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When are you going to fix this Forum?(1)Category: GeneralAugust-17-2015 5:56 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Seriously... when?
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When are you going to fix this Forum?(33)August-18-2015 12:37 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: MissCheetah

Posting to support this. I got logged out just trying to click the post. grarrmgragle

-constant logouts
-errors when up/down voting
-errors reporting
-quote function randomly not working right
-super slow forum loading times (not having issues with WoW or other games I support)
-getting redirected to the forum index when trying to post (work around is to hit the back button then hit post again
-posts getting put in random threads (no me, but others have it and it is from getting sent back to the index then clicking threads again)

I did talk to some of the CS/TS team about it and was told it would be looked into. Might have to poke them again. The D3 forums are really really annoying in their current state.

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm passing this thread on to the team handling the forums backend, and I appreciate you all letting us know these issues are persisting.

Having additional details helps. If you can remember the steps you took that led up to the error occurring, please post them here. For example, if the error occurs in a subforum or thread, or if you used any particular site tools when posting. Thanks!
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