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I'm very disappointed with the new Cow Level(1)Category: GeneralMay-15-2015 9:00 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Back in Diablo 2, the Cow level used to be a big place full of useful items. Gems, runes, unique items (now know as legendary items), set pieces, what have you! It used to be a good place to farm gear after completing a difficulty, especially after Normal and Nightmare.

Now in Diablo 3, what is the Cow level good for? Absolutely nothing! And just as the Josh Mosqueira Rift Guardian, it gives you nothing.

I thought, that the Cow King would grant us loot at least of equal level to a Regular Nephalem Rift Guardian or the boss in the Realm of Greed... or at the very least the contents of a single bounty bag... but No! It's a small level full of nothingness.

I honestly don't know what to think. Maybe blizz were afraid, that if some regular player ends up lucky enough to find a godly rolled ancient piece outside of Greater Rift, maybe some of the protected streamers might commit seppuku out of sadness...

I expected, that the devs are gonna make something special, both to give homage to the makers of the franchise, as well us to give us something to enjoy and spend time grinding. But the Cow level proved to be a complete waste of time.

I expected something along the lines of "Here, we threw in something extra for you guys! Thanks for sticking with us throughout the last three years. We're sorry, that we made a mess out of many things throughout the iterations, which alienated a big chunk of the player base from the game, but hopefully this event might bring some of your friends back to the game, so that you can enjoy slaughtering cows for epic loot! Happy Anniversary!"

Instead, after doing the Cow level I got a very nasty feeling. It's the same feeling I had when I saw the death of Deckard Cain for the first time. The underlying theme of it all was "Down with the old!"

It's not just, that the level is too small, or just my initial reaction, that this is some kind of a joke (a bad one).
The thing about the Cow level is, that it brings up to light some of the glaring issues with the current implementation of D3:RoS, which also makes the experience bitter. For example the atrocious power creep.

Blizzard chose to make the event accessible to everyone and that's perfectly fine, but I guess they never thought, that our inability to scale the event to our level would make the event lame for many players. I am Not saying, that the people who can't do T6 or GRifts (or are stuck on even lower difficulties) should be denied access to the event and should not be able to kill anything. Not at all!

I am saying, that the level should have been bigger, that we should have been able to scale it to a certain level (perhaps through the use of a GRift KeyStone), and the level should have provided adequate rewards. We did have /players8 in D2:LoD after all.
Blizz gave us so many options to adjust the difficulty for the rest of the content, why not the Cow level?

And finally, I don't see why they are wasting resources on developing temporary events. Allow us to scale the difficulty in that level and make it permanent. How hard can it be?
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I'm very disappointed with the new Cow Level(148)May-20-2015 2:34 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
This thread is devolving more into name calling and insults, so I'll be locking it up.

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