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Why are people still playing this game?(1)Category: GeneralJune-26-2015 7:36 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello everyone,
I'm a massive Blizzard fan and I have been for a very long time. However, it's disappointing to see mediocrity being accepted from Blizzard. This game is fundamentally flawed in a way that will never be fixed. Stat points, skill points, and certain other systems actually MATTERED in Diablo 2. Diablo 2 is superior in literally every way when it comes to the core mechanics of the game. Sure this game is pretty, but it's basically like painting a house that has a cracked foundation and the house itself is caving in on itself.

There is nothing fun about not having a skill tree. There is nothing fun about not having stat points. There is nothing fun about removing magic find from the game and dropping massive amounts of garbage loot for everyone. There is nothing fun about having a bunch of sets that are better than any other item in the game because of their set bonuses. That's an extremely lazy way to balance an Action RPG.

Go back and take a look at Diablo 2. Your stat points directly effected which pieces of gear you could equip. Your weapon damage did not effect your actual sheet damage UNLESS you were attacking with that weapon (which would seem like an obvious, logical outcome). Magic find mattered if you wanted to just hunt for items. Oh yeah, there was a solid dueling scene and more than 4 players in the game. Of course you could never have a solid dueling scene in this game because everyone uses the same sets, the same skills, and everyone can have any build they want at any time.

I was initially super excited for the new Diablo patch, but there is no reason to be. The core fundamentals of the game are still completely broken. You can add all the content you want to this game, but when the fundamentals are broken, nothing is enjoyable or fun. Please let this game die, and start Diablo 4. It's just a complete waste of resources to continue to develop stuff for this game UNLESS all of the core systems of this game are restructured.
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Why are people still playing this game?(87)September-15-2015 9:54 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I'm locking this thread since it's one part necro and one part toxic in nature.
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