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An Ode to Parenting.(1)Category: GeneralOctober-6-2015 6:56 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I see my game is under maintenance,
And this, while making sense,
Ruins my day.

You see, the kids were home yesterday
Due to a teacher workday.
They made me crazy, they yelled and fought,
They played and screamed, the husband was at work,
So their only playmate was me.

But now they're gone until 15:00
So I gleefully hopped online to loot and plunder.
But there's maintenance! Unholy maintenance!
The one and true thwarter of my only entertainment!

I tried with all my might to find another distraction;
The clothes are drying, the washer is thrashing
From being overloaded with the clothing of 3 little boys,
Though to be honest, I believe the washer is hampered by several small toys
That must have been rolled up in the blanket I added
To the load of laundry that smelled like dead rabbits.

I even stepped outside to see this light I've heard so much of.
This ball is hot and very bright
I do not like it, Blizzard Team.
I do not like those sunny beams.
I do not like it Sam I Am,
I do not like my pale skin tanned.

So Blizzard Team, I do implore,
Give me back my blood and gore.
Hurry! Hurry! Give it back!
Before the kids arrive demanding snacks!
For you see, my playtime ends at three!
When Ara the Demon Hunter is once more "Mommy"!
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An Ode to Parenting.(9)October-6-2015 10:20 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Early one morning in my office chair I sat
Early one morning, I saw a thread from MegaKat
To us she did implore
That we give her back her blood and gore
That the clock quickly did approach the hour of three
And on that hour a transition from Demon Hunter to Mother we would see

Her plea was true, as a fellow parent I feel
That, indeed, this struggle is real
If I could but only give her a hint
Then perhaps the home would smell from dead rabbits to roses, or mint
But I fear my estimates would not bode well
For I know not, when we can all return to hell
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An Ode to Parenting.(61)December-6-2015 3:46 PM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Folks, please be mindful of the date on a thread and do not resurrect/bump it if it is fairly old. If you wish provide feedback on a topic or participate in a discussion create your own or find one that is recent. This thread will now be locked.
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