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How do people Feel about Quin69s WD being revived?(1)Category: GeneralAugust-19-2016 1:42 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Personally I think it's completely unfair, event supported or not... Computers hit the bucket. Simple.

Last I checked "Shall be revived for NOTHING" ment NOTHING. I think it's completely unfair for all HC players.
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How do people Feel about Quin69s WD being revived?(17)August-19-2016 2:27 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Going to reiterate what's already been said elsewhere.

We did indeed perform a rollback under these extremely extenuating circumstances.

I think the important thing to note here is that this was a series of very unfortunate events that warranted an exception. Quin was invited to one of our events, provided one of our PC's, and that hardware failed. Would we do the same thing for anyone else under the same circumstances? Quite likely.

Is this a sign that we will be regularly making exceptions for the deaths of Hardcore characters? Absolutely not. Our policies have not changed, and I think everyone can agree this was a particularly weird one-off situation that makes for a reasonable exception. It wasn't the first exception, and it's possible it may not be the last, but it's not a sign that we've changed our stance.

May your hardcore characters stay healthy and your deeds of valor forever be remembered!

We don't take these decisions lightly. That said, this thread is largely in danger of becoming a witch hunt or a discussion of personal accounts, so I'm going to lock this.
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