Hotfix for Greater Rift Exploit

A bug is fixed that was used to make multiplayer Greater Rifts easier

Diablo III Hotfixes
A Diablo III PC hotfix has removed an exploit that was being used to make multiplayer Greater Rifts easier. The bug had an impact on the leaderboards for the coop Greater Rifts. It is another issue that has caused problems for Greater Rifts, as adjustments and fixes have been made throughout the first Season in Diablo III.

The bug involved players leaving a game with a Greater Rift, at which point the health of the monsters would drop. This could be exploited to make the Rift easier, and also allow players to swap around skills which is not supposed to be allowed in Greater Rifts. With the hotfix, monster health in a multiplayer Greater Rifts stays at the same high level even if some of them leave the game.
Live hotfixes have been updated. There are no new hotfixes at this time.


Greater Rifts
  • Monster health now properly scales off of the number of players who open a Greater Rift, regardless of whether a player leaves the Rift or game. (10/24)

As noted by Nevalistis on Twitter, this did not change single player Greater Rifts, since those have always been locked in at the start. There were many reports of players using this exploit to make multiplayer Greater Rifts easier, however.

This has been the first round of Greater Rifts in Diablo III. There will no doubt be more iteration for Seasons and Greater Rifts with Season 2, which we will likely hear about soon at BlizzCon 2014.
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