Diablo III BattleTag Ganda #1780

Last Time Played: 4 years ago
Last Full Update: 4 years ago
Paragon Levels for Ganda #1780
  • Softcore Paragon Level: 1,732
  • Softcore Season 4 Paragon Level: 2,270
  • Hardcore Season 4 Paragon Level: 2
  • Projected Softcore Paragon Level after Season 4 ends: 1,732
Ganda #1780 Heroes in the Europe Region
HeroLevelClassElite Kills
Shiva 70Monk76,928
Bambam 70Barbarian65,211
Autumn 70Barbarian30,330
Petson 70Witch Doctor13,174
Fury 70Barbarian10,511
Jenny 70Monk5,169
Etherion 70Wizard4,128
Heartstopper 70Witch Doctor4,095
Cooldown 70Crusader1,898
Onetwofive 70Monk1,007
California 70Crusader205
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