Hotfix Coming for Hellfire Amulet Exploit

Fixes on the way to deal with the exploit, and Witch Doctor lag

Diablo III Hotfixes
Another batch of hotfixes are on the way, to deal with the most glaring issues in Patch 2.3. These include an exploit to gain multiple passives from Hellfire Amulets, and the ongoing lag that is especially bad in high level Greater Rifts. These hotfixes (or a small accompanying bugfix patch) may arrive next week.

Hellfire Amulet Exploit Hotfix
An ongoing exploit involves getting multiple passive bonuses from Hellfire Amulets. Upcoming hotfixes will stop the issue, and there will be action taken against accounts who exploited it.
UPDATE - 9/22 @ 3:07 p.m. PDT

We have deployed the final fix as of Patch 2.3.0a that prevents exploitation of the Hellfire Amulet. We have also issued account actions against players who were found to be abusing this exploit. For more information, please refer to the post below.

Thank you!


Hey all,

We're currently working on a number of hotfixes to address an exploit that allows players to equip more than one passive from multiple Hellfire Amulets. While we don’t have an ETA for the final round of these fixes, we're looking to implement those that address the underlying bug as soon as possible in all gameplay regions and will be sure to update this thread once they are live.

We're also investigating accounts which have been found to be actively using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage and account actions will be taken accordingly. This behavior not only undermines the spirit of fair play, but directly violates our in-game policies for Diablo III. It is important to us to continue maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for all legitimate players. This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll be continuing to monitor and will take additional action as needed.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to game responsibly. Not only can using exploits lead to account penalties, but it can negatively impact the enjoyment of your fellow players. We're working as quickly as we can to fix the underlying issue, and we'd appreciate your help in keeping the effects of this exploit as minimal as possible until it's removed from the game.

For more information on how to report exploitative behavior, click here. For questions regarding account actions, please refer to our Account Administration.


Helltooth Set and Lag
A lot of Diablo III players are dealing with lag in the game, especially in high level Greater Rifts when fighting many monsters. This can be especially bad with the Witch Doctor Helltooth set. Beyond the hotfixes already rolled out, there will be more substantial changes coming to help deal with the issue.
Posted by: GoaGil

They manage to fix really quick the bug with hellfire amulets and they can't fix the problem with lags....Just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

These are two very different issues, the latter being much more complex and difficult to address.

Posted by: TacoKungen

GREAT... now we have the WD lag fixed "soon"
Now only the normal remaining lag should be fixed.

These things are pretty much two sides of the same coin. Other classes are also experiencing lag in some situations, but the Witch Doctor class has been one of the most heavily affected. I want to reiterate what we have said previously on this topic; We have released a couple of hotfixes already that address some of the lag affecting Witch Doctors, and we are working on further optimisations.

Finding the skills combinations, build synergies, and other situations that result in lag is an ongoing process, but we have to be very thorough as well as careful when fixing these things.

Bandit Shrines
The special Bandit Shrines spawn a slew of those tricky Treasure Goblins. A Bandit Shrine should be a fun, rare event; initially there were too many of them spawning, but that was changed in a hotfix. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the shrines as you come across them, to be prepared for the spawning goblins when you find a Bandit Shrine.
Posted by: GatElttab

Can someone confirm they are not only fossils at this point?

Bandit Shrines are very real! Their spawn rate was bugged on the PTR, which caused them to appear way more often than intended. Since they are an unlisted feature in Patch 2.3.0, the fix to them was also not mentioned anywhere in the patch notes.

Their current appearance rate makes them more of a sudden and unexpected delight, which was always the intent behind them. Hope that helps! :)
Posted by: BobWitchDR

Another delight would be to have their actual appearance altered so us speed demons that spam click everything in sight don't accidentally trigger one without warning the group.

That makes sense - I've had my share of accidental clicks on these shrines before realizing what they are (since they're visually identical to others). Will pass this on!

Monsters at the Start of Rifts
It can be dangerous to find angry monsters just inside the entrance of a Rift. The Diablo III support team is requesting feedback from players who run into this issue. If you have a report, be sure to leave the requested info in the Bug Report thread.
Greetings Heroes,

We've been receiving a fairly large number of reports of monsters attacking players just after entering a new Nephalem or Greater Rift level in the past few weeks. We've identified a few problem areas internally, but due to the random nature of how we generate levels and distribute monsters in Rifts, we would like to reach out to all of you for help in narrowing down specific situations in which this can occur.

In order to help us narrow down and hopefully resolve these issues, we need two data points:

  • Which map or "tileset" did you encounter the issue on?
  • What types of monsters were near the entrance and attacking you when you zoned in?

  • Most of the problems that we are seeing with this are with specific combinations of the level itself and the types of monsters that the game has spawned in that level. Identifying which combinations are the biggest offenders may help us get these issues resolved.

    In order to help us with this, we'd like to request that the community provide us with screenshots of instances of this occurring, that clearly show what tile set is in use, and which monsters were present near the entrance of the rift.

    We appreciate your help in this, and thank you for all of the detailed reports you've provided already!
    Feedback for Diablo Somepage