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False-Positives in most recent Ban Wave(1)Category: GeneralJuly-1-2016 1:51 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
As some or many of you are aware, Blizzard has been recently tuning its Warden system and for the most part it has done well in removing botters and cheaters from the player pool in Diablo 3 and other games. However, some might not realize that the system is also detecting and banning people who have not broken the TOS and who do not deserve a temporary ban, let alone a permanent one. While this most recent ban wave does not affect me, it has affected people whom I play with and I wish to speak out about their situation and hope that there are others who realize something isn't quite right.

There are many people that think the system is over-tuned, or bugged in some way. People have reported cases where they have already been banned for other reasons and have not been able to play, only to receive a notice that they have been banned again. This does not sound like a working system to me.

I am uncertain why they have not been posted here in the official forums (or perhaps they and possibly this post are deleted quickly), but there are numerous reports of false-positives on the two main D3 sub-reddits and on diablofans. I have included the links to such claims below:




If any of you have been affected by this ban, or know those who have that maintain their innocence, I urge you to speak up and speak out. Please post any information you can about these bans.

I feel uneasy logging into my account hoping that I'm not one of the people that gets banned unnecessarily losing all the years I've put into, and enjoyed in the world of Sanctuary. I hope a flaw can be exposed and no other innocent players will have to suffer at the will of a flawed system.
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False-Positives in most recent Ban Wave(18)July-1-2016 9:46 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
As usual, MissCheetah beats me to the well-detailed punch. :)

The reason we lock or remove these threads is because, as per our Forum Code of Conduct, we do not discuss the circumstances or results of disciplinary actions on this forum. Those discussions should only be held between the account holder and our Customer Service department. As always, an appeal can be made through our Support Site.

This is, and will continue to be, the only course of action for individuals who feel they were wrongfully actioned. Our staff is most happy to review the account in question and take appropriate steps to resolve the issue—whether that is to uphold or overturn the penalty applied.
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