Ramaladni's Gift Provides Sockets for All Weapons

Blizzard Blues on Patch 2.1 PTR features and the new Greed's Realm

Diablo III: Realm of Greed
The Patch 2.1.0 Public Test Realm is in full swing, and new details are piling up! Blizzard Blues posts have dealt with a lot of issues and topics. These include discussing a new Treasure Realm with millions of gold in loot to be had, and the Ramaladni's Gift item - which adds a gem socket to weapons that don't have one!

The Treasure Realm
One of the hidden features in patch 2.1.0 is the new Treasure Realm. After a Treasure Goblin is killed, there is a small chance of a portal spawning. As detailed in a reddit thread, the portal leads to the Treasure Realm, with millions of gold and the final boss of Greed! The screenshot above is from an album of images, showing off the realm and the fight.

There was some confusion on the forums of whether the name of the boss should be Gheed or Greed. Lylirra clarified the two very different characters, in Diablo lore.
Posted by: Tyreal

Anyone from Diablo 2 should remember the item "Gheed's Fortune" charm and that brings me to my point of, why is this new place called Greed's Domain and not "Gheed's", to tie in with that whole name/story.

A few folks have already addressed this but Gheed and Greed are two separate entities. There's currently reference to Gheed in-game - Kadala is in fact his daughter, and she's just as eager to turn a profit. ;)

Greed, on the other hand, is the new boss of the Treasure Goblin realm. Should you find and slay a Treasure Goblin on the PTR, you might have a chance to venture into the portal he leaves behind and challenge her for her bounteous loot. Be sure to give it a try, and let us know what you think of the new area and encounter!

Posted by: Sikkens

Blizz if you nerf what i just saw on this video i will hate you forever.

As with all things on the PTR, content is subject to change. We're still evaluating a lot of different reward schemes, including those in Greed's realm. Your feedback, as always, is appreciated!

Ramaladni's Gift Consumable
A new consumable item on the PTR is called Ramaladni's Gift, and the initial PTR patchnotes described it as: Use on an unsocketed weapon to add the maximum number of sockets that item type allows. The item has dropped on the PTR, but is currently bugged so that it cannot be picked up. As it turns out, the description is not accurate either. Ramaladni's Gift will only work on weapons, to let any weapon have a socket. The details were clarified in a few blue posts.
Presently Ramaladni's Gift has an incorrect tooltip and patch note, which makes it very confusing to decipher how it's supposed to work. Also, the item is not yet fully implemented, which means it can't be looted right now (even though it's dropping on the PTR). We're aware of that issue, but we don't have an ETA to share at the moment on when we expect it to be 100% functional.

That said, here's how Ramaladni's Gift is currently intended to work. This is all with the caveat that it's still under development, and potentially subject to change:

  • It will add a socket to an unsocketed weapon
  • It only works on weapons
  • It will work on enchanted weapons, so long as they don't have a socket
  • It effectively adds an item affix in the form of a socket
  • It will be consumed on use
Posted by: Morthon

unless you mean an unsocketed item, that you use the gift on, then change the new sockets made with the gift into another affix, then use the gift again.

which is a total abuse, and i'm HOPING that Blizz saw that possibility coming from miles away and already has a stop gap to prevent that sort of thing

Great question! (Or consideration.)

  • The added socket provided by Ramaladni's Gift cannot be enchanted.
  • You cannot use Ramaladni's Gift on a weapon more than once.
  • Similarly, you cannot use Ramaladni's Gift on a weapon that already has a socket.

You can, however:
  • Replace a natural socket on a weapon with another primary stat (like VIT or STR or INT), and then use Ramaladni's Gift after.
  • Replace a re-rolled socket on a weapon with another primary stat (like VIT or STR or INT), and then use Ramaladni's Gift after.
  • Enchant a weapon after a socket has been added using Ramaladni's Gift. You just won't be able to re-roll another socket on that particular weapon.

I realize the above may be somewhat confusing, so please let me know if you have any additional questions about this item's functionality.

Edited to add: This is how the item should work under current design. That design may change before PTR ships.
Some of you have been wondering if you'll be able to re-roll the gifted socket from Ramalandi's Gift, and that's a good question. I dug around to find out, and the answer is that the socket this Legendary consumable provides to a weapon is not eligible for Enchanting.

Of course, this is still under development, though, so there's a chance that it will change before all is said and done.
A related tidbit of Blizzard lore: The name Ramaladni on this item is the reverse of Indalamar, who was a famous character back in the beta of World of Warcraft. You can read his story, and watch his popular video where he proved the power of the Warrior skills at that time. And the fellow running Indalamar was none other than Travis Day, who came to work for Blizzard and is known to Diablo III fans as the lead item developer for the game!

Read on for more Blizzard Blues posts, including details on the new craftable Hellfire Amulet.

Hellfire Amulet
The Infernal Machine event has been used to make Hellfire Rings for quite some time, but that same event will get new life in patch 2.1. Those same keys and materials farmed from the Uber bosses can now also be used to craft up the Hellfire Amulet, which provides an extra passive skill! Blue posts clarified that the passive is for the class that crafts up the amulet, and that the materials are basically the same.
You mean for the Hellfire Amulet? If yes, then that's not the current design intent; the random passive the Hellfire Amulet rolls should be targeted and specific to your class. If you experience something different on the PTR, then that's definitely a bug. :)

Posted by: heyr8kb

Can I grind uber keys now and save them to use when the patch comes out?

Yup, you can. The process for crafting a Hellfire Amulet is more or less the same as crafting a Hellfire Ring, and you'll be able to use your existing materials.

I say "more or less" because the recipe is slightly more expensive to purchase, there's only a Level 70 version of the item, and, in addition to the normal materials required for the Ring, you'll need 10 Forgotten Souls to craft the Amulet.

Posted by: swiftbizzare

Of course, as long as it's not in the PTR server, everything in the PTR server doesn't carry over. If you like me and not playing PTR then of course it saves.

Correct! Any progress made on the PTR (including items, experience, and gold) will not transfer over to your live account.

Legendary Item Iteration
There are new items on the PTR, and changes to existing Legendary and Set pieces. A sticky thread has been set up to get item feedback, and another post details the iteration that is still underway on items, and other areas of the game.
Thanks for the constructive feedback, everyone. Please keep it up! Rest assured I'm going through not only this, but other threads, and collecting as much as I can to pass on (and for other classes as well).

It's certainly worth mentioning that this is just our first iteration of the 2.1 PTR. There are some features not yet implemented, such as Legendary Gems and activating Seasons for testing, and that goes for other upcoming class and item changes too.

I also want to call out that Greater Rifts are going to play a big part in helping us identify clear issues, as is your feedback on what you'd like to see. There's currently a bug that's allowing low level Greater Rifts to skew some of this data (and Leaderboards) which we have plans to address. We're looking into the details of this, so as soon as we have more information, we'll let you know!

Posted by: Jaetch

Do we dare talk about Firebird's Finery? That set was a laughingstock of 6-piece sets in the live game. It was slated to be revamped and all that's changed was increasing the damage from 300% over 5 seconds to 2000%. That is not a revamp. That is barely an improvement.

As a quick note, we're already taking a closer look at Firebird's Finery. This was our first pass and we agree that there's more room for work here. In this case, there's also the happenstance that a Fire focus just makes the most logical sense for this particular set ('cause, you know, Firebird's), and we acknowledge that Fire is already an incredibly strong element. You will likely see more iteration on this set in additional PTR patches, so stay tuned and be sure to keep letting us know what you think!

PTR Hotfix & Character Copy Change
The PTR has only been up for a few days, but there have already been updates to it. One quick hotfix changed the PTR Leaderboard data so that characters under level 70 couldn't get on the leaderboards, since they were designed for maximum level characters. Another nice change lowered the cooldown to copy characters from the live server to the PTR; instead of waiting 72 hours, characters can now be copied over every 24 hours.
Based on player feedback and the desire to provide a more optimal testing environment, we've reduced the cooldown for PTR character copies from 72 hours to 24 hours, effective immediately.

  • This means that if you copy over your characters to the PTR today, you will be able to copy them again after only 24 hours.

  • This also means that if you have a character copy cooldown active right now, it's time has been reduced to 24 hours and may have already expired as a result.

To find out how to copy characters over to the PTR, click here.

Clickables in Greater Rifts
Greater Rifts are designed for fast gameplay, with no drops until the end and little to click on. That naturally reduces the usefulness of some items like the Harrington Waistguard. It looks like there are some new belts in patch 2.1, though, so players should be able to find a solid alternative.
Well, I can totally see that the Harrington Waistguard might not be the most useful item to equip in Greater Rifts, but that being said, I doubt that we will get to see much of an increase of clickables in Greater Rifts.

Since you are very much racing the clock in Greater Rifts, the developers are trying to keep distractions to a minimum. Things like smashing clickables, picking up drops, and inventory management will cost you valuable time, so we are trying to avoid that by moving all the drops and rewards and such to the boss at the end.

Not Enough Monsters in Rifts
On the PTR, some Nephalem Rifts do not have enough monsters to properly spawn the Rift Guardian. That will be fixed in the next PTR build.
We've identified a bug that can sometimes cause Nephalem Rifts to have a lower population of certain monsters than intended, which results in these Rifts not having enough monsters to spawn the Rift Guardian. It's not something we can hotfix, though, so we're currently planning to address it in the next PTR build. Thanks for the reports, everyone!

Greed Loot Chest Bug
The new Goblin realm boss Greed is supposed to drop a loot chest when slain. There is a bug right now that can prevent the chest from being accessible. That will also be fixed in an upcoming PTR patch.
We are aware of an issue where if you kill Greed while the boss is using its charge attack, the loot chest will land in such a way that you cannot pick up the loot. This should be resolved in a future PTR patch and I've gone ahead and added this to our known issues list.

Thanks for the reports!

Patch 2.1.0 PTR Known Issues List
Here is the list of known issues so far on the Patch 2.1.0 PTR. These will no doubt be taken care of during PTR patches in the weeks ahead.
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Patch 2.3.0 Public Test Realm! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our current 2.3.0 build - 33174. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and please help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list.

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active on the 2.3.0 PTR. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and (in most cases) an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III!!!

  • The Level one “Cubist” Achievement progress bar displays incorrectly in the Achievements UI

  • Wizard - Archon: Entering Archon form will not break fear effects caused by Nightmarish monsters

  • The Deadly Rebirth legendary dagger has been temporarily removed as a possible drop

  • Crafted legendary offhand items are not rolling with the appropriate values of increased damage

  • Gem recipe inventory items obtained prior to patch 2.3.0 will become unusable after patch 2.3.0 is released
    Note:These items are going to be converted to grey vendor items in a future patch

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