New Legendary Powers in Patch 2.1

Special powers on Seasonal Legendaries and revamped older Legendary items

Diablo III Patch 2.1 - Leoric's Crown
The upcoming Diablo III Patch 2.1 will bring new Legendary items, and also new powers to old Legendary items. Many of these have been implemented on the Public Test Realm for patch 2.1, and Seasonal Legendary items have been available since the most recent build there. Here is a look at these new and updated Legendary items.

Along with Legendary items improvements, the sweeping buffs to 2-handed weapons will provide new weapon options for many classes. As with everything on the PTR, all of these changes are still in flux and may be changed further as the development process continues.

Leoric's Crown
The helm Leoric's Crown is currently not a very interesting Legendary item. That will change in patch 2.1, as the helm is one of the revamped Legendary items. New drops of the crown in patch 2.1 will have the Legendary power:
  • Increase the effect of any gem socketed into this item by 75-100%.
As listed on reddit, this can be seen in the screenshot above of a new drop of the crown on the PTR. There are certain specs that will find this very useful, when trying to stack a lot of Cooldown Reduction (CDR). With the helm, a character can gain up to 25% Cooldown Reduction when using a Flawless Royal Diamond.

Diablo III Season 1 Weapon - Remorseless
Remorseless - One-Hand Barbarian Mighty Weapon
One of the new Seasonal Legendary items is a Barbarian 1-handed Mighty Weapon named Remorseless. Details were provided on reddit about the weapon, and how the summoned Ancients work. The weapon provides for a large number of followers for a Barbarian, when combined with the Ancients from Call of the Ancients.

Krelm's Buff Bracers
A new Seasonal Legendary that can be used by any class are the Krelm's Buff Bracers, part of a new 2-piece set. The bracers provide the Legendary power:
  • You are immune to Knockback and Stun effects.
As confirmed by Nevalistis, the bracers do not help against the Jailer or Frozen monster abilities, since those are not considered Knockbacks or Stuns.
Posted by: Neidbau

Probably not, as Jailer and Frozen are not stuns, they are immobilize and freeze effects.

Neidbau's got it on this one. Krelm's Buff Bracers grant immunity to Stuns and Knockbacks, neither of which apply to the Jailer or Frozen effects.

Seasonal Legendaries for Season 1
As listed in the PTR 2.1 patch notes, this is the current list of new Legendary items for the first Diablo III season. Once patch 2.1 goes live, the first season will start. During the season, these items will only drop for Seasonal characters. After the season is over, all items on Seasonal characters will be transferred over to the standard characters, including any of these Seasonal Legendary items that have been obtained. At that point, these Seasonal items will drop for all characters.

These items just started dropping in the latest PTR patch. They are still being heavily developed, and many of them have not even been given names.
New Seasonal Legendaries
  • General
    • Bottomless Potion of Rejuvination
      • New Legendary Potion
      • Restores 15% of your primary resource when used below 25% Life
    • Krelm's Buff Belt
      • New Legendary Belt
      • Grants a 20% Movement Speed bonus
      • Taking damage causes you to lose this effect for 15 seconds
    • Krelm's Buff Bracers
      • New Legendary Bracers
      • Grant you immunity to Knockback and Stun effects
    • x1_FollowerItem_Legendary_03 (Name still TBD)
      • New Legendary Follower item
      • Equip on Follower: Reduces the cooldown of all Follower skills by 50%
  • Barbarian
    • Remorseless
      • New Legendary one-handed Mighty Weapon
      • Grants Hammer of the Ancients a 25-30% chance to summon an Ancient for 20 seconds
  • Crusader
    • P1_CruShield_norm_unique_01 (Name still TBD)
      • New Legendary Crusader Shield
      • Removes the cooldown of Condemn
      • Condemn now costs 40 Wrath
  • Demon Hunter
    • Leonine Bow of Hashir
      • New Legendary Bow
      • Grants Bola Shot a 15-20% chance on explosion to pull in all enemies within 24 yards
  • Monk
    • Alabaster Gloves
      • New Legendary Gloves
      • Increases the duration of Sweeping Wind to 1 minute
  • Witch Doctor
    • Seasonal Legendary not yet implemented
  • Wizard
    • p1_Wand_norm_unique_01 (Name still TBD)
      • New Wand
      • Removes the cooldown of Teleport
      • Teleport now costs 25 Arcane Power

These items will continue to be polished in upcoming PTR patches, before finally going live once patch 2.1.0 is completed.
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