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SO...WHY ARENT YOU BEING MORE SUPPORTIVE THAN NEGATIVE(48)Category: GeneralJune-5-2015 9:30 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
While there are some civil replies here, I'm seeing a lot of name calling in this thread, so I'll be locking it up. I do want to touch on what constitutes good or bad feedback though, since I'm seeing a lot of confusion around the idea.

Just so everyone's on the same page, it's totally fine to share your feedback about the game, whether positive or negative. We just ask that you do so respectfully and constructively. To that end, we also ask that you avoid harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks, which harms rather than helps the community.

If you're unsure whether one of your posts is constructive, ask yourself before posting: am I criticizing a person here, or an idea? If the answer is the former, you'll want to rewrite your post to focus on the issue at hand. That way your thread won't be as likely to get locked or moderated, and you can avoid having your account actioned.

Finally, if you see a post that appears to be violating the Terms of Service (or simply acting in bad faith to tear down the community), you should avoid responding to the conversation and instead report the post using the "thumbs down" arrow at the upper right of the original post, and selecting the "Report" option so that a moderator can address it. We look over all the threads that are reported, so if you don't report something, I can't guarantee we'll be able to assist. Thanks!
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