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Did any of you guys actually PLAY d2?(1)Category: GeneralMarch-15-2016 7:25 PM PDT (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
- complaints about botters

hahahahahahahaha....... haha..hehe.. hahahahahaha. The amount of botters in diablo 2 is STAGGERING, and not just ones that automatically ran games for you. PVP bots, loot bots, trade bots, AFK bots (yup!), chat bots... i mean, the amount of bots were/is staggering.

- complaints about AH

Step 1) make a game called "iso:item"
Step 2) wait
Step 3) 30 seconds later trade what you wanted for said item. At the end, even the best of gear was INCREDIBLY easy to obtain.

- skill tree vs runes

Wow. The amount of variation in diablo 2 was not nearly what you guys are making it out to be. Not even close. Barring some oddball builds that werent very effective (compared to the main builds anyway)

Sorceress -> fire/hydra build, orb build, blizzard build.
Paladin -> this guy had the most variation by far, but it still wasn't as many as you guys make it out to be
Assassin -> WW sin or trap sin. Some weirdos (like myself) even used fire traps, but those werent overly effective all the time
Barb -> literally like 2 builds
Druid -> wolf, bear or whirlwind
Necro -> bone or summon
Amazon -> Jav or bow.

- item variation

Holy crap. Diablo 2 had rune words. Man that added SO MUCH VARIATION. Err... no, not really. Pretty much EVERY build used mostly the same gear. 2xsoj(or 1bk if you needed life steal), Enigma armor, mara amulet, HotA/Spirit offhand, sandstorm trek/waterwalk boots, and i frankly dont remember the rest, but those items are used on 99% of all end game builds. There were only a couple usable runewords. Mostly with the weapons, but diablo 3 has effect based weapons that diablo 2 did not have, effectively creating the same effect.The ONLY key difference was any item could potentially be useful. Rare items could be the best in slot theoretically, and magic weapons were often times the most effective due to the skill scaling on them.

The thing is, diablo 2 isn't as "magical" as you nostalgia freaks are making it out to be. I played diablo 2 for TEN YEARS. I replayed it recently, and within 2 hours, I had a level 90 with decent gear. Within a couple days, I had BIS gear, AND full charm set. If I wanted, I could have simply purchased BIS Gear for 20$ and not have had to spend any time farming.

The "magic" from diablo 2 was PVP and P2P trading. Starting a new character with a friend was also pretty cool. But the complaints about the AH, "skill variation", item looting, and end game content is absolutely laughable. Diablo 2 had NO end game. At the end, you ran baal runs for a few hours, did some MF runs, and farmed gear to trade up for better gear. PVP was the 'endgame' in diablo 2.
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Did any of you guys actually PLAY d2?(96)March-16-2016 1:28 PM PDT (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hey folks,

The discussion here has devolved into far too much name-calling bordering on harassment, which isn't helped by an extremely inflammatory title. As a result I've locked the post.

Please be mindful of your tone when posting, as harassment, name-calling, and trolling aren't tolerated.
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