Diablo Apparel Designed at musterbrand

Fashion meets the gaming lifestyle in products with a Diablo theme

masterbrand - Diablo III
Blizzard licenses their game intellectual property to many different companies, to create merchandise of all sorts. Much of this merchandise can be purchased directly from Blizzard in the Blizzard Gear store. Certain Blizzard-themed products are not available from Blizzard. One company that sells their own licensed high end apparel is musterbrand, a gaming fashion design company based in Hamburg, Germany. They have some interesting products with a Diablo theme, and more on the way!

The musterbrand Diablo collection includes Cain's Bag and an upcoming The Wanderer jacket, seen below.

The Wanderer - musterbrand Cain's Bag - musterbrand

Blizzard's other franchises also get some love, with t-shirts based around World of Warcraft and StarCraft II in the Blizzard collection. If you are looking for high end apparel with a Blizzard theme, check them out!
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