Class Popularity in Patch 2.0

Archive of Diablo III popularity for the classes in hardcore and softcore modes

  • Note: This is historical data from the characters as of the end of Diablo III PC patch 2.0. See the current Class Popularity charts for the latest data, from the current Diablo III patch.
  • These charts show the most played Diablo III classes in hardcore versus softcore, and the Paragon Level distribution during Diablo III patch 2.0. This data is all gathered from characters who played from the start of Diablo III patch 2.0.1 to the end of patch 2.0.6.
  • This data is archived from more than 3 million Diablo III characters in patch 2.0. See the Archive of Data for Patch 2.0 for details on the data.
Charts Last Updated: September 5, 2014
Character Level Class Popularity During Patch 2.0
Class Popularity for All Diablo III Characters
  • This chart shows class popularity based on all the Diablo III characters we scanned who played during Patch 2.0.
  • This includes all groups of Diablo III characters: softcore and hardcore of all levels, whether living and dead.
  • This chart mixes together data from both softcore and hardcore Diablo III characters, including the dead ones. For a look at the survival rate for hardcore characters in patch 2.0, see the Hardcore Deaths in 2.0 charts.
Class Popularity for Level 70 Characters
  • Here we see the popularity for each of the Diablo III classes, among level 70 characters who played during patch 2.0.
  • The blue columns represent the softcore level 70 characters, while the red columns show the living hardcore characters at level 70.
Class Popularity for Softcore Characters at Level 1-69
  • These charts reflect the popularity of each of the 6 classes in Diablo III during the leveling process, throughout patch 2.0. They show the class popularity by percentage as characters gain levels.
  • Click or tap the square class colors in the legend, to highlight the points of data for that class. Select any data point to see the exact percentage of that class, at the level range.
  • The Crusader is a new class added in the Reaper of Souls expansion, and it was the most popular class to be leveled during patch 2.0.
  • The reason why the Crusader class seemed to drop off in popularity in the last part of the chart is because that is the character level 60-69 range. There are many of the pre-expansion level 60 characters of other classes who are occasionally played, which makes the relative popularity of Crusaders lower in that level range. Most Crusaders who are leveled up to 60 are taken all the way to level 70, which shows in the popularity chart above.
Class Popularity for Hardcore Characters at Level 1-69
  • The hardcore class percentages while leveling is different from the class popularity at level 70, as seen when comparing this chart to the Level 70 Characters by Class chart above.
  • As in the softcore leveling popularity charts, the Crusader class starts as the most popular class to level right now. Since Crusaders are very likely to make it to level 70 and are a new class, proportionally there are few Crusaders at levels 60-69 compared to the other classes.
  • See the charts of Hardcore Deaths in Patch 2.0 for data on the classes who did the best at surviving all the way to level 70 in hardcore mode.
Paragon Level Distribution in Patch 2.0
  • These charts show how far Diablo III players proceeded in Shared Paragon Levels, by the end of patch 2.0.6. The data is from Diablo III accounts who have at least 1 or more Paragon Levels, in softcore or hardcore mode.
Paragon Account Distribution in Softcore Mode
  • Of the Diablo III accounts that have at least 1 softcore Paragon Level, most have 100+ Paragon Levels.
Paragon Account Distribution in Hardcore Mode
  • The vast majority of Diablo III accounts do not have any hardcore Paragon Levels. Those who have at least 1 hardcore Paragon Level are listed here; most of them have fewer than 100.
Want more historical data from patch 2.0? See the Archive of Data for Patch 2.0 for other charts.