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Patch 2.1.0 Hotfixes Boost Item AffixesBlizzard Blues on Ramaladni's Gift drops and Treasure Goblin spawns (Updated)6 years ago
Double Treasure Goblins and Gold Bonus in Diablo IIIA treasure event for the next week, and Greater Rift rankings are live6 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Preview: Greater RiftsAn overview of Greater Rifts and the rewards that they provide6 years ago
'Ultimate Evil Edition' Guides and Current IssuesThe official game guide is updated for the new console features and controls6 years ago
Diablo III Developer Twitch Interview Next ThursdayThree developers join Nevalistis for 'Tavern Talk', to discuss patch 2.1.06 years ago
'Ultimate Evil Edition' Content Patches Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneThe next-gen consoles will receive patch 2.1.0 after it arrives on the PC6 years ago
Diablo III Console Patch 1.0.3 Fights Item HacksThe patch also sets up character exports to the 'Ultimate Evil Edition'6 years ago
More Monk and 2-Handed Weapon Buffs Coming to PTRThe next Patch 2.1 PTR build brings skill buffs & fixes, Greater Rift improvements, and more6 years ago
New Diablo Merchandise is Coming to the Blizzard StoreA shadowy edition of the Diablo action figure will be available soon6 years ago
2-Handed Weapons Buffed in Patch 2.1A new PTR patch buffs 2-handed weapons, and resets the Leaderboards6 years ago
Legendary Gems Disabled on 2.1 Public Test RealmCurrent issues on the Patch 2.1.0 PTR, including Legendary Gems6 years ago
Diablo Logo Mug at the Blizzard Gear StoreA new mug features the dark visage of Diablo, and the Diablo III logo6 years ago
Dancing Comes to Diablo III in Patch 2.1See the new /dance option for each of the classes6 years ago
Legendary Gems Sneak PeakAn early look at Legendary gems in Diablo III patch 2.16 years ago
Last Day to Claim Auction House Items and GoldThe Diablo III Auction Houses will close for good, tomorrow6 years ago
Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 First LookA preview of Patch 2.1 including Seasons, Greater Rifts, and Leaderboards6 years ago
Malthael Ralgan Sale at Blizzard Gear StoreA weekend sale for 20% off apparel, when buying a Malthael Ralgan Tee6 years ago
Undocumented Changes and Bugs in Patch 2.0.6The patch brought extra changes, including big fixes to broken achievements6 years ago
Japanese 'Ultimate Evil Edition' Exclusive to PS3 and PS4Square-Enix again brings Diablo III to Japan, only on PlayStation consoles6 years ago
New Diablo Short Story: 'Middlewick'A dark short story, set in the world of Diablo6 years ago
Watch the Diablo Anniversary Livestream VODInfo on Diablo III development from Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng6 years ago
Drop Rate Buff for Diablo III Second AnniversaryA week-long buff doubles the Legendary drop rates and Rift Fragments6 years ago
Reaper of Souls Coming to Console August 19The expansion will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 3606 years ago
Diablo III Second Anniversary GiveawaySign up and share with your friends, for a chance to win Diablo gear6 years ago
Bigger Rewards from Adventure Mode in Patch 2.0.5Higher Torment difficulty levels will provide more Legendary items and Blood Shards in the next patch6 years ago
New Ebook Released: 'Diablo III: Morbed'An e-novella story set in the Diablo III universe is available on Monday6 years ago
Hotfixes Update the 'Shard of Hate' PowerFixes to bugs with the Legendary sword and other Blizzard Blues posts6 years ago
Legendary Crafting Materials Boosted in Next PatchHotfix changes increase drop rates, and Blizzard Blues discuss the changes6 years ago
Blizzard Introduces Happy Reaper and Blizzard OutcastsPlay 'Happy Reaper' as Malthael, and destroy the Nephalem6 years ago
Hotfixes Boost Legendary and Set Item AcquisitionMore Legendary drops, and from Blood Shard purchases6 years ago
Diablo III Item Bug at Level 62+Blizzard Blues on the current issues in the 'Reaper of Souls' expansion6 years ago
Videos Available of Level 61 SkillsSee the new skill in 'Reaper of Souls' for each of the 5 base classes6 years ago
Diablo III Auction House Has ClosedBlizzard Blues on the removal of the AH, more hotfixes, and other topics6 years ago
Interviews with Blizzard Sound and Voice ActorsTwo interviews focus on the audio side of Diablo III, and the new expansion6 years ago
Developer Q&A at 'Reaper of Souls' Release PartyA live Q&A session on Twitch with Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng6 years ago
Diablo III Developers Tease Future ContentTwitter comments hint at big updates after the expansion6 years ago
Bonus Experience Buff Active in Diablo IIICharacters level faster with an xp buff, until the release of 'Reaper of Souls'6 years ago
Are You Prepared for Patch 2.0.1?A big overview of the changes and new features in Diablo III patch 2.0.16 years ago
Diablo III Launcher Updates IncomingOutlining the steps for the patch 2.0.1 installation6 years ago
'Reaper of Souls' Fan Art Contest AnnouncedAn art contest from Blizzard and deviantART has over $11,000 in prizes6 years ago
New 'Reaper of Souls' Beta Invites Coming SoonA small patch for the PTR/Beta, and more invitations to the expansion beta6 years ago
New Stash Tab in 'Reaper of Souls'No enchanting for legacy items, in the Diablo III expansion6 years ago
Blizzard Stream Awards for 2013 AnnouncedBlizzard teams with Twitch.tv to honor streamers of their games6 years ago
'Lower Difficulty' Removed in HardcoreBlizzard Blues on changes to the level 70 Hellfire Ring, Bounties, and more6 years ago
Hotfixes for Beta and PTR Change Legendary DropsIncluding adjustments to Legendary drop rates, and a Splash damage fix6 years ago
Diablo III Launcher Upgrading to Battle.net AppThe old Diablo III launcher is being replaced with the new Battle.net app6 years ago
Bugs in 'Reaper of Souls' Beta and PTRKnown Issues for the expansion beta, and the Patch 2.0.1 PTR6 years ago
New Legendary and Set Bonus ChangesThe next test server patch brings better bonuses for Legendary and Set items6 years ago
Possible Reset for Next 'Reaper of Souls' Beta PatchBlizzard Blues on feedback in the beta, and pre-downloading the expansion6 years ago
Battle.net Accounts Compromised by TrojanNew malware steals battle.net account info, even from accounts with a Blizzard authenticator6 years ago
No Beta Access with 'Reaper of Souls' Pre-OrderBlizzard Blues on Nephalem Rifts in the expansion, and Loot 2.0 changes6 years ago
Diablo III Holiday Gift GuideChoose from clothes, books, and figurines that have a Diablo theme6 years ago
'Design a Legendary' Developer ChatA video of the recent community discussion with Travis Day and John Yang6 years ago
More 'Reaper of Souls' Beta HotfixesServer maintenance, and Blizzard Blues on BOA for the expansion6 years ago
Loot 2.0 Patch Test Coming 'Soon'The Public Test Realm will be opening soon for Diablo III patch 2.0.16 years ago
Friends and Family Beta HotfixesA slew of temporary fixes and tweaks to deal with broken items and skills6 years ago
Nephalem Valor Removed in 'Reaper of Souls'Wyatt Cheng discusses gameplay system changes coming in the Loot 2.0 patch and the expansion6 years ago
Nephalem Trials Cut for 'Reaper of Souls' LaunchOne of the announced game systems for the expansion is put on hold6 years ago
Diablo III on the PS4: Ultimate Evil EditionA look at Diablo III on the PlayStation 4 console, with a gameplay video6 years ago
Diablo III Panels and Activities at BlizzCon 2013An overview of all the Diablo III events coming up at BlizzCon6 years ago
Design a Legendary Poll Chooses 1-Hand SwordBlizzard Blues on console item drop quality, achievement bugs, and Transmogrification6 years ago
Diablo T-Shirt Contest WinnersFive wonderful t-shirt designs are the winners from the art contest6 years ago
EU Diablo III Server Restarts for Latency IssuesA possible fix is tested for the latency issues plaguing the Diablo III servers in Europe6 years ago
Six Skill Slots Staying in 'Reaper of Souls'Blizzard Blues on using dyes on transmogrified items, the Paragon 2.0 system, and more6 years ago
Blizzard Surveys Gamers on 'Reaper of Souls' PricingEmail survey gathers feedback about the expansion's editions and pricing6 years ago
Josh Mosqueira Gathers Feedback on Trading in D3Blizzard Blues on changes to 'black' weapon damage, Treasure Goblins, item hacks in console Diablo III, and more6 years ago
Diablo III Xbox Live Avatar Props AvailableDiablo themed animated props can be purchased on Xbox Live6 years ago
Wyatt Cheng on Combat Pacing in Reaper of SoulsThe philosophy behind moving away from one-shot deaths, and adding more tactical combat7 years ago
Cosmetic DLC Released for Console Diablo IIIDigital t-shirts can be purchased for the Xbox 360 or PS3 Diablo III7 years ago
Follower Items Disappearing in Diablo III ConsoleFollower skills are resetting and items disappearing, as one of the known issues for the Console Diablo III7 years ago
Diablo III Novel Announced: Storm of LightThe book is set for a February 2014 release, and covers the story leading up to the expansion7 years ago
Mystic Enchanting Provides Stat ChoicesInfo from developer Wyatt Cheng on the new Enchanting system, and other Blizzard Blues7 years ago
Square Enix to Release PS3 Diablo III in JapanDiablo III will be localized for Japan, and released on the PS3 in 20147 years ago
Diablo III for PS3 and Xbox 360 on Sale for $45The release is just around the corner, and ToysRUs has a big discount7 years ago
Gamescom 2013 Draws to a CloseBlizzard made a big splash at gamescom, including the announcement of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls7 years ago
Crusader Class and Loot 2.0 DetailedVideos of the Reaper of Souls expansion announcement, and an interview with Josh Mosqueira7 years ago
Diablo III Console TV AdA television commercial is unveiled for D3 on the console, and server maintenance on Tuesday7 years ago
Battle.net Desktop App Available to AllBlizzard's new game updater desktop program enters open beta7 years ago
Bringing Back the MysticBlizzard Blues on ideas for self-found mode and shared Paragon Levels, and Q&A for the console D37 years ago
Thursday Server Maintenance in Diablo IIIBlizzard Blues with an unusual Thursday maintenance, and improving the item hunt7 years ago
Last Day for Sale on Console Diablo IIIThe pre-orders of PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III are on sale at Amazon.com7 years ago
PlayStation 4 Diablo III Release Date in 2014FAQ for Diablo III console versions details the release schedule, languages, and other specifics7 years ago
Space Requirements for Diablo III on PS3 and Xbox 360Blizzard Blues on the differences between the hard drive space needed for the upcoming console versions of D37 years ago
Incredible Fan Art by Dmitriy 'Tamplier' ProzorovPlayer Spotlight on a highly talented artist who creates Blizzard fan art7 years ago
Blizzard Bans More Diablo III PlayersPlayers using cheats and exploits have been permanently banned from the game7 years ago
Hotfix for Monsters in New TristramA fix is put in to stop aggressive creatures from killing characters in town7 years ago
Console Diablo III Multiplayer Trailer and Details at E3Blizzard Blues discussions about the console D3, and many videos of the console gameplay7 years ago
Blizzard at E3 with Diablo III on the Xbox 360 and PS3E3 attendees can try out multiplayer Diablo III on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 37 years ago
Diablo III: Book of Tyrael Coming This OctoberThe Diablo III story expands this October, shortly before BlizzCon 20137 years ago
Diablo III One-Year Anniversary InfographicOfficial stats of the Diablo III game in the first year of release!7 years ago
Monster Density Increase for Lower DifficultiesBlizzard Blues on fallout from the gold dupe, and updated Patch 1.0.8 Known Issues7 years ago
All Auction Houses Are Back OnlineMaintenance has concluded from the Diablo III gold dupe audit; Blizzard Blues on monster drops and other changes in 1.0.87 years ago
Infernal Helm Only for Console Diablo IIIConsole Diablo III battle.net forums give more info, and 8 hours of server maintenance on Tuesday7 years ago
Pre-order Bonus for Diablo III on the PS3An Infernal Helm with a +experience bonus in pre-orders of Diablo III for the PlayStation 37 years ago
Finding Bugged 'Waller' ElitesBlizzard is looking for bug report details of single Waller walls7 years ago
New Build for Patch 1.0.8 on the PTRA new build brings skill changes and other content to the Public Test Realm7 years ago
'Ask the Devs' Answers on Itemization (Part 2)Further discussion of items in Diablo III, including weapon types, Magic Find, and more7 years ago
Developer Journal: Multiplayer Improvements in Patch 1.0.8Info on new matchmaking features in the next patch, which is landing on the PTR 'very soon'7 years ago
Rollback Policy Changed for Diablo III in US and EUItems on rolled back accounts will be bound to account, and cannot be traded or sold7 years ago
Blizzard Unveils Console Diablo III SiteShowing off Multiplayer gameplay and promotional videos for Diablo III on the PS37 years ago
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