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Season 5 Wraps Up With Massive BansHundreds of Diablo III accounts are closed before the end of Season 54 years ago
Massive Set Revamps and Gold Sinks in Patch 2.4Developer info about the content and ideas for the next content patch5 years ago
Free-to-Play Diablo III Arrives in ChinaA very different edition of Diablo III is live in mainland China5 years ago
No Diablo III MMO or Cross-Platform Play PlannedLead designer Kevin Martens discusses why neither will happen6 years ago
BlizzCon 2014 Transmogrification Patterns ReleasedTake a look at the six new weapon transmogrifications 6 years ago
Reaper of Souls Patch 2.1 Arrives on ConsolesGreater Rifts and Legendary Gems for the PS4 and the Xbox One6 years ago
Pet Toughness Increasing in Diablo III PatchPlus details on a loot bug in the Uber Diablo fight, and a community roundup6 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Sales Strong on PC and ConsoleBoth editions of the game hit top 5 sales on charts around the globe6 years ago
Diablo III Players Dive Into Season 1 The first Diablo III Season brings the fun of a blank slate to the game6 years ago
Diablo III PC and 'Reaper of Souls' on Sale for $20Big discounts this week at Best Buy on the PC game and expansion6 years ago
Developer Interviews from gamescom 2014Talking about the 'Ultimate Evil Edition' and new content after patch 2.16 years ago
Diablo III on PlayStation Vita ShownSee Diablo III played on the PS Vita, with Remote Play on a PlayStation 46 years ago
New Legendary Powers in Patch 2.1Special powers on Seasonal Legendaries and revamped older Legendary items6 years ago
Diablo III Announced for ChinaChinese publisher NetEase will finally bring the game to mainland China6 years ago
Big Changes in Next Patch 2.1 PTR BuildOverhaul to skills like Exploding Palm and Legendary items including Vile Ward, plus Legendary gems arrive6 years ago
Dancing Comes to Diablo III in Patch 2.1See the new /dance option for each of the classes6 years ago
Ramaladni's Gift Provides Sockets for All WeaponsBlizzard Blues on Patch 2.1 PTR features and the new Greed's Realm6 years ago
Legendary Gems Sneak PeakAn early look at Legendary gems in Diablo III patch 2.16 years ago
'Ultimate Evil Edition' Specifics Depend on ConsoleThe game runs in higher resolution on the PS4 than the Xbox One6 years ago
E3 Interview and 'Ultimate Evil Edition' PlayStation ContentJosh Mosqueira details the content that is exclusive to the PS3 and PS46 years ago
'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition' is Playable at E3Blizzard is showing off the upcoming console version of Diablo III6 years ago
Diablo III Producer Talks Future ContentDetails about Tiered Rifts, Seasons, and the possibility of Legendary gems6 years ago
PlayStation 4 Diablo III Previewed at PAX EastNew features for the PS4 edition includes a side-kick Apprentice Mode6 years ago
Legendary Drops Fixed in Patch 2.0.4Undocumented changes in the new patch include higher pet damage6 years ago
More 'Reaper of Souls' Producer and Artist InterviewsThoughts from the Diablo III Lead Producer, and Lead Character Artist6 years ago
Artists and a Producer Interviews for 'Reaper of Souls'Chats with the people who help bring the expansion to life6 years ago
Hotfixes Nerf XP and Change Set DropsThe latest changes promote playing in Torment, and the upcoming Adventure Mode6 years ago
Josh Mosqueira and Dave Adams InterviewA previous interview about Reaper of Souls and patch 2.06 years ago
Interviews with Blizzard Sound and Voice ActorsTwo interviews focus on the audio side of Diablo III, and the new expansion6 years ago
Diablo III Developers Tease Future ContentTwitter comments hint at big updates after the expansion6 years ago
Diablo III Developers Talk 'Reaper of Souls' An interview with developers Kevin Martens & Laura Paolilli6 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 Is Live TodayThe 'Loot 2.0' patch hits the live servers on Tuesday, and here are all the latest updates for it.6 years ago
Arcane Power on Crit Nerfed for Patch 2.0All class resources require more management in the next Diablo III patch6 years ago
Faster Paragon Leveling in Next Beta PatchExperience per kill and other changes will make leveling six times faster6 years ago
Authenticator Removal Support OptionsDirect removal is unavailable right now, but there are other options6 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Phishing Scam WarningBlizzard support warns about emails with fake invites to test the expansion7 years ago
Diablo III in Europe Down Since SundayError 3006 with login servers on Blizzard games in the EU region (Update)7 years ago
Diablo III and Other Blizzard Games on SaleBlack Friday sale runs through Monday evening7 years ago
Nephalem Valor Removed in 'Reaper of Souls'Wyatt Cheng discusses gameplay system changes coming in the Loot 2.0 patch and the expansion7 years ago
PS4 Diablo III Supports Remote Play on PS VitaDiablo III comes to handheld consoles via a PS4 streaming to a PS Vita7 years ago
EU Diablo III Server Restarts for Latency IssuesA possible fix is tested for the latency issues plaguing the Diablo III servers in Europe7 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Confirmed for PS4, Playable at BlizzConThe PlayStation 4 release of Diablo III will start with 'Reaper of Souls'7 years ago
Diablo and Tyrael Arriving as Funko Pop FiguresTiny figures of Diablo and Tyrael will be released in November 20137 years ago
Book of Tyrael Available Early at New York Comic ConThe book of lore can be bought early and autographed by the authors7 years ago
PS3 Diablo III Outsold Xbox 360 in Release WeekDiablo III Console sales are charted for the first week of release in the US and Europe7 years ago
Diablo III Demo Available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360The free downloadable Diablo III demo is out for both consoles7 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Definitely Coming to ConsoleD3 developers Matthew Berger and Josh Mosqueira talk console Diablo III, the eventual PVP system, and more7 years ago
Square Enix to Release PS3 Diablo III in JapanDiablo III will be localized for Japan, and released on the PS3 in 20147 years ago
Skill Buffs in the Loot 2.0 PatchBlizzard Blues on the skill changes in the next patch, the best console class, Enchanting boosts to items, and more7 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Brings Graphics ImprovementsImprovements to graphical shaders, and randomized outdoor areas in the Diablo III expansion7 years ago
PS3 Diablo III Characters Might Play on PS4Matthew Berger from the D3 console team talks future plans for the game7 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Developer Interview by gamona.deJosh Mosqueira and Christian Lichtner talk Paragon and Loot 2.0, new monster affixes, transmogrification and more!7 years ago
Crusader Class and Loot 2.0 DetailedVideos of the Reaper of Souls expansion announcement, and an interview with Josh Mosqueira7 years ago
Diablo III Expansion Gamescom Trailer ConfirmedThe D3 expansion trailer is rated, and 'The Dark Below' trademark is now verified7 years ago
Diablo III Announcement Coming at GamescomActivision Blizzard Q2 2013 earnings report details the Blizzard All-Star progress and 'Project Titan' revamp7 years ago
Diablo III PS3 Receives #EvilReborn PromotionThe marketing ramps up for the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III7 years ago
Wyatt Cheng on Health Globes, Life and HealingMore developer discussions on combat pacing, and hero health versus monster damage in Diablo III7 years ago
Diablo III Still on Top 20 UK PC Games ChartsNew sales each week keep it on the charts in the UK, and at Amazon.com7 years ago
Witch Doctor Outfit on Auction at PlayStation NetworkGamers on the PlayStation Network can bid gold trophies to buy Witch Doctor costume pieces7 years ago
Diablo III Developer Podcast InterviewAn interview with Josh Mosqueira, Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day7 years ago
Wyatt Cheng Diablo III GDC Talk AvailableVideo presentation about iterating on the Diablo III game systems for skills, health recovery, and more!7 years ago
Diablo III on PlayStation: Hand-Crafted for ConsolesJason Bender discusses developing the PS3 version of Diablo III7 years ago
Itemization Revamp is Undergoing TestingXbox 360 D3 gameplay, and Blizzard Blues about the long process towards the items overhaul7 years ago
Blizzard Prepares a Battle.net Desktop ClientEarly data from a Battle.net Desktop app shows combined game support, and new features like 'Appear Offline'7 years ago
Blizzard Shifts Developers to Diablo as 'Titan' ResetProjects across Blizzard get staffed up, with the next generation MMO project pared back to a core team7 years ago
Candid Chats with Wyatt Cheng and Travis DayDiscussions with Diablo III developers about legendary items, skills, endless dungeons, ladders, and much more!7 years ago
PlayStation 3 Diablo III Release Date in 2013Activision Blizzard provides information about the upcoming PS3 Diablo III release7 years ago
Magic Find Cap Raised in 1.0.8Blizzard Blues on the new cap for Magic Find and Gold Find, and another change for Inspiring Presence7 years ago
Skill Changes in 1.0.8 PTR PatchBuffs to Wizard, Witch Doctor, and Demon Hunter skills are coming in the next build7 years ago
Major XP Boosts and More Monsters in Patch 1.0.8Info on the higher monster density, experience boosts, Teleport changes and more in the new patch on the PTR7 years ago
Diablo III Display and ArtworkSee fan-created artwork of Tyrael and a display at Blizzard's Diablo III development area7 years ago
Diablo III Has 3 Million Players a Month, 1 Million Each DayJay Wilson at GDC gives current gameplay stats and reflects on how the Auction House 'really hurt' the game7 years ago
Diablo III Console: Not Exclusive to Sony, No RMAHPAX day 1 brings news and videos about the PlayStation 3 Diablo III7 years ago
Blizzard Teases Announcement of New GameRob Pardo will be at PAX East to announce the next game from Blizzard7 years ago
Activision Blizzard Q4 2012 Earnings ReportDiablo III has sold over 12 million copies, and Blizzard All-Stars continues development7 years ago
Blizzard Blues: Expansion Beta, PVP DeathsInfo on many topics including dyes for legendaries, and PVP with Elite item bonuses7 years ago
Jay Wilson's Twitter Feed Plays DeadThe removal of the Twitter feed turns out to be a mistake8 years ago
'Diablo 3' Makes Google Zeitgeist for 2012The videogame title takes the 5th spot in the trending Google searches for the year8 years ago
Diablo III is Running on Consoles at BlizzardThe promised PVP blog is mentioned again, not coming until the end of the year8 years ago
No PVP-Specific Gear in Diablo IIINo equipment specifically for PVP, and no change to the red outline on selected opponents8 years ago
Diablo III Top Selling PC Game in 2012An expansion pack is planned, and the base game continues to sell very well8 years ago
Blizzard Investigating Reports of Increased Monster Damage in 1.0.5aDamage from Molten affix may be stacking after the most recent patch8 years ago
Infernal Machine Drop Rates Explained, & Hellfire Rings Showing UpInfernal Machine pieces drop rates are detailed, and many Hellfire Rings are completed8 years ago
Toys R Us is Selling Diablo III for $9.98A massive sell off of video games at the retailer provides big discounts8 years ago
Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime Talks Diablo IIIThe 10 million copies of Diablo III initially sold exceeded their forecast for the entire year8 years ago
Blizzard Details Two New Systems for Patch 1.0.5A bit of info about the Infernal Machine and Monster Power systems coming in patch 1.0.58 years ago
Cafe in Shanghai Provides Diablo AmbianceThe Tristram Cafe in Shanghai, China is themed around Diablo and other games8 years ago
Paragon Level 100 Reached by AlkaizerFirst in the world to reach the highest Paragon Level8 years ago
Blizzard Q&A Discusses Possible ChangesDiscussion of ideas for future patches8 years ago
Battle.net Blocked in IranAccess lost to Diablo III and other Blizzard games8 years ago
Patch 1.0.4 Known Issues, and Undocumented ChangesMany changes and oddities that weren't in the official patch notes.8 years ago
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