Level Required: 22
Skill Type: Defensive

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Summon a Fetish Shaman for 12 seconds that will hex groups of enemies into chickens. Hexed enemies are unable to perform offensive actions and take 15% additional damage.

Element: Physical

Runes for Hex
Skill RunesLevelElement
Hedge Magic

The Fetish Shaman will periodically heal allies for 32185 Life.


Increases the magnitude of the hex to 30% additional damage.

Angry Chicken

Transform into an angry chicken for up to 2 seconds that can explode for 1350% weapon damage as Poison to all enemies within 12 yards.

Toad of Hugeness

Summon a giant toad that pulls in enemies, briefly swallows them whole, then spits them back out with a layer of goo that deals 750% weapon damage as Poison over 5 seconds and increases all damage taken by 25%.

Unstable Form

Hexed enemies explode when killed, dealing 500% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 8 yards.

Note: Information on this page is based on a level 70 Witch Doctor.
Hex Rune Popularity
  • This chart shows the popularity of the runes for the Hex Witch Doctor active skill. Select the blue bars for softcore data, the red bars for hardcore data, or view all the rune statistics in the table display.
  • These are the Hex runes as chosen by level 70 Witch Doctors who are currently playing the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on PC or Mac in patch 2.3. It can also guide Witch Doctors looking to pick the best Hex runes in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on consoles - the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
  • See other Witch Doctor skill data in the Most Popular Witch Doctor Builds and Skills charts.
Hex Rune Popularity Chart
Popularity percentages for Hex runes, as used by level 70 hardcore and softcore Witch Doctors. Hightlight the bars on the chart to see the percentages for each Hex rune.
Hex Rune Popularity Table
Popularity percentages for the Hex runes used by level 70 softcore and hardcore Witch Doctors.
RuneSoftcore %Hardcore %
Angry Chicken64.740.2
Unstable Form2.23.2
Toad of Hugeness1.11.8
Hedge Magic1.12
No Rune00
Charts Last Updated: November 3, 2018
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