the same brand (i.e. PS3 > PS4 or Xbox 360 > Xbox One). Once transferred to UEE, newly-created heroes on the account will also receive the bonuses.

Please note that the pre-order bonuses from original D3 will not transfer if you’re moving to a different brand (i.e. PS3 > Xbox One, Xbox 360 > PS4).

Posted by: NoIdeasCome

Does this mean those of use who still have our save file on a flash drive, but no longer have a last gen console are out of luck?

Not necessarily. If you don’t have your original, current-gen Diablo III disc, there’s still a way for you to transfer your save data to another brand or platform generation for UEE. You’ll just need your save file on a USB and a current-gen Diablo III disc (again, it doesn’t have to be your disc, specifically; borrowing a disc from a friend, for example, for a one-time transfer will work just fine).

We'll provide more details once cross-brand/cross-generation transfers are available.
Posted by: DougDeJ

You're going to be releasing a patch for the non Ultimate Evil Edition of the game, to support pushing the character data to some server? And once that's done, the Ultimate Evil Edition (on PS4/XB1 only) will be able to pull it in from the cloud? (The UEE on XB360/PS3 will just pull the data in from local storage instead, if I understood you.)

Correct. As an addendum, if you're transferring cross-brand (i.e. PS3 > Xbox One, Xbox 360 > PS4) you will also need to link both your PSN and Xbox Live accounts to Battle.net. This is the "Battle.net Linking" you may have heard mention of before:


(The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of UEE will also have an Export Save option for players who may not yet have a PS4 or Xbox One, but still want to pick up UEE on their current-gen system. If these players later pick up a PS4 or Xbox One and want to continue playing the game, they can export their save from PS3/360 on UEE and get their save on PS4/One. In order to do this, though, you'll need to have PS4/One version of UEE.)

I probably sound like a broken record right now, but we'll be covering all this in great (potentially pain-staking detail) once these transfers are available. :)
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